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Mom’s Question:
My baby just completed 1 year and a few days ago I noticed some unusual activities; she shakes her eyebrows up and down for 2 to 3 seconds and she does it around 20 minutes.

Are these seizure symptoms? Please advise me, I am very worried about these. During her first year, she did none of this.

Thank you,
Harendra Kumar (Dehradun, India)

Baby Helpline:

Eyebrow Twitches And Tics In Baby

It’s hard to say for sure whether or not this is a symptom of seizure, although the sign that usually indicates seizure tends to be involuntary twitching, which doesn’t really seem to be what you’re describing. Moreover, most common seizures in children look like a momentary loss of consciousness, but not as twitching or shaking.

Nevertheless, it does sound a little unusual and the best policy is always to check out anything that concerns you with your child’s doctor. The eyebrow shaking is probably nothing more than a movement that your little one has discovered and that she finds entertaining – but it will probably set your mind at rest to have her checked out and given the all-clear. You may want to film the behavior to show it to your pediatrician, as well as document the time and situation it is appearing in.

In general, twitches and ticks are more common in children than in adults and most are not dangerous, because the children simply outgrow these problems. It might be a good idea to think of any recent changes in your child’s daily routine. Did her sleep pattern change? Fatigue may cause muscle twitching in children. So can dehydration, which may originate from a change in the feeding pattern.

There is a documented connection between magnesium deficiency and eyebrow twitches. It is not likely that a 1-year-old baby has a magnesium deficiency, but if you can’t find out what is the reason for the twitches, you can always ask the doctor to do a blood test to look for any mineral deficiencies.

You can read the article about eyebrow twitches and magnesium deficiency here on livestrong.com (opens in new window).

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Jan 26, 2018Sounds like a tick/twitch

by: Camcam

I have always done this, but I used to twitch my nose too, I still do and I am 33 :O

My son does it too, he has an awful lot of ticks and it seems to be when he gets nervous, more so when he is scared :(

Your little lady may grow out of it or go on to ‘twitch’ something else for a while.
Hopefully, it really is nothing more serious! :)

Best wishes


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