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How long can a baby go without pooping? Is it really OK for a baby not to poop every day?

There is not one simple answer to this question, as it depends on the baby’s age (newborn or older), whether they are breastfed, formula-fed, or have started with solid foods. It also matters if they pee and pass gas or not.

Let’s take a look at both normal reasons (i.e., full digestion or constipation) and illness-related reasons (e.g., obstruction) that may cause a baby to stop pooping. We go through safe remedies (when needed), important constipation signs, and when to call the Doctor.


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Reasons & Remedies When Your Baby Isn’t Pooping

Before I became a mom, it never crossed my mind how much time I would spend worrying about my children’s bowel movements. But I sure did. A lot happens during the first year, and a baby’s bowel movements will change a lot as the baby grows and his or her diet changes.

One of the more surprising things that happen is that babies may stop pooping completely for several days. It is easy and completely rational to believe this to be constipation or some illness. And it can be. But it also doesn’t have to be – it can be completely normal, too!

How Often Should a Baby Poop

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First of all, it is important to know that how often the average baby will poop depends on his or her age and on if being breastfed or formula-fed:

  • A newborn baby will pass meconium 24-48 hrs from birth. The stool may change in color — becoming greenish on day 4.
  • From day 5 or 6 of living, newborns may poop after every feeding. The frequency may vary, ranging from 4 episodes to 12 episodes daily. The texture may be soft and runny. And the color may be yellowish, yellow-green, or brownish.
  • At 1 month old, the average is still some 4 times per day. Breastfed babies usually poop after feeding. Some may go for days without pooping. This is because the newborn’s gut absorbs all the components from the breastmilk, leaving small waste to go down or none at all.
  • By the time your baby is 2 months old, the average has dropped to 1 episode per day.
  • At 3 months, a fully breastfed baby may go for up to 5 to 10 days without pooping. They grow rapidly and digest practically everything they consume. This can continue until the baby is introduced to solid baby food.
  • Formula-fed babies should continue pooping more or less every day.

Remember that the variation can be quite large, and your baby will not likely be constipated unless you notice some of the symptoms described below.

As you can see, there is no ONE correct answer to the question of how long a baby can go without pooping.

Two of my kids had periods at around 3 months old when they pooped every 10-14 days – this is quite a long time for not pooping! Very convenient… However, they were both completely breastfed and showed no signs of constipation or illness.

Breastfed, formula-fed, or solids-fed baby not pooping?

The risk of constipation varies a lot depending on what your baby eats. Let’s break down the differences and their reasons.

The Breastfed Baby

There’s a major difference in the risk of constipation between breastfed babies and those on formula.

If you are breastfeeding and if your baby has had normal breast milk poop earlier, but your baby is not pooping now, chances are that he or she is only going through a growth period and, therefore, actually absorbs pretty much everything he eats.

Also, at around 4 weeks of age, a baby’s digestive system begins to mature, and bowel movements usually decrease, especially if the baby is breastfed.

If your baby seems completely happy and eats and urinates just as usual, there is probably nothing you have to do. The poop will come.

The Formula-fed Baby

If your baby is formula-fed, the risk of constipation is higher.

Formula-fed babies are more prone to becoming constipated because the formula is much harder to digest than breast milk since they have bigger proteins than breast milk. Hence, this is the reason why formula-fed babies poop regularly.

I often see parents searching for answers regarding their formula-fed baby that hasn’t pooped for, e.g., 2 days. 2 days can probably be OK. Still, a formula-fed baby should not go several days between pooping, as it can be a sign of constipation. You’ll find tips on constipation remedies further down in this article.

One thing to note is that although milk protein allergy is not common, it is a possible reason for constipation in formula-fed babies. You can find symptoms of milk protein allergy here.

3 Reasons Why A Newborn Baby Is Not Passing Stools

1. Hirschsprung’s disease

Regardless of if your baby is breastfed or formula-fed, it is important to know when your baby started having constipation problems and if he or she passed meconium in the first 36 hours of his or her life.

If the meconium passage was delayed and your baby has been having constipation since birth, one of the possible reasons for constipation might be Hirschsprung’s disease.

This condition is caused by the absence of neural ganglia in the terminal bowel regions. The absence of the ganglia leads to decreased colon peristalsis, which in turn causes the infant to be constipated.

You’ll find an explanation of Hirschsprung’s disease in this video:

Hirschsprung Disease, Colitis, and Fecal Incontinence

The condition is usually diagnosed by performing a rectal exam on a constipated child during a routine pediatric visit. (You can read more about Hirschsprung’s disease here at Mayo Clinic. (Opens in new window)

2. The normal first few days

However, it is worth repeating that a newborn baby that has passed meconium is not likely to poop very frequently during the first few days – simply because they don’t eat very much. But after 5 – 6 days, your newborn baby should be pooping several times per day.

3. Newborn not pooping but farting

A common situation is a young or newborn baby that is not pooping but passing gas. Unless your baby shows signs of constipation or illness, this is likely to be a normal newborn immature digestive system.

The baby will fart more often than poop and will probably also strain a bit to poop, even with loose stools. This is nothing to worry about. Farting means the baby’s gut is patent and functioning.

Constipation after Starting Solids

It is very common for babies to become constipated when introduced to solid foods. This is especially true for breastfed babies since their digestive system isn’t used to anything but the very easily digested breast milk.

The introduction of rice cereal is a known reason for baby constipation. Cow’s milk is another one.

If your baby is not pooping and has started with solid baby food (including cereal), you can find additional helpful tips in these articles:

Signs of constipation (and not) in babies

Here are some signs of constipation to look for:

  • In a newborn, firm stool less than once a day with straining and difficulty passing them
  • In older babies, firm stools less often than 7 days for breastfed babies and 4 days for bottle-fed babies
  • Dry, hard stools and pain on passing them
  • Hard, pebble-like stools passed by a baby who strains during a bowel movement
  • Signs of blood along the outside of the poop
  • Belly pain along with hard, infrequent stools (can be manifested by a baby crying when pooping or trying to poop)

How to Mitigate Baby Constipation (9 Remedies)

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While it is normal for babies to strain from time to time to move the stool along through the intestines, crying hard when trying to poop is not.

1. Baby Massage for Constipation

If you want to do something to help your baby while straining, try holding his or her knees against his or her chest to help your baby “squat”. This is also very effective for tummy pain to release gas. Squatting is an effective position for pooping since it relaxes the colon.

Here are some more tips for efficient baby massage.

The video below explains using baby massage for constipation.

How To Treat Colic & Constipation - Baby Massage Course Part Two | Channel Mum

2. Change the type or brand of formula milk

If your baby is formula-fed, you can experiment with different types or brands of formula to find the one with the least tendency to result in constipation. For some babies, soy-based formulas work better. A hydrolysate formula, such as Nutramigen, can make a real difference for others. Formula milk that is tummy-friendly, such as Similac Tummycare, can also help with constipation.

3. Feed smaller amounts

You can also feed your baby smaller amounts of formula more frequently to help the intestines cope with the formula.

Twice as often is a rule of thumb.

4. Double-check how much formula powder you use

Make sure you don’t add too much formula powder when preparing the formula. Take care not to overfill or tightly pack the scoop.

The formula milk-to-water ratio must be considered since these are made of bigger components. To avoid constipation, the ratio of 1 scoop of formula milk to 2 ounces of water is usually the best, but make sure to follow the instructions for your baby’s formula.

5. A bit of water

You can also try offering your baby some extra water – about 1 oz once or twice daily. However, don’t give water to very young babies.

Giving too much water to infants can cause water intoxication. This can dilute the nutrients in the baby’s body, causing reduced levels of sodium. This can then lead to lethargy, drowsiness, dizziness, and confusion. The kidneys can also become overwhelmed if the infant takes in too much water. This can cause an electrolyte imbalance in the infant.

6. More breastmilk

If you breastfeed at all, you can try to increase your baby’s share of breast milk. Breast milk is a great laxative since this is easy to digest.

