What if a 4-month-old baby has not pooped in 2 days? Is it constipation, and is sugar a good remedy to relieve constipation in such a case?

Here’s what to do!

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Mom’s question:
My 4-month-old has not pooped in 2 days. She usually poops every day. It must be very uncomfortable for her. She is grunting.

What can I give her to relieve the discomfort? Should I give her sugar? I heard that sugar could help with constipation for babies.

Constipation Tips For 4-Month-Old Baby Not Pooping

Is Your Baby Really Constipated?

The first thing to try to conclude is whether your baby really is constipated or not.

4 months old is a growth period, and it may very well be that your baby is actually making use of practically all of the nutrition you’re giving her. Especially if she is breastfed, not pooping for a few days (up to a week or more) is normal at her age. Fully breastfed babies do not get constipated if healthy – they practically can’t because they absorb everything in the breastmilk. If a fully breastfed baby stops pooping, it is because they digest everything.

However, if your baby is showing signs of constipation, particularly if you recently changed her diet, she might have problems. Here, you’ll find a list of signs of constipation and remedies. (Scroll down a bit in the post to find both constipation symptoms and remedies.)

Constipation Remedies at 4 Months

If you believe your baby is constipated and needs a remedy, I don’t think your first option should be sugar. Prunes or apricots are better options in such cases since sugar is not good for any person’s health. For a 4-month-old, a few teaspoons of prune juice can be very effective.

Apple juice (NOT apple sauce) can also help.

Another thing to consider is to reduce the amount and type of solid foods you give her – if she gets any. Many babies get constipated when we first introduce solid foods to them, and this may be an indication to slow down the introduction or try foods that do not harden but rather soften the stools. You can read about foods that will help soften stools in babies and toddlers.

But since your baby is so young, don’t introduce additional foods to soften the stools – other than maybe a bit of prune juice or apple juice. If your baby is still fully formula fed or breastfed, just continue this way until you want to introduce solids because you and your baby are ready for it.

I hope this helps; otherwise, get back to me!


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  1. Sonu

    My baby is two months old and he not pooping for 2 days, no poop at all. So I really worry about constipation

    1. Paula @easybabylife

      Sonu, is your baby breastfed or bottle-fed? It is ONLY if your baby drinks formula, that not pooping for a couple of days is a concern at all.
      Breastfed babies can go for many days without a bowel movement, while formula-fed babies should usually poop at least every second day.

      You can read about constipation in babies and some more remedies here: https://www.easybabylife.com/baby-not-pooping.html But really, don’t do anything, including Karo syrup, if your baby is breastfed.

  2. New mom

    Is it okay to give a 4 month old baby Pedialax?

  3. SY Kang

    Perhaps you can give Mamil a try. My children are consuming this formula milk brand and they rarely constipate because Mamil contains prebiotics which helps to promote a better bowel movement. Plus, it helps to softer stools and increase good bacteria for children so that children are seldom suffer in constipation issue.

    1. Alexis Lim

      Sounds not bad but you just said that kids are sensitive with formula milk. Are you sure Mamil is suitable for my princess as well? I dont want her to suffer anymore

      1. SY Kang

        You know what, you can redeem a trial pack from Mamil website, it is FOC. Give it a try and see whether Mamil is suitable or unsuitable for your girl. Good luck

  4. SY Kang

    Well, instead of trying all those unproven home remedies, why not to try change the formula milk brand? as i know, kids are sensitive with formula milk, if the kid couldnt digest the formula milk then will constipate. You can buy the formula milk that helps in constipation issue. Perhaps it also another way out.

    1. Alexis Lim

      I guess you’re right. Which formula milk brand you suggest? My baby princess is still BF

  5. Larva Chan

    Try to give her some laxatives but not too much since rely on medication is not good for health especially children. Normally I will feed my child with high fiber food and fruits, my child takes laxatives only when his constipation issue is terrible.

