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by SN
(Torrance, CA)

My 7 months old baby eats been on solids like peas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, oatmeal cerelac, prunes once or twice a day for nearly 2 months. I sometimes give her apple prune juice and pear juice.

But it is 4 days since my baby pooped. She never had a problem with her poop as long as I was breastfeeding her. She didn’t have problem when I was giving her formula either. Looks like she all of a sudden caught up with this problem. Sometimes she cries if her poop is hard and if she poops after 3 days. Sometime though she poops after 2 days, her poop is soft and it doesn’t affect her at all. Though she has not pooped for 4 days now, she is active as usual.

Kindly suggest what I can do to just get things right.

Thanks in Advance.

Baby Help Line:

Solid Baby Food And Constipation

Your daughter reminds me very much about my youngest son. His tummy took the longest time to get used to solid foods.
Becoming constipated when introducing solid foods is quite common particularly among breastfed babies. You probably need a 2-step solution. The first step is to mitigate the constipation right now and the second step is to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Step 1: To mitigate the immediate constipation, you can breastfeed as much as possible and combine it with baby massage, in a clockwise direction, starting at her navel and moving outwards. A warm, relaxing bath can also help. You can also read about, more remedies here.

Step 2: To prevent future constipation, the best thing you can do, if possible, is to go slowly with the solids. If you can increase the share of breast milk or formula again (breast milk is better than formula), it will help mitigate the constipation. Then continue breastfeeding or offer formula as the bigger part of her diet for some time more. And when you give her solids, make sure they are not contributing to her constipation.

It seems like you are already doing a good job with offering her prune and apple juice and so on. You can also try apricot puree and prune juice. No carrots, white potatoes, dairy products, rice cereal, and unripe bananas for example. Apple sauce can also contribute to constipation, so you may want to stop giving her that.

Avocado, sweet potato and pears are great for preventing constipation, as well as prunes, peaches and peas.

I hope this helps a bit,


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Comments for “7 Month Old Baby Feeding On Solid Food, Doesn’t Poop”

Mar 06, 2013

Thank You …

by: SN

Thank you Paula for your thought on my problem and suggesting things. The tummy massage and warm bath worked out really well with my baby.

Mar 16, 2013

Try green juice or more breast milk
by: Alisa

Did you try giving your baby some green juice? I’ve had this with my daughter, and it helps to breast feed more, or add more liquids in the diet.

Juicing is great for babies health too, it gives them all the nutrients they need and is easy on their digestion. (Green juice = greens of choice, can add apple and carrot for sweetness).

Also a tummy massage with almond oil can work really well! Let me know how it goes, good luck! 🙂

Note by Easy Baby Life: Just make sure you do not pick any greens that can be dangerous for a baby yournger than 1 year old. You can read about foods to avoid for babies here.

Apr 03, 2013

Pawpaw is a good remedy
by: Maggy

Get a fresh pawpaw,slice a bit,mash it with the back of the spoon,add some lukewarm water to create enough juice for the baby. Give the juice often even twice a day, everyday. Baby wont have constipation ever.

May 02, 2013

7month old son Having a hard time pooping!!

by: Anonymous

I Just want to say Thank you for taking the time to answer my Question… I have a 7 month old son and He is now slowly eating solid Foods and is drinking two percent. I try feeding him different formula and he keeps throwing up. so I put him on 2 percent he doesn’t throw up but does have a hard time pooping and its Hard and Yellowish. Is that bad or ?????
Thank you again

May 12, 20113

Don’t give 7 month old two percent milk!!!!
by: concerned pediatrician

To the lady who is feeding her baby two percent milk- STOP! Babies need fat actually for brain development. Babies should not get low fat foods until AFTER they are usually about 2 years old.

Prior to that, the fat is for developing the myelin sheath around nerves in the BRAIN. Maybe you should look into another type of formula if you are not breastfeeding- like something a little more predigested. His throw up might be reflux, ask your doctor. Also giving a young baby real milk(cow milk) before age one can lead to pretty severe anemia, allergy and difficulty pooping! Hope that helps!:)

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    Hi there,

    My baby is 7 and half month old. she started pooping rarely around 4 months when we presented her first time some solid food.Since then we have tried all our effort to have her pooping by herself by she always have used. First time our family doctor gave her something that i don’t remember the name. second time the doctor gave her Apo LActulos, it was the same situation, she didn’t poop by herself. then the doctor said us to use some suppository. from now then she stays up to 6-7 days without pooping.Only when we use suppository she poop. Does anyone know for how long this situation can go on? We are trying even to change her feed. Now we are giving more natural Kiwi, Olive oil, Prune peach juice. When she poop with the suppository she never have hard stool. it’s always wet and normal.

    Please help because we are really worried.

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