7. Stimulate the anus

Another short-term option that can be used occasionally is to insert a Q-tip very gently into your baby’s anus. Sometimes, that is enough to trigger the bowel movement. Don’t make it a habit; the baby needs to learn to poop without your help.

8. Foods that soften the stools

For babies introduced to solid foods, ensure you feed your baby foods that soften stools. Fruits and food that are high in fiber are great for cleaning the gut. Corn, pineapple, apples, and mangoes are just some of the foods that are high in fiber.

9. Baby laxatives and glycerin suppositories

There are also baby laxatives or glycerin suppositories available, but don’t use them more than as a last resort. It is much better to try to change what your baby eats than to use short-term solutions like these. As mentioned earlier, it is better for the baby to learn how to poop on his own.

Baby Not Pooping – Call the Doctor if…

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If your baby is a few days old and has not pooped regular breast milk or formula poop, call a doctor to rule out any blockage and ensure your baby eats enough.

For a newborn baby that has pooped and then stopped, I would contact a pediatrician if it has been a couple of days since your baby pooped, regardless of if the baby is breastfed or formula-fed. This is to get advice on possible treatments for constipation and ensure your baby is completely healthy.

For older babies, if they are in pain (regardless of if the poop is hard or not), a doctor should assess the situation.

Blood in poop, beyond some streaks, should also be assessed. (You’ll find more guidelines on blood in your baby’s poop here.

Finally, if your baby continues to be constipated despite your efforts to adjust his or her diet, this is another good reason to discuss the situation with a pediatrician. Your baby may be allergic to milk protein or lactose intolerant, for example, and need a new type of formula. (Read more about milk protein allergy and different formulas here.)

Don’t use baby laxatives or glycerin suppositories without consulting a doctor first. It may be completely unnecessary.

I wish you and your baby good luck!

Read Next About Baby Poop

Research References

Who else has a baby that is not pooping? Add your own comments below!

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  1. Mantavious

    Hey my name is mantavious & I have a newborn that is five days old & she hasn’t pooped in 12 hours she’s on similac pro advance & im worried I’m about to call the doctor in the morning

  2. Shalinisingh

    My baby on formula milk and not pooping for several days.he is 5 months old.since I start to give him formula milk he’s not pooping regularly

  3. Shirleen Feikles

    Loved this so much!

  4. Ebony

    Hi, I’m a new mommy my son is only a week and two days old. He was on sensitive formula but it Seemed it was hurting his little tummy. Last night I bought new regular formula instead of sensitive he seems a whole lot happier with new formula but he hasn’t pooped since about 9-10 last night but he does have gas. Can I get help please ??

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Ebony,
      If it hasn’t been even 24 hours since you changed to the new formula, I wouldn’t start worrying just yet. Does he seem uncomfortable at all? It is actually quite normal for formula-fed babies to only poop once per day. I understand that it is a change, though, so for sure he might be a little bit constipated, but not necessarily.

      If he starts becoming uncomfortable, continues to not poop for one more day, or if he shows signs of constipation when pooping, then discuss with his health care provider if you should switch back to the previous formula for a while. There may also be other types of formulas to try out too.

      Being gassy, straining to poop, and having some tummy pain is quite normal for newborn babies. But, of course, they should not be in any severe pain at all, and their poop shouldn’t be hard, for example. (Make sure to check out all the signs of constipation in the article.)

      Your son is so young, so his pooping habits as well as feeding habits will continue to change quite a bit during the next few months. It is easy to get worried! Remember too, that it is completely normal and prudent to be worried, so certainly have a chat with your midwife or Dr already now, to be on the safe side.

      Congratulations on your son! Let me know how things develop.

  5. KamisMom

    I exclusively breastfeed and she hasn’t pooped in over a week. I still don’t feel comfortable thinking she is in possible pain, but thanks to all who shared. Makes me feel better about the situation.

    I have heard of a water enema. Does this work or is it ill-advised?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi KamisMom,
      Since you are breastfeeding, and if your baby is peeing and growing, it is completely normal for a 3-month-old baby to be pooping quite seldom. Do not give her an enema. If you are truly worried about her health, or if she really seems to be in pain, of course, talk to her doctor. But she is highly likely to be just fine!

  6. Vincent

    Hi guys, I’m a new Daddy! Please help me.

    My 1-month baby girl can’t poop since 3 days!! She is a breastfed, we’re just waiting to see her pooping. I am so worried for my baby, but she has been releasing gas every day. She tries to go, she strains and strains, and nothing comes out. Sometimes she even starts crying as if she is in a lot of pain. She is VERY gassy and is always passing gas!! Please help me to my problems

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Vincent,
      If your little daughter is fully breastfed, she is highly unlikely to be constipated. It is much more likely that she is suffering from a very normal, common immature digestive system. It comes with being a newborn to have to strain, grunt, and be gassy. But you can still help her a little bit by giving her a warm bath, massaging her little tummy clockwise, and press her knees gently towards her belly to help release the gas. If nothing happens, insert a Q-tip very gently into her anus.

      It is, of course, better to avoid the Q-tip, to let her intestines get the practice they need to function, but to use it every now and then is probably no harm. (But not all the time!)

      Is she wetting her diapers as usual? Otherwise, the lack of pooping could be a sign that she isn’t eating as much as she should. But if she pees to wet 6-8 diapers per day and has her usual appetite, she is likely to be fine. Is she following her growth curves and seems to be overall healthy?

      If she continues to not poop for a few more days, though, I believe you should take her to the Dr to make sure there is no blockage or anything else involved that needs treatment.

      But again, most likely nothing is wrong.

      In a month or two, if she continues to be fully breastfed, she might only be pooping once per week or less, and it is completely normal. But at 1 month, most breastfed babies still poop several times per day.

      I hope this helps,


  7. Jacob's mummy

    My lo is 6 months old, he is onto solid food with an 8oz bottle of formula morning and night and food for breakfast, lunch and, dinner. He is not in pain when straining but does push very hard, he also goes 2-3 times a day. His poo is pebble-like but not hard to squash. They are also JET BLACK! To the point they leave like a black mark around his bum.
    Any ideas? Much appreciated xx

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Black poop is a warning sign of bleeding and you should take your son to a pediatrician immediately. It could just be a small tear somewhere, but it should definitely be checked by a doctor.
      Good luck!

  8. Lucy

    My daughter is just under a month old. She barely poops! This is my second child so I can’t help but compare especially since my other daughter is only 19 months old so the newborn phase is still fresh to me.

    In the hospital, her poop seemed normal but by the time we went home (4 days later, C-section), she never went. When she did eventually go, it wasn’t seedy anymore, instead, it was really thick and tan and she pushed so hard she gave herself hemorrhoids!

    She was originally on Similac Advanced. I called her ped and asked if I should switch her to the sensitive formula and they said to try it. So I switched her to sensitive formula thinking it would help. When she went for her two-week checkup I brought it up again because it wasn’t getting any better. Still going maybe once a day if at all. He said to switch her to soy.

    She’s been on soy formula for about a week and a half and the poop hasn’t gotten any softer. She still struggles to go and was only consistent for maybe 3 or 4 days. Should I keep her on the soy? Will she have a hard time adjusting to milk when she gets off of formula if she stays on the soy? Does she even sound constipated? I don’t know if it’s my lack of sleep that is making everything seem more difficult this time around, but I just didn’t feel like it is right and I am not getting a comforting response from the pediatrician no matter how many times I ask.

    Please help! I don’t want to do more harm by switching formulas again or trying things I’ve read about like gripe water or giving water in between.

    1. Me too!

      Hi Paula,

      My question/worry is very similar to Lucy’s. My baby girl suffered from severe cramps caused by gas, we kept going to the ped to see if there was any way of helping ease the discomfort and pain. On our last visit, he prescribed active enzyme drops to help digest the lactose as he was convinced it’s the sugar in the lactose that she can’t properly digest. We were told to try it for a week or two and if she still experienced any discomfort, we must change her over to a soy-based formula. We tried the drops for 3 weeks and swopped her to a soy-based formula 5 days ago.

