What can you give a newborn baby for constipation?

Well, with a newborn baby, there are certain things to consider before jumping to constipation remedies. The remedy options are also more limited than with slightly older babies.

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Mom’s Question:
What can I give my newborn baby for constipation? She is only two weeks old. Is there anything particular to consider for a newborn baby with bowel movement issues?

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Remedies For Constipation In Newborn Baby

First, Rule Out Illness and Dehydration

When a newborn (or two weeks old) baby has bowel movement issues, the first thing to do is to talk to the baby’s doctor. When being so young, a pediatrician should examine the baby to rule out any illness or that the baby isn’t eating enough, hence causing dehydration. Is she wetting 6-8 diapers per day and peeing as expected for a newborn baby?

You can read here about some medical reasons why a newborn baby may have difficulties pooping.

I am not suggesting that your baby has medical problems; I am just providing information that you can discuss with your baby’s doctor if anything sounds familiar.

How to Know if Your Newborn Baby IS Actually Constipated

Is your baby breastfed or bottle-fed? How long has it been since she passed stools? How do you know that she is constipated?

If the poop that does come out is soft, she may not be constipated but rather have normal newborn problems with passing stools. This is very common and not actually a case of concern.

That said, being only two weeks old, she “should” pass stools several times per day, especially if she is breastfed. At around 2 months, most babies start pooping less often, maybe once a day.

Remedies for a Formula-fed, Constipated Newborn Baby

Formula-fed babies often become constipated.

Switching to another brand or type of formula, offering a little bit of boiled water between bottles, and making sure to use the correct amount of formula powder are often efficient ways to prevent constipation. Fruit juice and similar are not recommended for babies younger than 1 month.

Find symptoms of baby constipation here, as well as more tips on how to help your baby.

But again, since your baby is so young, and especially if it has been a few days since she pooped, I’d advise you to contact her doctor to make sure she is healthy.

And if you want to, please provide some more information by using the comment form below, and I’ll try to help you some more.


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  1. Beccy

    My 27 days baby is constipated she finds it so difficult to poo and she cries. What can I give her plz help?

  2. newmommy

    my 2 week old baby takes formula he refuse the breast is poop was soft now he has not poop in 2days , his formula was change one day ago and he passes alot of gas

  3. Erin

    My son went through the same thing. My doctor recommended something sold without a prescription but over the counter at a pharmacy called Kondramil (sp?). It helped.