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Our baby is 11 weeks old and throughout her first month suffered almost constantly from what our doctor described as “colic” i.e. Pain and discomfort passing wind and bowel movements, pulling knees up to chest, pained crying etc.

At around 6 weeks this disappeared much to the delight of myself and my partner as this had been a very hard time for us all.

However, for the last 2 weeks she has again been experiencing what appears to be excruciating pain when trying to pass wind or a bowel movement each night at around 6.30-9.30pm (this time around it is ONLY at night time and she is fine throughout the night).

When she does finally pass either or both she is instantly relieved and her pain subsides and although she is very tired all goes back to normal.

I’m wondering if this is again symptoms of Colic?

She did have 2 weeks of seeming to have overcome it all though and now it has returned. Could these be symptoms of something more serious?

Are there any suggestions for helping to relieve the pain that she is in when this happens as it can be quite distressing for us all! Have tried various drops but these do not seem to make a difference?

NB. She is exclusively breastfed.


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Painful Stools And Gas For Breastfed Baby

I feel so much for you! While most newborn babies have tummy pain to some degree, some babies certainly have it worse than others.

It must feel pretty bad that the symptoms are now back.

My first thought is if you have done anything differently regarding your diet? The pain was gone for two weeks and is now back. Sometimes babies can be sensitive to moms’ eating habits, and for example if you drank less coffee or ate less dairy or less gassy foods during those weeks, maybe that is what made the difference! For some tips on foods to avoid during breastfeeding, click here.

Other possibilities would be if you have changed the breastfeeding position, so that she suddenly swallows more air, or if she for a while was carried in a more upright position or was burped more regularly during those two weeks.

Try to be a bit creative and see if there is anything at all you might have done differently during those two weeks that made her better.

But then again, it might of course also be due to something that you won’t be able to figure out. Then do talk to the same doctor again, just to be sure he is not judging it in some other way, with all the information he has.

Now, whether this is colic be definition or “just” severe tummy pain, you should of course do all you can to help your baby. Have you tried infant colic massage? I’ve done that for two of our kids, and it helped. Buy a book about it or ask the doctor.

Regardless of how you ate during the calm weeks, some colicky babies find great relief when Mom changes her diet a bit. Some babies are really sensitive to foods that make you gassy, such as broccoli, cabbage and beans, while others react on caffeine. Some babies are also greatly helped if moms excludes all dairy products from her diet.

You can also try drinking fennel or roibos tea and even give a little bit to your baby, to mitigate the gas production.

If you can, also invest in a baby sling or carrier, since babies that are carried a lot are known to have less colic.

I know in some places they also treat colic with Losec or similar, you can always discuss that with the doctor, if the situation is unbearable.

Finally, try breastfeeding your baby in a upright position, rather than the usual horizontal position. Have her bum resting in your lap and keep her as upright as possible. This way she is likely to swallow less air.

You may also want to read this thread with another young baby in pain when pooping loose stools.

I really hope your daughter gets better soon. In most cases, babies’ tummies are mature enough to stop hurting as much when they are around 3-3.5 months.

It will pass!

You can read more about colic here and also find stories and tips from other parents how they survived through it.

Take care,

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Mar 04, 2012 one month will not have bowel movementby: newmom

Hello I was reading a lot of posts and none really answered my questions. My son is one month old and has not been regular since he was born. We tried everything and have an appointment with a GI Specialist in January! He is formula fed and on Enfamil Gentlease. He is in excruciating pain all day trying to pass gas and have a bowel movement and he will not have a BM unless I give him a suppository. He will go immediately after that and then in the next hour or so or the next feeding he is back at it again and will not go again.

Could it be that his hole is not big enough to pass stool? When I change a diaper and I wipe him I can see some residue of a BM coming but that’s as far as he gets it.

Anyone out there had or have this problem and what could it possibly be? We have tried pear and prune juice for the past 3 weeks nothing!

Mar 30, 2012 I feel your painby: Anonymous

My infant had trouble with passing his stool too. I took him to a pediatrician and she told me to give him miralax in his bottle….I give him 1 tsp twice a day and within a few hours of giving it to him he has a bowel movement. The miralax is very safe and some babies just need a little assistance the pediatrician told me. I know a lady that her 7 year old daughter is on it also to help her with the same problem. Some kids just need the help. I was giving my baby suppositories pretty much everyday also to help him poop and now I don’t need to. Actually, I haven’t given him one since I started the miralax. hope this helps.

Oct 04, 2012 new mommyby: mrs fLores

Hi well I was reading ur posts and I seen someone had recommended to give a baby miralax for constipatioN or if a baby hasn’t pooped in a couple of days . Well my question is that I have a newborn she is 3weeks old and she hasn’t pooped in 1 day only is that ok ? I’m actually breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Would that have anything to do with her not doing poop in 1 day ? Or they don’t have to poop everyday? I’m open to any suggestions or advice plzzz .. thank you

Oct 04, 2012 The formulaby: Paula

Hi Mrs Flores,

Most breastfed, newborn babies have bowel movements many times per day. Formula on the other hand makes babies much more prone to constipation. If your baby doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable, then you can just wait and see for another day or so. If possible, increase the share of breast milk, that should take care of any tendency for constipation.

Congratulations to your baby!


Oct 10, 2012 Passing wind and making noiseby: Mumtotwins

My twins boys have a peculiar problem. They are 3 weeks old and are on breastfeed + formula. One of them passes wind all day. Looks like he has a gas factory inside!! The other one makes a whistling kind of noise all the time, while sleeping or awake. He also wriggles his body a lot, puts a lot of pressure and turns excessively pink. I am very confused. Their feed and poo is all normal. Any suggestions?

Oct 10, 2012 wind passing all dayby: Anonymous

My kid appx four weeks has same problem of passing wind all day…any one having any suggestion…or ideas…he is mostly on mother feed and not on packaged one

Jul 09, 2013 trouble having a movement 8wks oldby: Anonymous

My baby will b 8wks 2mra and since he was around 1wk started to have trouble goin a poo he can go hours trying to have a movement some time with a good out come but most of the time he will lay there and cry and still not pass anything, the thing is his brother and father have the same trouble but not as bad please help me as im not sure what to do

Aug 03, 2013 Bowel movement by: Anonymous

Hii there ,my baby is three months old now still having bowel problem in the start it was very hard and now every morning I give him an oil massage and three time a week gripe water after feed , that really help him not to suffer even though he don,t have regular bowel movement I,it got nothing to do with the hole .. I do mixed feed 5 formula feed and in between whenever he is hungry breast feed him even for a ten minute that help not to have colic and make sure I burp him if not on the shoulder ..after feed I sit him on my knee and swing him up and down gently will definitely have the big burp …or if you feed the baby and waited for hour with no burp put them to sleep on side or on ther tummy they will pass gas or sleep with comfort ….it really helpful that my experience and twice a week 30 ml of warm water with a tiny bit of honey feed them it help for bowel movement …my baby sleep in the morning ,,,afternoon 3 hour sleep evening from 10 p.m until 5 in the morning now … the star he would sleep 2 a.m and wake up every hour and crying …now am enjoying my motherhood a lot better than before hope it work for any one who take my advice ..thanks

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