      She had one very small stool on the first day – nothing since then. The cramping has eased up but if the soy-based formula is going to cause constipation is it really worth the change – I want to help her, not swap one problem for another. On the regular formula, she had a dirty nappy every day and it was very loose, light in color, and with particles of undigested milk. The one stool she did pass since changing to soy was dark brown (with traces of the lactose formula) and firm. I am considering changing her on to a special formula for lactose sensitive babies- she is two months old. Could changing her to another formula again cause any harm?

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

      1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife


        It has been 10 days since you asked about switching formula for your baby. How is she doing on the soy formula? Some times it can take a little while for a baby to get used to a new formula.
        But if she really does get constipated from it, it might be worth trying a hydrolysate formula instead. Since your daughter’s ped suggested soy-based formula if the drops didn’t work, he might suspect milk protein allergy in which case lactose-free formula or enzymes will not help. However, quite a few babies with milk protein allergy are also sensitive to soy protein, which is why the hydrolysate formula may be a good option. In such formulas, the proteins are broken down and a lot easier to digest for most babies.

        I suggest you have another chat with your pediatrician about the situation. Hydrolysate formulas are expensive but can be covered by insurance in some cases if prescribed by a doctor.

        I really wish you good luck! Please let us know how things go.


  9. Dina

    My son is 3 months and half old, I am breastfeeding and also Powder milk since he was born. Since he is 2 1/2 months old, he is pooping only one time per week! and his Poop is smooth, not hard. I am curious to know whether he has a problem with his bowel or Poop?

  10. preemiemom

    My baby is now 7 weeks old, she was born prematurely at 34 weeks. She always has been mostly breastfed and I supplemented a little formula for the first couple of weeks and then I put her on mostly breastmilk. She was pooping after every feeding. Due to the fact that I had to come back to work, I have her more of formula ( Similac organic), she stopped pooping or 7 days and then I took her to the doctor and they gave her a suppository and she pooped in 30 min. It was not hard at all. I changed her back to breastmilk all the way Would her poop turned back to normal, or will she go several days without a poop.

  11. Sam

    My 4-day old baby is not pooping. In the hospital, she was fine until we brought her home and she never pooped since. What can I do, help me? Should I be worried?

  12. Mom to 6 week old

    My 6 week old has been breastfed and supplemented with formula. Poos weren’t a problem at first but about a week ago he stopped going. His poos were always pretty liquid.
    We’ve tried Lactulose and glycerin suppositories (recommended by dr) The suppositories worked twice but not today. I have switched his formula from Good Start to Similac.
    Do you think he’s got an allergy and not actually constipated since his poos were never hard?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      It is difficult to say with this little information about what is going on. 6 weeks is a growth spurt and it is quite normal for breastfed babies to poop less frequently than once per day at this age. If the poop is not hard and you see no other signs of discomfort or illness, chances are that your baby is simply growing and digesting everything he eats.

      What is the share of breastmilk to formula?

      I think you should go back to the doctor and ask why he/she thinks your baby is constipated if the only sign there is is lack of poop, and he is mainly breastfed and thriving.

      Good luck!

  13. Tom

    My wife is currently breastfeeding our 2-month-old and he rarely poops. It seems as if he only poops when we give him a regular feeding of prune juice. I have heard that breast milk is easy to digest and I know that our bodies eliminate only the things that are not needed. So I believe that our son is digesting the milk at such a high rate that he rarely poops and there is no need to worry. However, my wife thinks otherwise. What do you think? Is it unusual for a 2-month-old to go 4 days without having a bowel movement?

  14. Ella

    Hi! My 3-month-old baby doesn’t poop n a week so I start using suppositories to make the poop out I always do that every after 3-4days, I went to her doc and she gave me lactulose but it doesn’t work she gave me a powder one but it doesn’t work too. What should I do, I’m exclusively breastfeeding? Should I wait for 2 weeks to see if she can poo w/o my help? Thank u!

  15. Mom

    My baby is 2 months he usually poops once a day but he’s going on day 6 now I’ve tried water every day for a few days like my doctor said also diluted prune juice and nothing the last 2 feelings he barely ate however he doesn’t seem fussy he’s been passing gas but no poopy diapers. What should I do?

  16. Karo?

    My 2-month-old hasn’t pooped in 4 days. He is currently on Aliementum he has been to the Pediatrician and they suggested that I put Karo syrup in his formula, but it’s not really working as I had hoped. I’m worried sick. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  17. rosalean

    Hi, my 2month and 5 days old son has not been having regular bowel movements since he was 3 weeks old. I can’t remember a time before he was 3 weeks old when he would poop every day. He went 10 days without pooping and that was after I gave him the juice of a whole orange n he pooped 3xs. Last week I gave him a suppository to make him poop, but I hate doing it because it feels so unnatural. I don’t know if this is normal, but by the looks of it on this forum, a lot of mothers are having the same problem.

    I breastfed him exclusively in the beginning up until he was 3 weeks old. then I started supplementing with formula milk but this constipated him and he didn’t poop for 9 days until I put a suppository in. I stopped with the formula milk and have been exclusively breastfeeding him since he was about 5-6 weeks old. when he was 6 weeks old he pooped after 10 days. So I don’t know if this is normal, or if he has a problem.

  18. Joey

    My son is just over two months old. We had been using Enfamil Gentlease which works great, but my girlfriend decided to switch to Parents Choice because it’s cheaper. Well ever since he started on that he doesn’t poop anymore. He seems to strain to poop now and then and on the rare occasion that he does it’s very thick and hard to pass. So I put him back on Enfamil and now he poops again a couple of times a night. But his grandmother watches him all day and uses PC, so I think it’s still complicating things. I hear some people work out well but that doesn’t look like the case for me. I don’t care about saving a buck, I just want what’s best for him.

  19. Murtaza

    I have a 6 weeks old baby boy. He is very gassy, fussy and always in pain. He always lifts his leg in the air towards his stomach and sometimes passes long gas. Even after, he is always in pain and never or having very small sleep duration. He has never slept for more than continuous 10 mins from last 2 weeks. He is also constipated and poos once in 3-4 days. Recently, he had a watery green poo and felt a lot of pain during that time. He is on bottle feed and we are giving him Similac formula. Should we change it to Novalac or any other formula? Can you please help us to reduce this baby trauma. We have consulted a doctor and he has given only gas reducing drops and glycerine bottle to massage on his lower back. Please help us.

  20. Cari

    I really hope someone can help ease my worrying.

    My daughter is 1 month old and for about 2 weeks she has been having trouble pooping. She tries to go, she strains and strains, and nothing comes out. Sometimes she even starts crying as if she is in a lot of pain.

    She is VERY gassy and is always passing gas. She does not burp very easy at all though.

    The doctor has changed her formula from Similac to Isomil, and now to Alimentum. The only way I can get her to poop is with a glycerin suppository. It usually takes her like 15 seconds once it is inserted for her to go. Her poop is very thick, like really thick peanut butter, but not hard like pebbles.

    Is she constipated or am I losing my mind??? I am a nervous wreck because I am thinking the worst over here. Should I get a second opinion or just be patient? Thank you

  21. Grandma

    Hi, my grandson is now 4 months and has had bowel problems.

    Mum changed his formula several times and now he is on S21 AR which helps his reflux but not his poops. We thought we would introduce solids and he is thriving. They say it may take several days for him to eat a spoonful but he gulped 1/4 jar although we have not changed the variety yet he has been on the same golden veggies for 2 weeks and his formula after solids, he has several tummy cramps in the late afternoon and draws his little legs up to his chest.

    We tried water and sugar, and apple juice to no avail, then I gently inserted a cotton bud (Q-tip) dipped in vaseline into his rectum just enough to stimulate him to push hard enough for him to start the pooh, he just lays then strains and giggles relieved of the release of gases and poo, continue stimulating the rectum with the cotton bud, (you should only lose sight of the cotton bud head and no further).

    My grandson poops about a days worth of poop and we only do it when he is despair and uncomfortable, but in my days it was the only way my son would poop, he never ever produced a naturally dirty nappy and he now is a healthy 25 yr. Hope this helps you all.