  6. Alexis Lim

    My 5 months old baby princess constipated for couple of weeks already. What else can I give my baby princess as remedy? I had tried those remedies that mentioned above but still not working, I’m so worry about her! Thanks in advance

  7. Christina Belenze

    thanks for sharing~~~

  8. Ebing Che

    hi, my LO is suffering from chronic constipation and encopresis, basicly she is holding her poo to the point that her bowel is backing up because its so full, this started when she was 3yrs old after she saw her poos with blood after she had a hard stool. And since then she just got too scared to go this has been goin on for 3 years and im no closer to solving this problem…..i worries that my LO may have lost that feeling of needing to go!! Without going to poo there is no more pain… although we forced her to poos, she keep on crying nonstop, until she poos alittle.
    In fact, I bought her to constipation clinic at least once a month and is on constant medication of laxatives which im sure wont do her well in the long run! but the docs recommendation and think that it will be the best solution so far…… But still constipation comes and go still. Im desperate to help her but im sure iv tried everything, given her more fiber food, water etc.. but…….
    any1 u know any soplution to cure or solve what my LO is suffering from this and it would be great to hear from u.

    1. Eric Lee

      try changing your LO diet. In fact my son has the same problem as well and beside that giving him more fiber food and drink more water, we also replaced his formula milk to Mamil Dumex which recommended by my paediatricians and his now aged 7 years and until now no sign of constipation. You may give it a try as your LO as to be in a lot of discomfort i know my son was.

    2. New Positive

      In fact there is no way to cure constipation, but you can prevent it by giving the right diet – more fiber, more water + pre-biotics
      My son Jonathan suffered with constipation. He started constipation since at his afe of 2. In fact, we tried all kinds of medication included laxative as well but as he got older but nothing worked, these medication rules your life doesnt it.
      Then one day i took him to doctor, the doctor recommended him on Mamil Dumex formula milk infact i was doutful but tried it. It works wonder he 4yo now and has no trouble, give it a go.

    3. Kings Self

      What does your LO eat and drink?
      I guess the origin of your LO problem is psychological.
      It’s really a very common that children become afraid to do a poo after having a big painful one, unfortunately it can quickly escalate into a very big problem that can take years to sort out.

      try to reduce solid food, take more soft food. Support your LO to poos, once he realize poos will not get pain anymore she will not hold on poos again. But again, you need to make sure to give food that ensure can soften the stool.

    4. Nancy Lancy

      Hi Ebing, is your LO still suffering from the problem? It been really serious as constipation was on your LO for so many years. It my experience
      My daughter has been crying for months whenever she pooed. Like all mommies mentioned above, I have given various fruits, prunes, encourage her drinking water and exercising. But still she seemed to be holding back her poo. She can hold her poos at 2 to 3 days.
      Then was recommended by GP to give her dupulac when she didn’t poo for more than 24 hours. I have also constantly trying to massage her tummy too to release the bloatness in her tummy. Just that her poo is still very hard in the beginning and thus anus still bled.
      That time, I don’t want to switch milk powder as I though she drinks only thrice a day (sometimes 2 times a day). It shouldn’t be an issued.
      Until one day, I sudden changed my mind when I see advertisement on Mamil Dumex and I tot of giving it a try. Finally I changed to Mamil® Active with PreciNutri™ For kids 4 – 9 years old. According to the adv, this milk powder contain pre-biotics it so called “good bacteria” by children
      After changing for 2 weeks, I found that her poos had soften and she seen like no pain no holding back anymore.
      You can give your children a try on changing the formula milk powder. You may surprise with the result.

  9. Caraumun Chan

    Giving them more water to drink and try giving them prunes!

  10. velibyjane

    My daughter used to have hard stool, thats why she has constipation problem.. My fren told me about Mamil and how effective it is. At first I don believe till i saw the changes in my daughter’s stool. It looks healthy.. Give a try for a week la cos it has high level of DHA and no sugar. The milk also contains pre-biotic.


    The remedies provided above is good and u can definitely try them out. But as a parent I think can consider looking for long term solution in this matter. U can try milk formula that contain prebiotics where it is very good for constipation prevention in children..

  12. Apa Guna

    My DS is facing a bad constipation, always have to visit the doctor when my DS have cosntipation problem. But still, it
    will come again. Im so worry!!

  13. Fendi Abdullah

    try vitagen…

  14. pooja

    My baby is 4 months old but he not pooping properly. I am worried about him.pls suggest