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by Yolanda
(Hayward, Ca)

My daughter is 8 weeks old and fully breastfed. Ever since she was born, her poop stays watery. Is this normal? There is no consistency in her stool. Once in a great while there is.
Baby Help Line:

Watery, Runny Stools Normal Or Not For Infant?

What you describe is probably normal poop for a breastfed baby. Breast milk poop is usually yellow and quite runny.

The older the baby the more poop, and in my experience, with the increasing amount, the poop appears to be even more runny although it probably isn’t. At around 2 months, many breastfed babies have enough runny poop to shoot up all the way to the back ot their neck if you are unlucky!

The poop may also be like mustard or yellow yogurt and has some texture in it, be curdled or seedy. It varies from child to child and over time.

If your daughter is happy and follows her growth curves, everything is likely to be fine. But if your baby seems to be in pain, if there is mucus in the poop or she is not gaining weight, you might want to discuss it with a pediatrician.

Hope this helps,

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Comments for “Watery, Runny Poop In Breastfed Baby – Normal?”

Sep 25, 2012

runny poop

by: wwhisnant

I had the same concern with my baby. The doctor said to expect runny stools until the baby is on a diet of solid foods.

Oct 30, 2012

my 9 month g irls poop has been watery from the day shes been born

by: Anonymous

my 9 month old has never went 2 the poop normal its always been watery shes on solid food from 4 months and nothing still hasnt changed

Apr 29, 2013

14 month old with runny poop

by: Lupita

My daughter has had runny poop from the day she was born. I have told my doctor on several occasions but they dont seem to have much concern about it. It still concerns me she’s 14 months now and still had runny poop even though she eats table food. What could cause that?

May 15, 2013

Runny poop when over 1 year old

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Hi Lupita,
Since your baby is now over a year and eating solid foods, I find it a bit strange that her doctor isn’t following up her runny poop.

Have you been discussing food intolerance at all? Lactose intolerance, for example can have this effect. You can always try to exclude any milk sugar (lactose) from her diet and see if it helps.
Best regards,

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