  22. Nicole

    Hi! My son Pete is 4 weeks old on Friday. He is formula fed and is on Enfamil. He has a very good appetite especially since 3 weeks and I think he is in a growth spurt.

    On Tuesday evening, he was straining and crying obviously trying to pass stool. He hadn’t pooped since Sunday morning so I was happy. When I looked in his diaper the poop was hard, green and cream-colored (like the color of formula) and did not stick to his diaper. He started to push out more and it was the hardest thing to watch. He has done that again yesterday and then today he has been straining and crying all day.

    I have spoken with his Doctor’s nurse and she suggested 3 oz water with 1 tsp of brown sugar.

    It seemed to work a little yesterday but now when he passed a small stool it was hard again. She also suggested changing his formula as she has had a lot of other Mom’s saying that the Enfamil is causing hard poops. Not all, but some babies seem to not digest it well.

    I’m just wondering if I should take him to the doctor early or just try to wait it out? Is this something that he needs medical attention for? I am just so worried about him. Any input would be so appreciated.
    Thank you!

  23. Rebecca

    My baby girl is 1 week old and she as not had a poop in a day is there anything to worry about and what can I do about it??..My baby is bottle-fed. but she doesn’t seem stressed or she’s not crying… x

  24. Stasha

    My baby is 5 and a half weeks old and has not pooped in 11 days. She is strictly breastfed and from what I have read on here she should be ok and the poop should come sometime soon. I am just wondering how LONG would you wait before taking them into the doctors???
    I mean 2 weeks without a bowel movement seems like a long time to me and we are getting closer to that two-week mark.
    She does not seem in any distress. She is peeing like normal and is still passing gas.

    1. Paula

      Hi there, I agree that 11 days is quite a long time for such a little baby. However, as long as she has been pooping normal breast milk poop earlier, is content, eating, and peeing she is most likely simply digesting all she eats.

      6 weeks old is a growth spurt, so that might be one of the reasons.

      If you are worried, why not give a call to her nurse? But most likely, the poop will come within a couple of days. You can also try doing some baby massage to stimulate her intestines.

      Congratulations on your little girl!

  25. Sharon

    Hi, I had read comments about total breastfed babies not pooping for days are common, but I am still worried.

    Cos since my baby is back from the hospital, he has not pooped for 3 days, after which we went to visit a pediatrician and he inserted a gel into my baby’s anus which helped him to pass motion that day. After that, he stopped passing motion again for the next 4 days, and we inserted the gel again on the 5th day. He pooed again. But now it had been 3 days and still no poo from him.

    I am on total breastfeeding for my baby. Drank lots of fluid and even had prune juice hoping it will pass on from the milk to him, but it doesn’t seem to work. We can hear him passing wind, but still no poo. What should we do??

    1. We too!

      Well, I can tell you that my son who is 3.5 months old has not pooped for 7 days. We took him to a doctor who said he didn’t look like he was in pain and seemed perfectly happy so we should not worry. She said we could give him a little bit of prune or apple juice but that it could be up to 10 days before he poops so we should just wait.

      He is BF so I don’t think he’s constipated but nonetheless, I am very concerned. The doctor didn’t seem worried at all so I’ll just wait and see.

  26. Wondering

    Hi! My baby has started about 3 weeks ago only pooping with a suppository. The first time we waiting 7 days of not pooping to give him one the next day and still more poop came. We then visited the doctor who told us only once every 7 days. We waited for 6 before giving him one and now we’re going on day 6 again.

    He gets upset and looks to be in pain. The doctor told us something that if we continue to give him a suppository every 6 days that he’ll become lazy and not poop on his own.

    Does anyone know if this lazy stool thing is true? Has anyone experienced this before?

  27. Mommy

    My baby girl is 5 months old. She hasn’t pooped for 7 days and I gave her little bit of prune juice ( she doesn’t like it at all) then she pooped a large amount it was really dark brown color and very watery. Then she stopped poop again and it’s been 5 days now. I’m breastfeeding only. What should I do, help!!!

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Mommy! Don’t do anything! If your daughter is only breastfed, she is not constipated; only digesting all the milk she gets. Two of my kids didn’t poop for almost 14 days at that age. It is normal when breastfed. Don’t worry!

  28. Rebecca

    I breastfeed, but I give my baby formula for a day because I had a night out and she hasn’t pooped since last night and I’m worried can anyone give me any suggestions.

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Rebecca!
      Just continue breastfeeding. The poop will come and everything will go back to normal over the next couple of days. Breast milk is an excellent laxative for infants.

      Good luck!

  29. Momof2

    Hi, I am a mother of 2 and I had this exact problem. My first child started out having regular daily bowel movements, but once she hit the 4 week mark they dropped down to one every 7- 9 days. Those who I spoke with made it seem as though it was abnormal which was really upsetting. I was told to give her prune juice mixed in with her bottle. Needless to say that I was a wreck!

    My second child was the same way, but the information I received this time was that this was fine, that some babies are like that, but that I could help it along by using a Q-tip dipped in Vaseline and inserting it rectally. This really helped out as she would then have a poop later that day.

  30. Come on

    Please if you are worried about your child, don’t type on the internet!!! Go to your doctor. He is far more qualified than any of us!

    Oh and as far as glucose syrup, brown sugar, anything sweet, etc. Don’t give this to your child it can cause tooth decay. In the UK we are strictly told never ever feed your child glucose or sugar in water.

    Please remember… These are your babies! Would you trust a stranger in the streets advice or a qualified doctor?

    1. MomofEmma

      You say not to get advice from the internet. Sure, but it doesn’t mean we follow it but want to know if anyone else is having the same problems and if they were given the same advice as us. My doctor said to give 1 tsp of dark Karo syrup to 1 to 2 bottles a day if constipated. I wouldn’t recommend using suppositories on a regular basis. I use a Qtip to get my 3 wk old started but only after she hasn’t pooped in 3 to 4 days. She is formula fed Similac Advance. If she doesn’t get the hang of it in a couple more weeks we go back to the doctor.

  31. Vinka

    Pooping your baby! I’m surprised no one has heard of this! (or whenever I bring it up, they’ve never heard of it). In nature, animals lick the anus of their baby to stimulate pooping (now bare with me, I’m suggesting you to lick any baby bottoms). This is primarily used to protect the baby animal from predators (because the mommy eats the poop…yuck!) but it also stimulates the baby to learn how to poop.

    It makes sense for animals so why can’t it work with humans? My mom used to lay the baby on the counter next to the bathroom sink with the baby’s bum aimed into the sink. She’d run the water warmer than lukewarm and soak a cloth with the water.

    Then she’d gently wipe it on the baby’s anus (this acts like the mommy animals tongue). She’d do this a few times ( mind you gently…and keep adding water so that it’s soft on baby’s bum…use a smoother cloth). In no time the baby would have an explosive poop! Splat! Right into the sink! It saves you a lot of diapers and baby crying and a lot of sleepless nights. Baby sleeps a lot better too. This was mostly used on young babies that still had runny poop. She did it to all 6 of her kids and we’re all fine. Now we all use it on our babies.

  32. Constipation

    I am a breastfeeding mom and I started my son on rice cereal at 3 months a teaspoon every other day, but I wasted more than he ate lol but now I bought the oatmeal baby cereal and he’s had it once very watery and now he’s not pooping. Should I be concerned or is there something I can give him to make him poop? Its been a 2 days ruffly.

    thank you

  33. Anna

    My baby was 3 months old and did not poo after 4 days. She started to poo on the 5th day which was a lot. Then she pooped every other day or so. She has been releasing gas every day. Now she is in her 5th month and has not pooped for 5 days now. I am still waiting to see how long it would take her to poo. Also, I am breastfeeding her since then. Hopefully she will poo real soon!

  34. Maria

    Have you tried baby massage? It worked really great for my baby when he was like that. You should get a book that shows you in pictures how to massage your baby’s belly.

  35. Struggling

    My one-month-old is straining a lot when he is trying to go to poop. It takes him a while to a day or two to get it out. Any suggestions?

