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  • Post last modified:March 10, 2021

7-month-old baby has diarrhea

Mom’s Question:

My 7-month-old baby has diarrhea suddenly and is not teething. He poops at least 7-10 times a day, but previously he used to poop only twice a day. Our doctor advised changing to lactose-free formula when he has diarrhea but it is not working.

Please advise.

Baby Helpline:

Possible Reasons For Diarrhea In 7-Month-Old Babies

The number of bowel movements per day can vary greatly between babies and also between days for the same baby and still be normal.

However, since your baby is so “old”, a change from pooping twice per day to 10 times per day, really should have some underlying cause.

As you mention, teething is sometimes one.

Other common reasons for frequent pooping and diarrhea are a cold, a stomach bug or introduction of new solid foods. Antibiotics and milk protein allergy are other common reasons.

Diarrhea due to a cold or stomach bug

Sometimes, after a cold, babies become intolerant to lactose for a limited time period and get diarrhea. I guess this could be a reason for your doctor’s recommendation to switch to lactose-free formula. You will have to continue with that for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference.

A stomach bug, (bacteria or a viral infection) is of course a common reason for diarrhea in both children and adults. Most stomach bugs also come with vomiting, but not always.

A common viral infection for babies younger than 2 years old is the Rotavirus – unless your baby has received vaccination?

Antibiotics causing diarrhea

Has your son received antibiotics recently? Around 10% of all children that receive antibiotics develop diarrhea. This will resolve, but you can give your baby probiotic drops to boost his digestive health.

Diarrhea because of the introduction of new foods

If it is not a cold or a stomach bug – have you introduced any new foods to your baby lately? In such a case, start with reversing that! Think back and see if you can pinpoint any foods you introduced before diarrhea started and take them away. Wait a few days and see if there is any improvement.

You should be aware that foods with lots of fibers and foods that are known to soften stools in babies, can result in diarrhea for some babies. So go easy with whole-grain products to your son!

Also, if you have recently introduced or increased the share of cow’s milk products in your son’s diet, milk allergy or lactose intolerance could certainly also lead to diarrhea.

If none of this is relevant to your baby’s situation, go see your doctor again and try something else so y’all can narrow it down to the right thing that works for your child.

If your child ever has diarrhea accompanied by vomiting and a high fever seek medical attention immediately.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Milly

    He has had runs for 4 days and won’t eat and consistently pooping and I don’t know what it could be? He is drinking a lot but that’s about it- But my partner has a Volcan bird ans it has been in house a few times. Could it be something he has picked up from the bird do you think and if so would you no what it could be?

  2. Jackie

    My son was doing that as well our dr advised us to put baby cereal in his bottle. Or start spoon feeding him some baby cereal and give him Pedialyte. It worked great.