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How To Cure Constipation For An 11-Month-Old Baby? Tips On Foods As A Natural Remedy

11-month-old constipated
Mom’s question:
My son is ll months old and is experiencing really hard dry bowel movements and extreme constipation.

Now I should mention he eats very healthy as well. He’s on all solids and no longer drinks formula but whole milk. He just saw the doctor and he’s the right weight and size for his age.

What can I do to make him go with some ease and give him more regularity?

Gracie Jackson

Baby Helpline:

Constipated 11 Month Old – Causes And Treatments

When an 11-month-old baby is suffering from constipation, it is usually due to his or her diet – unless the baby has recently had a stomach bug or other illness that made him or her eat and drink a lot less than usual.

You say that your son is healthy, so the first thing to do is to try to think back on when the constipation started and if you can connect it with any changes in his diet, such as for example the introduction of new foods.

From what you write, one obvious cause of constipation could be the cow’s milk. A lot of babies and young toddlers become constipated by milk. If you try to cut down on the cow’s milk and at the same time offer a lot of foods that tend to soften the stools, your child’s constipation should disappear. Apricots, pears, prunes and kiwi are good to soften stools as well as some whole grain bread or oat meal porridge. (Rice cereal, on the other hand, is another common cause of constipation.)

Stay away from blueberries, carrots, unripe bananas, toast and dairy products. You’ll find a detailed list of foods that tend to soften or harden a baby’s stools here. Use it as a guide to help mitigate your son’s constipation.

For some more remedies for baby constipation, read this article.

I have also added a number of books which all deal with baby pooping issues below.

Hope this helps, please let us know!

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Comments for “How To Cure Constipation For 11 Month Old”

Sep 25, 2012 Constipation
by: Amy

I have to say that apricots have worked great for my kids. I give them about 4 baby spoons and they have usually gone with no problem by then next feeding. I am wondering if the whole milk may be part of the problem. You can also try some water between milk feeding to see if he needs more fluids.

Sep 25, 2012 thanks you guys
by: gracie

Thanks you guys for your comments. I did try the apricots. Turns out it wasn’t the whole milk afterall it was the lack of water he was taking in due to the fact he was dehydrated. He has an ear infection. I really appreciate all you alls help and will use it at the first sign of trouble!!

Sep 26, 2012 Add more fruit & liquids
by: Diane

I also have an 11 1/2 mos. old and have found the best thing for constipation is baby food apricots. I mix this in with my daughters oatmeal & it works almost immediately with her. Baby food pears also work well. I also have gotten her to drink a new non-juice that’s out, I won’t say the brand, but it is a flavored water that has less sugar then juice. You can also try adding water to your babies bottle of formula if the child won’t drink water on their own. Hope this helps!!

Sep 26, 2012 Apple Juice Works!!!
by: Patricia

When my son was a baby, (he is 7 now) he had a constipation problem. I talked to his pediatrician about a natural remedy. He said to give him a apple juice, about 10 or 12 ounces. It worked and has been working for 7 years. I have shared this info with several of my friends and they all are surprised how well it works.

Sep 26, 2012 Re curing constipation in an 11 month old
by: Carol

Hi, we found that introducing new foods, such as whole milk, can cause constipation in babies. Try increasing the amount of fluids your baby drinks, water with a little freshly squeezed orange juice or prune juice may help. Also try and increase the amount of fiber in your son’s diet. Finally, if all else fails, try a stool softener, which is available from your pharmacist. I found the following website useful when my daughter was little, www.askdrsears.com

Oct 30, 2012 apple juice
by: Rosy

Apple Juice has really helped me with my baby’s constipation. Also, try cranberry juice if the baby doesn’t want to drink water..this will help him with UTI problems due to lack of water or liquids.

Jul 13, 2013 No poopy
by: Jennifer

If the child has been constipated for most of their life then you might want to talk to your pedi about something called Hirchsprungs (google it) my daughter was having serious issues pooing, she was having to get a rectal laxative every 2 to 4 days called Pedi-lax. Those seem to help a lot. Another thing people could try is something called Goats Milk, you can get it at WalMart in the baking isle. You just take one can of Goats Milk to three cans of water and about 1/4 cup of Karo, My daughter cannot have regular milk there is a protein in cows milk that she has an allergy too..

Aug 23, 2013 Reviewing the above comments
by: Sebastian

It is always best to follow the pediatrician advice. Even though pediatrician might have different opinions, stick with what your’s says or just change pediatrician.

Diet should be only vegetables and fruits. No dairy products if possible. The more fluids the better like pear, apple, prune juice. Orange juice or citric juices cause constipation.

Karo syrup can cause infant botulism, so I would stay away from it always. I’ll rather stay with present symptoms that create new and life threatening one.

Always be careful with Pedi-Lax products or any enema ready kit. For children 2 years or less, the fleet enemas (pedi-lax) can be extremely dangerous. Check with pediatrician approval, and only give luke warm water enemas, if any. Do not add anything to the water. The first enema should be done at the pediatrician office!!

My baby is almost a year, and he has been dealing with constipation since he was 6 month old. I work on a hospital, and I am a nurse. I still follow the pediatrician advise!!!

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