  36. Molly

    I have been breastfeeding my new baby and he had two explosive poops yesterday but has not pooped since and it’s going on 30 hours. I am worried. Should I be?

    1. KARO

      A little Karo Syrup in his bottle once a day ( 1 tablespoon for 2-3 ounces) will help. Trust ME!!!

  37. Bonnie

    Watch out for rice cereal! Our child became soo constipated after eating it! It is often listed as the best starter food but it is bad for bunging up a babies bowels… Feed baby veggies first, good old peas and carrots with some water and grind them up! I would suggest avoiding highly processed (even if they are organic) baby cereals… Once older if your baby can tolerate oatmeal, cook steal cut oats (not instant or quick oats) and grind them up. Solids are to be started at 6 mtns. Babies’ system is then ready for them, too early and it can be a problem. So they say. Good luck to all.

  38. Ebony

    My baby is breastfed and formula-fed and eats cereal twice a day and this is the longest period of time since he had a bowel movement. Of course, he does not eat all of this in one sitting. I alternate. He is 4 months old. I cut back on one of the cereal feedings and I just started giving him some prune juice. He doesn’t seem to be in pain for the most part. What should I do?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      You are doing exactly the right things! As long as he is not in pain, just continue. Maybe breastfeed him a little bit more too. You can add in some baby massage too. Gently massage his tummy clockwise.

      Good luck!

  39. Norma

    My daughter is only two weeks and four days old. I started breastfeeding her at first but I would still give her the Good Start Gentle Plus formula as well in between feedings just so that I could let my breast relax a bit. I also would pump here and there.

    At first, everything was fine. She would poop and pee about six or more times a day for the first three days that I was in the hospital till the first week we were home. Once the formula that was given to me from the hospital was gone I switched her to another formula called Parent Choice which is a Walmart store brand.

    Because I had run out of the Good Start brand and the Parent Choice was the only one I had left until I went out and bought some more of the Good Start. Now I put her back on the Good Start again. Also, I only pump once or twice a day and all I’d get is an ounce. The rest is formula but I don’t mix them I let her finish one before giving her the other.

    Now for these past five days, she’s been very fuzzy, gassy, and has been crying more the usual. Because she can’t poop unless I put a q-tip with some petroleum jelly in her bottom to help her poop. It works but I usually have to do it like 3-4 times a day (every time I see that she’s trying to poop) because it won’t come out on its own even when she tries pushing. But she pees just fine. The weird part about her poop is that it’s not hard, it’s pasty at first then it goes to liquid and the color is green like grass with yellow dots in it.

    So my question is (after this long text) could this be another sign of constipation or something more serious than that? and could this have happened all because I switched her milk three times?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Norma,
      Since your daughter isn’t constipated (no hard poop) and you are at least to some extent breastfeeding, I think her straining is simply due to a normal newborn immature digestive system. The best you can do is not use the q-tip, but her do the pooping herself, even if it takes a while for it to come out. She needs practice. Instead, try warm baths and baby massage. It can be quite effective to both presses a little baby’s knees gently towards the tummy to release gas and to do bicycle movement with her legs, in addition to tummy massage.

      If you can, you can also try to cut back on the formula and increase the shareof breastfeeding. But again, using the q-tip can become a bad habit, so try not to use it. It isn’t dangerous to strain and be gassy as a newborn, it is very normal.

      You can also invest in a baby sling or baby carrier since the more upright position and movement when you move around can help your baby’s tummy.

      Good luck and congratulations on your little daughter!


  40. Anndie

    Not sure this will help anyone but I have had so many issues with my daughter straining and screaming and in pain, brought her to the hospital, nothing gave her a suppository, doctors, colic and lacrulose, on and on.

    Well, I decided since she was old enough to take her off milk completely. She is now 22 months and to a great surprise, took about a week, giving her lots of water and cranberry juice, still giving her some yogurt etc.. and she has been pooping with no pain or constipation. Don’t know what to tell you. I think today children are having problems digesting the formula and milk.. they can’t break down the enzymes.

    I wish there was an answer for such a young age as they need the formula and milk, but it is so much better now that I have her off this point I am looking into finding out what she needs for calcium intake as it is important for there growth and bones… and SHE IS EATING BETTER..LOT BETTER… Seemed before she didn’t have any appetite.. now hungry.

  41. Newbie

    My baby is two days old and hasn’t pooped yet, the nurses at the hospital say just after I gave birth she did, but never again. Should I be worried?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      For a start, since your baby has passed meconium in hospital, you do not have to worry that there is something wrong or some kind of blockage. Are you breastfeeding? If so, it usually takes a few days before engorgement starts and the milk starts flowing abundantly. Before this happens, it is no surprise that your baby isn’t pooping, because he isn’t eating very much.

      But as soon as your baby starts eating more often and mom has started to produce milk, your baby should, in general, be pooping breast milk poop (yellow and seedy usually) more or less after every feeding. And he should start several wetting diapers every day. For breastfed babies, this usually starts at around the baby’s third day outside the womb, because that’s when mom’s milk production has started. If, however, your baby is formula-fed and hence has already started to drink significant amounts of formula, he/she could be constipated or there could be some issue that makes the pooping difficult. Are there any signs of discomfort? Is he/she wetting several diapers per day?

      In any case, have a chat with your midwife to ease your mind and get advice.

      Hope this helps,

  42. Confused mom

    I have been having the same issues along with everyone. Except that my 5-month-old son is having rice cereal 2 times a day and a little fruit puree. I also breastfeed with no formula. It has been almost two days since his last poopy diaper. Along with everyone else can’t figure out if this is just a change or is this constipation. Any suggestions?

  43. Worried mom

    I’m mainly breastfeeding but I do give him formula 2-4 times a day. He is still eating every 2 hours. But he has not pooped in 2 days and seems to be is a lot of discomforts. I’m being told by friends to take him to the E.R and this is not normal. On top of he will not sleep, I assume from having an upset tummy.

    What do I do!? Please, any advice will help!

  44. Jenessa

    Thanks for all the input, Paula. It’s very reassuring, I can sleep now!!!

  45. Lana

    My daughter is breastfed and formula fed. We use the formula to supplement her. Her last bowel movement was 5 days ago. But the only reason she went was because we were taking her temperature rectally and I guess it made her go. She passes gas all the time, is that any indicator that she is fine? Or should I be worried? (she is on Enfamil 0-12mo and will get 4oz twice a day) Please let me know. Thank you!

    1. Mommykolb



  46. Michaela

    My newborn little girl is 2wks old, pooping like normal up until just over a day ago, yellow in color, last poo was not solid but almost in consistency, she’s formula fed cow & gate 1, she farts & wees a lot but still no poo in 26hrs.. Should i be worried or what should i do? As I’ve tried feeding her water & that ain’t worked at all.. Please let me know a.s.a.p. Thanx.

  47. Mommy3

    It’s normal to worry about these things. My son’s pediatrician says that it’s normal for breastfed babies to have very little bowel movement. I’m still breastfeeding my now 7-month-old son and we are still having this issue. He poops once every week or two but he isn’t in any pain. I don’t know if this helps at all but I know what you’re going through. Good Luck

  48. ToddlerMom

    My daughter who is now 22 months has had problems with her bowels since she was a day old.she would strain, over the past while she now stands straight and tightens her bum cheeks and grunts and cries and when it’s coming near her anal it gets worse..and have to crab her and push her legs up to her stomach to relieve the poop.I have tried suppositories, didn’t work, tried laxatives did work but don’t feel like giving her that because in all sense would make it lazy for taking poops, I tried colliac, lacrolos, she doesn’t have any appetite. So I just a week ago took her off milk and I notice that she is eating more than what she was, which is good. My daughter is very tiny because of all these problems.

    I took her to the ped, fam doctor, and to the ER and no one has answers. I have also been given her cranberry juice.

    Today she had a poop on her own. Still grunting but no pain.

    So I am wondering if removing the milk from her is what the problem was.

