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11 month old baby development milestones
In this article, you’ll find development milestones for the 11-month-old baby, ideas on games to play and toy tips. You can also see the typical 11-month old in action in video clips.

An 11-month-old baby has a lot of energy! Much more energy than judgment…

When 11 months old, our daughter fell when she was trying to pull herself up to standing, holding on to the TV. She crashed into a sharp corner with her eyebrow. Poor girl!

We rushed off to the hospital, convinced that she would need several stitches. I felt so bad!

Luckily no stitches were necessary and today, the scar is almost invisible.

If your baby is moving around, these are busy times! Safety is important as well as watching your baby more or less all the time. But no matter how hard you try, your baby is likely to get a little bit hurt from time to time. Try to minimize the risks.

This is a good time to baby-proof your home.

Something more fun to think about – your baby’s first birthday is coming up! Party time?

The 11-Month-Old Baby

11 Months Baby Milestones

Only 1 month left until your baby’s first birthday and your baby is probably becoming more and more independent.

Here are the development milestones to look for when your baby is 11 months old.

Physical Development

He or she can move away from you (or to you) one way or the other. It doesn’t have to be traditional crawling or walking; many babies develop their very own personal style. (Here’s a poll on crawling styles.)

Your baby can eat and drink by him or herself (well, at least some of the food and liquid will make its way into the mouth…)

Some 11-month-old babies can stand without support and some even walk.

Some little kids also climb long before they walk. That can be a real challenge for the parents!

Eye-hand coordination is good enough for him or her to be able to stick the index finger into a hole.

Communication and Social Development

He or she can listen to – or ignore – your “no”.

Baby can make himself understood by using a few words.

Your baby might be able to follow your simple instructions like “go get that ball”.

Stranger anxiety is probably declining – for now.

Games To Play

Baby 11 monthsMusic, music, music. Dancing is a great way for a baby to practice his or her balance. Standing on knees or feet and rocking slowly to the music is lots of fun.

At this age, a baby practices new skills by repeating them again and again and again, like stacking blocks or taking things out of a bag and putting them back again.

Now that your baby probably sits steadily without support, playing in a sandbox can be great fun. Here are some tips for having fun at the playground.

Taking turns doing whatever is appreciated. Try pulling something out of a bag, making funny faces, or clapping hands.

Let your baby help you in your housework, like doing the dishes or wiping the floor.

Toy Tips

Now it is time to start thinking about your baby’s 1st birthday presents. One of the best toys our children received at this age is a ball tower from Fisher-Price. I would never have bought it if it wasn’t for the recommendation from another mother. All kids seem to like it!

The exact version my kids had is, however,  not produced anymore for reasons I totally don’t understand, but Discovery Toys has a similar toy, that you can see here.

Some other toys that might be appreciated at this age are:

  • Some sort of steady rider can also be fun. It needs to be quite low, though. Here is a super cute one, that doubles as a rocking horse. Most riders are for older children.
  • Books with simple stories begin to be fun at this age. Try one with a simple story about something is familiar to your baby.
  • A bucket and spade to use in the sandbox are useful. If nothing else, the spade can be used to smash mom and dad with

Video of an 11-Month-Old Baby

Here you can see 11-month-old babies in action and learn more about the development to expect.

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