    I did not breastfeed, I used formula powder and liquid and changed a few times because we didn’t know what was all and all I have tried everything oh mineral oil and prune, I mean lots of prunes and the child still didn’t poop, so if there is anyone out there that knows why or how taking milk out of her diet and she seems to be doing better. Does that mean she is allergic, I know she can’t have egg whites, she broke out in hives etc..


  49. Chiara

    My 4-month-old has just started eating baby food and I’m still breastfeeding her but she has not had a good poop in 4 days and is waking up in the night screaming and she used to sleep all night, but in the day she is happy. What can I do for her?

  50. Laxmi

    I have twins (boy and girl) and they are 2 months old. It has always been a problem that they poop after three-four days and that too hard. It is not smooth. I am breastfeeding them and even though they are not poo’ing easily.
    They vomit very often and feel dull to some extent. I feel improper pooing may be the reason for all this.
    so please help me and suggest me some tips for their easy pooing?

  51. Rachel

    My 4-month-old has not had any problems pooping, but I switched her to soy formula because she has been fussy 24 hours a day and very gassy. And I also tried giving her a few spoons of baby oatmeal, which was a couple of days ago. She hasn’t pooped for two days. I also her formula 3 days ago and tried the oatmeal 4 days ago. So I wasn’t sure which is making her constipated – the soy formula or the oatmeal? Therefore I don’t know if I should go back to the regular formula or keep her on the soy, but not give her oatmeal until she is a little older? Any advice?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Rachel,
      Since you added both soy formula and oatmeal at the same time it isn’t easy to know which is causing constipation. I would bet on the oatmeal, but who knows. It also depends on what type of formular you were using before.

      I’d suggest you switch back completely, and then slowly try to move over to soy formula if you want to. Only when you know how that works, consider oatmeal.

  52. HRao

    My 3 1/2 month old son is not pooping every day.
    He used to poop regularly until 1 1/2 months old and then he has suddenly stopped. If he does not poop alternate days whatever milk he drinks (breastfed) he spits up.

    Making him poop with Q-tip alternate days now, but I’m really worried how long it will take for himself to poop coz using Q-tip should not become a habit.


    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi HRao,
      Have you tried simply letting the poop take its time? Breastfed babies may go on for days and even weeks without pooping and nothing is wrong. I really think you should stop using the Qtip and let the poop come naturally if possible. Your baby does need to strain and push, it is natural. If he has a tendency for reflux, it is not surprising that the straining makes him spit up a bit. Try keeping him in an upright position as much as possible (maybe carry him in a sling) and also increase the feeding frequency and cut down on slightly on every portion to help him.
      Good luck,

  53. Patrick

    My breastfed 4-month-old son did not poop for more almost 3 weeks. I saw his doctor and she said that is perfectly normal. I thought babies should go at least once a day every day but that’s not the case.

  54. Hellen

    I have an 8 months baby boy who is straining when passing stool from the day one of birth. He is screaming and the tears will fall down. The stool is very very hard like stone and sometimes it got stuck in the anus’s mouth and leave it open until I try to push it inside. Please help my baby.

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      To Hellen
      by: Paula (Baby Helpline)

      Hi Hellen,
      Have you taken your child to a doctor? This does not seem normal in my opinion. It is very possible that he has some food intolerance or allergy. Have you ever discussed with a doctor to delete all dairy products from his diet (including any formula that contains milk protein)? For some children with continuous constipation, this can make a huge difference.

      I really think you should talk to a pediatrician asap to see what is wrong and what can be done to help your son.
      I wish you the best,

  55. Wena

    Please advise me. My 3 months old baby boy is not pooping for 6 days now – is it normal? He is bottle feed and breastfed. I’m really worried since it’s my first time.. I hope someone can answer my problem… thank you

  56. Scared dad

    Hi, my little boy is premature – 5 weeks early – he is just over 1week old. In hospital he was feeding on nutroprem 2 and midwife told us we can buy from any chemist so my girlfriend went chemist and asked the man he gave her cow & gate 2 hungry babies, when we got home we feed him for 24hours but he was only drinking about a 1oz every 3 to 4 hours and pulling faces, so we rang gp and he told us he will prescribe us nutroprem 2 his been feeding on this now for 18 hours but ain’t been a poo for nearly 16hours. He ain’t in pain still sleeping and drinking about a 1 and half oz every 3 or 4 hours. He looks normal. Tryin to strain every now and then but no poo just wee, is there any problems?

    Pplz help I am a dad and scared lol

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Dad, Congratulations on your little one!
      First of all, I assume he has passed normal poop (not meconium) earlier this week? If not you should talk to his doctor immediately.

      Since he is so young and hasn’t pooped for 18 hours he does sound constipated. It is possible that the formula should be changed, but again, being a preemie, I think you should talk to his doctor to get advice rather than experiment yourself. Constipation isn’t dangerous but can be painful for your baby.

      Go ahead and get a doctor’s or midwife appointment asap and discuss how to proceed.
      Warm wishes,

  57. Grandma

    Well, what you have to do to make your baby poop is give your baby 1/2 of tsp of prune baby food. Trust me, I have 6 kids and adopted 1 and raised all my brothers and sisters and all my 16 grandkids.

  58. Ana Karenina

    My baby Akirah is nearly 2 months old. She is breastfed and I eat mainly raw foods. She was born healthy, natural birth at home! 🙂 She went 10 days with no signs of poop (after the initial black poop and a few times mustard poop), then 9 after we used a glycerine suppository (which I regretted giving straight after, but never again!) and now it is the 13th day. I do not worry but wonder. I know she is growing as I can see the changes and hope she will poop when it is needed. She pees very often (since she was born she has been diaperless, we pee her on a potty and she cues us when she needs – read “diaper free baby”).

    I wish to let nature take its course.

  59. No poo

    Hey, my baby is 5 days old and has only had one bowel movement, that was when we were still in the hospital, he is breastfed and pees still. He didn’t take for a day or two, so is he still playing catch up?

  60. Ann

    My 2-month-old son is not pooping for a month now. Until 1 month old he used to do it 5-6 times a day but all of a sudden he stopped pooping. From now on he only poops if he is given lactulose syrup or an enaema using rectal pills ( both adviced by pediatrician) He is not pooping, though I’m not waiting for more than 4 days.

    He is putting up weight which shows that his digestive system is fine.
    Do anyone have this problem or can anyone help me know some home remedies or do I need to go for a 2nd opinion.

  61. FAB

    Hi, I would really appreciate some advice.

    My boy is 5 months old, He has not pooped for the past 5 days and I feel very concerned. He has been crying much more in the day and has started to wake up crying for no apparent reason in the night. I am assuming this is because he is constipated.

    He is predominantly breastfed, with a formula feed given to him during the night. We started him on solids about 3 weeks ago. He normally poos on a daily basis.

    What should I do? Please help.

  62. Uka

    My son is 5 months old and he has been not pooping, it’s been 4 days. I’m so worried. I only breastfeeding him. Help???

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Since you only breastfeed, the situation is completely normal. No need to do anything. It can take up to 14 days between bowel movements for only breastfed babies at 5 months old.


      1. Sarvat

        My premature baby was born at 32 week and now he is 3 weeks old and not pooping since last 3 days.. Is it normal? He is on complete breastfeeding.

        1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

          Hi Sarvat,
          Is your baby peeing as usual? And has he been pooping normal breastmilk poop previously? And does he seem to be overall healthy? If you answer yes to all these questions, I would assume a growth spurt or just simply digesting all the milk he consumes. It is quite common that breastfed preemies only poops once every few days.

          That said, I assume you are in close contact with a doctor or midwife? I think it can be wise to double-check with them since they have his whole story.

          Congratulations on your son! I hope he is doing well!

  63. Lasya

    The information given is very useful, thank you!

  64. Hannah

    My son is 2 months old and he hasn’t pooped for the past 3 days. I’m a bit worry cause I don’t know why is this happening. I’m breastfeeding. Is this normal? Can anyone tell me or explain it to me?

  65. Ana

    I have a 2-month-old daughter who is on formula. She used to poop every other day and it was kinda thick and she would grunt and turn red. About a 2 weeks ago the pediatrican told me to start putting cereal in her bottle. Now when she poops it’s not very much and it’s firm and She has a lot of trouble. When I stopped breastfeeding and started giving her formula the doctor told us to give her Karo syrup to help her poop but it didn’t work. What else can I do to make her poop less firm and easier to pass?

  66. Wendy

    My baby girl is just under three weeks old. I am breastfeeding and supplementing with Similac Advanced (2/3 breast milk, maybe 1/3 formula). Mostly she has bowel movements that we were told were to be expected (seedy and loose about 6-8 times a day). Since Saturday, she hasn’t gone at all. Normally, I might not worry, but she seems to be in a good deal of discomfort (she constantly has her little knees up to her chest, she doesn’t sleep well or soundly and she is consistently straining, face getting red and then crying a bit (even in her sleep she’s crying – poor thing!).

    If I don’t have Vaseline, can I use Lanolin on a Q-Tip to put in her rectum in hopes to loosen things up for her? I just want her to be comfortable again – it’s breaking my heart to see her so uncomfortable.

    I have been attempting to only breastfeed the past 24 hours, but it’s a bit hard since my milk production is not as free-flowing and I need to feed her when she gets hungry. Is there a better formula I could or should be using?

    Any advice or help is greatly appreciated!!!!

  67. Beth

    I have a 3-week-old daughter. She has been breastfed but I have recently switched to formula and she hasn’t pooped for 2 days. I have now switched back to breast milk but she still hasn’t pooped… what should I do??

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Just continue breastfeeding. Your baby probably got a bit constipated from the formula, which is very common. Unless your baby seems to be in pain or doesn’t poop for several more days, you don’t have to do anything more. If the constipation seems very painful, you can try a glycerine suppository for infants. Since you are now back to breastfeeding, your baby will not get constipated again, until you stop breastfeeding or start with formula and/or solid foods.

      Good luck, Paula

  68. Mina

    My son 4-months-old hasn’t pooped for almost 48 hours. He is formula fed now I started him on formula bout a month ago because I got infected and started bleeding and he was pooping about 2 times a day and now for almost 48 hours and I’m really getting worried and he is on Similac Sensitive and was doing good on it but now I’m just worried but he farts like he is pooping but really isn’t fussy.

  69. Elle

    My son is now 2 months old and has a bowel movement usual every morning…however, he strains non-stop from morning through the night. This causes him not to sleep during the night because he pushes non-stop. We have tried Karo syrup and have recently tried the q-tip with Vaseline. I hate seeing my son strain all the time it is heart-breaking. He eats about 4oz every 2-4 hrs (formula). We have switched him from Enfamil Gentelese and now are on Parent Choice soy. He seems to like the soy and doesn’t throw up anymore from it. my doctor says the straining is normal and it bothers me because I think she thinks I’m over exaggerating about it. Any help would be great or if anyone is going through this same thing I would love to hear.

  70. Adriana

    My 2-month-old baby used to have a regular stool every day. Recently that has changed and she sometimes doesn’t go for 3-4 days. She moves as though she is uncomfortable. She is a breastfed and bottle baby. And because breastfed babies don’t pass a stool every day and sometimes can go 3-4 days w/out stooling, it still concerns me because she still gets formula. I have consulted her doctor and he suggested that I try Laro syrup with water. That didn’t work. He then suggested that I give her glycerin suppositories (FLEET) but only half, since she’s still so young. It helps her pass a stool almost instantly, but I know it should only be your last resort.

  71. Lena

    We have been giving our child cows milk. We buy the milk from the farm (raw milk), then boil it and add a few essential oils such as Fish oil, flaxseed oil, Coconut oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil. All oils are organic and cold-pressed. Cows milk from the farm is very healthy, unlike the pasteurized so-called organic milk you buy in the stores. However, it is still not mothers’ milk and you have to add the above oils in small amounts to bring it as close to the real thing as possible.

    We tried formula but it made our child more constipated.

    We noticed that even though she would go to the bathroom there were times when soft balls of stool would form that would hard for her to pass out. So we gave her an enema with distilled water. We put half cups (small cup) of water into the enema held and let it sit for one minute then pushed her knees to her chest and she pushed these soft yellow lumpy stools out.

    The enemas work but when you give them the enema you should give the child bifido infantis bacteria afterward to replace the bacteria that you might have expelled. You can mix this in her milk

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Lena,
      How old is your child? I don’t mean to scare you, but if she is younger than 1 year old, I would strongly advise against exchanging her breastmilk or formula for cow’s milk. We all want the best for our babies and I understand that you feel that you have found the best subsutitute for your baby. However, baby formula is developed to mimic the benefits of human breastmilk as much as possible. Cow’s milk is not composed in the same way. Babies can’t digest cow’s milk as completely or easily as breast milk or formula and it also contains higher concentrations of protein and minerals, which can stress your baby’s kidneys.

      And even if you add healthy oils to the cow’s milk, it still doesn’t contain the right amounts of iron, vitamin C, and other nutrients for human babies. It may even cause iron-deficiency anemia in some babies, since cow’s milk protein can irritate the lining of the digestive system, leading to blood in the stools.

      You write about enemas, and I don’t quite understand if you use them now or did when feeding your baby formula. Either way, babies (under 12 months of age) need breast milk or formula as their main source of nutrition. Formula is much tougher to digest than breast milk, as you have noticed, but there are several different types to try. I would strongly advise you to discuss formula options with your baby’s healthcare provider. (And of course, also verify with that person what I write here about cow’s milk. )

      Take care, you are obviously a very dedicated mom!

  72. Ann

    My son has not pooped since Thursday and now its Monday night and still no poop. He is breastfed in the nights and weekends and in the days, he is formula-fed (soy). He gets a little water occasionally. I’m worried as to why he has not pooped. I’m scared of trying the Q tip thing n I’m not sure if he is ready to start drinking prune juice or apple juice. Please give me your advise.

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Ann,
      Can’t you just wait him out for some more time? He is mainly breastfed during the weekends, and might simply have digested all the milk he drinks. I wouldn’t worry unless he is in pain.

      Try a warm bath and some tummy massage and wait for a couple of days more.

  73. NewFather

    First-time father, up all night first night. I know that this is the right of passage, but really reaching out here:

    3-day-old girl pooped fine at maternity ward (from colostrum milk), but Mum has moved on to normal milk and I haven’t seen a poop in close to 24 hours. Would be fine, base on what I’ve seen above, but she keeps on feeding and is otherwise completely inconsolable. Mum is exhausted and Dad can only figure there is some terrible indigestion going on.

    I haven’t found anyone talking about someone so young above. Should I be taking this to the midwives?

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Congratulations on your baby! I am sorry to hear, though, that things are a bit shaky. (But you’re certainly not alone with that!)

      Is your daughter breastfed or formula-fed? If she is breastfeeding, mom’s milk is just now starting to flow abundantly and it is not strange if it takes a couple of days before the real breast milk poop comes. If she is formula-fed, though, she might be constipated and it may be worth talking to the midwife about it. Actually, talk to your midwife anyway. Being a first-time parent is a big thing and they are there to help with all questions, big and small.

      Regarding your wife, yes, she is likely to be completely exhausted and her hormones are also all over the place after giving birth and even more so if she is now starting to breastfeed.

      Within a few days, when her milk supply is up, both her and particularly your baby is likely to be more content. But remember that it may take a couple of weeks or more before the breastfeeding works smoothly. It can be quite painful in the beginning and frustrating too before everything works. (Who said becoming a parent would be easy…?)

      How wonderful that you are reaching out and trying to help! Just continue to try to help your wife and if she is too exhausted, do take the initiative to talk to your midwife.

      Your baby is so young; everything will better soon, I promise!


  74. Cessi

    My five-week-old has not been pooping for the last 7 days, I was told to give him a suppository by the Dr so I did and that is the only way he will go poop. When I did this he had a very firm and dark green poop. My other 2 kids were lactose intolerant and were on soy milk never had this problem before, my 5-week-old is on Similac Advance do you think it could be iron or the lactose in the milk? Should I put him on a soy-based formula? So confused and can’t get him to see the Dr for another 2 weeks

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      I think it is great that you have contacted your baby’s doctor again for evaluation. In the meantime, why not try soy-based formula and see if it helps? Are your other children lactose intolerant or do they have a milk protein allergy? In any case, the soy-based formula might help. Green stools are considered normal, while hard isn’t. A formula-fed baby “should” poop every day, as opposed to a breastfed baby, who can go for many days without pooping. So your baby does show clear signs of constipation. And constipation can be a sign of milk allergy. In addition to trying a milk-free formula, make sure you don’t add too much powder to your baby’s formula. You can also try baby massage to help your baby’s digestive system.

      I wish you good luck! If you find solutions for your baby, please come back and let other moms know what you did.

  75. demeises

    Not the best option I guess. Because I’ve already gone to natural way before when my 3 years old got constipation. I gave him some herbs, tea, but he cannot digest it. His constipation getting worse. bring him to the clinic and doctor asked me better go to formula milk with prebiotic.

    1. lita ola

      That was a good choice. Probiotics are important to kids because it can help kids to maintain a good intestinal environment. Like Mamil. I loved to give Mamil to my 4 years old daughter when she got constipation. In a week, her constipation prevented. Mamil was really good for her.

  76. Tyne Sim

    My lovely DS suffered constipation problem when he was 4. After I switched formula milk brand for him, his constipation issue has been solved. You can try give it a try

  77. SY Kang

    better not to change formula milk brand frequently because keep on changing formula milk brand is not good for a kid’s health. you can feed your son with high fiber food and fruits instead of changing formula milk brand IMHO

  78. Bernert Chim

    I think there is something wrong with the current formula milk that you feed your son. I guess he is unsuitable to take that formula milk brand, why dont you consider to change brand?

  79. SY Kang

    I suggest you better to consult a doctor since your son has a terrible constipation issue. Take good care of your son, dont wait anymore just send him to the hospital. Dont regret once if is too late

  80. Larva Chan

    any home remedies suggest because i tried a variety of home remedies for my constipated son but we have no luck. his constipation issue even worse than before! he is suffering and painful! what else can i do for him? millions of thanks

  81. IllsenQyri

    I believe that, constipation in children are just a common issue. My daughter has the similar issue for three times, infrequent stools and belly is hard. Some common home remedies are just more than enough for me to take care of this issue, but somehow it needs time to see the result. If your children are serious in constipation taking a laxative will be more effective and faster to get the result.

    1. Miliki Nyan

      I think that taking laxative is not encouraging for you to overcome children constipation even is an adult. Personally prefer natural remedies like taking more high fiber fruits and take more exercise for a long term solution.

    2. hana love

      My son used to have the same problem. What I did was, I stopped giving him solid when he is constipated, and I have been giving him some ginger tea and dark corn syrup. This remedies was recommended by my mother, somehow it works but the only problem is if I can get him to drink it.

      1. Penny

        So far what I understand is current Dark Corn syrup do not contain the osmotically active substances to treat constipation and it is no longer work for the children constipation and ginger tea somehow is still works been attempted a few times for my child. So far works fine but not so effective.

    3. Alessandra Goh

      Currently, many brands of formula milk that can help in preventing constipation or help in softening stools. Taking this kind of formula milk can work as a long term solution in preventing constipation. My DD is on Mamil for nearly 2 years. In this 2 years, she is not constipated as often as before.

  82. eddie gordo

    my kid had constipation since his stool starting solids as well. to avoid a recurrence of that i used miralax to prevent constipation on him cause i didn’t found any foods that help i’ve tried probiotic. i’ve tried prunes but he dont like to eat that. i don’t like to use miralax for him cause he still a kid. maybe i need to find a new way for him.

    1. lita ola

      yeah. i don’t think miralax were suitable for kids. kids antibody not same at all with adults. so better u don’t gave ur kid that miralax. why don’t u just gave ur kid mamil as formula milk? cause mamil also got probiotic. it contained a combination of prebiotics oligosaccharide mixture that helps to maintain a good intestinal environment if we look at it ingredient. and its enough to prevent constipation for kids.

    2. demeises

      i don’t want to take a risk, gave miralax to my kids if they got constipation. better i used and try out formula milk to them. because it’s more proven for kids if u made some research. i’m also try mamil before when my kid got constipation. my friend said to me to ask free trial pack from mamil. and he said to me, try it out first and i’ll see the difference. and after a week, i believed his words. mamil works!

  83. Bumble Bee

    I see.. It sounds pretty good for kids to keep away from constipation. Try Mamil is not an issue, but the thing is I have to purchase it for only testing then just leave it aside? Wasteful la.. FM is not that cheap you know?

  84. Bumble Bee

    My friends all told me that Mamil is good for baby constipation prevention. But i still prefer my S24 because it’s doing its job well and my DD no constipation prob at all

  85. JiYong Kwon

    is kid having constipation normal? bcz my lo not pooping for few days ady. im so worry about him. i brought him to see doc before but still the same la. eat fruit also no cure at all. any better way to help children constipation?

  86. Kings and Queens

    To treat constipation my husband and i changed numerous milk formula brands. From Enfamil to Friso to S26 and to Mamil and back and forth, we just prefer Mamil the best because i feel it’s healthier in terms of the sweetness which is very minimal.

  87. Sandra Wong

    You can try various home remedies prior to giving laxatives. One of the best remedies that worked wonders for my LO is dark corn syrup. It made my LO’s stools soft and moist, so he did not have to strain much. I just mixed 1.25 ml of syrup with four ounces of formula milk, and next day he was relieved. Just my two cents worth, it works on my LO but i’m not sure it works for every children or not. Haha..

  88. lita ola

    i believed mamil was good for kid to prevent their constipation because if we look at the ingredients of mamil, it contained high level of dha compared to other brands. and mamil had no sugar. plus, it contained prebiotics that helps a good intestinal enviroment and digest system.

  89. Ayako Minami

    when choosing the right formula make sure have to be careful, only choose those thats reputable ones and branded to avoid any mistakes.. cause not all formulas are suitable for every toddlers in order to solve the constipation problem. don’t ever choose the cheap ones just to save some money..

    1. Bernert Chim

      you’re right! totally agree with what you said! Mamil has proven that it worked preventing children constipation.

  90. john

    not only mamil can prevent constipation. too many brands out there can prevent constipation also. plus, for kids constipation, we also can use some remedies and ask it from our parents or experienced people. not just into formula milk also.

  91. SY Kang

    I think the remedies provided above is pretty good but it’s quite a short term solution only la. As a responsible parent, its better to find long term solution like milk formula that has prebiotic. This definitely can help in preventing children constipation.

  92. Bernert Chim

    many kids hv constipation problem what mentioned above,fruits and vege with high fibre do help.. or u can try other way such as creating toilet routine for the kids so that they will go toilet automatically every day themselves..also, by giving them stool softener also will help.. so that they can pass out the stool easily..

  93. Barbie

    hello.. is anyone’s kid got constipation before? my son is having constipation now. no poo for one week already!! im so so worry. so i fed him lots of water and fruit. but looks like it is still the same. oh no!! what should i do? can anyone help me?

  94. SY Kang


  95. Ashley Cheng

    My neighbor’s child had the same issue before too. But, she told me, she switched to Mamil and her child constipation problem no more d. As their formula doesn’t contains sugar, high DHA and some ingredient inside which able to prevent constipation. =) Hope this could help.

  96. velibyjane

    I used to believe on traditional remedies cos taking medication is not good for child’s health. But when my daughter ended up in the hospital after trying one of those remedies.. I stop all those remedies immediately cos some of them are not proven to be effective and some are not trustable.. Pls make sure the remedies are trusted or advised by professionals before trying it on your child.

    1. Ashley Cheng

      Agree with you. Traditional remedy are not proven so better get advise from professional. :)

  97. Normal Malay

    my baby also the same