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2-month-old baby not pooping

Mom’s Question:

How much should a 2-month-old baby poop daily? My 2-month-old is suddenly not pooping as frequently and I am worried that something is wrong.

Thanks in advance,

Baby Helpline:

Normal Pooping Habits For 2-Month-Old Babies

At around the age of 2 months, babies tend to start pooping much less often than before, especially if breastfed.

When a baby is newborn, breastfed babies may very well pass stools many times per day, even after every feeding; day and night.

At 2 months, however, it may happen only once per day or even less often, especially among fully breastfed babies. They grow rapidly and simply digest everything they eat.

Formula-fed babies are often more regular, at around 1 time per day at this age.

It is quite common for parents to start worrying that their 2-month-old baby is constipated when he or she suddenly stops pooping regularly. And for formula-fed babies, this may be a valid concern. For breastfed babies, it is most likely not. It is almost impossible for a baby to become constipated on 100% breast milk. Instead, the baby can poop every second or third day or even less frequently than that, and it is completely normal. My youngest pooped once every two weeks for a while when breastfed and around 3-4 months old. Odd, but normal for a healthy, fully breastfed baby!

So unless your baby has hard stools and seems to be in pain or shows other signs of constipation or illness, stop worrying and simply enjoy the less frequent diaper change. 🙂

Learn more about signs of constipation in babies and effective remedies here.

Hope this helps,

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May 02, 20162 MOS OLD POOPS

by: YAAN


May 03, 2016Yes normal

by: Paula (Baby Helpline)

Hi Yaan,
Yes, if your baby is breastfed, urinates to wet several diapers every day, and increases in weight, the lack of pooping completely normal. It means your baby is digesting all the milk and is growing rapidly.


May 09, 20162 months pooping small solid
by: Sienna


My baby started to poop small solid today (5/9/16). It seems he can’t sleep only when I’m “shh hing” him to sleep to help calm down. I breastfeed him and bottle feed him with formula but mainly he eats formula then breastmilk. Why is my son pooping small solid? Is it normal for him, when he’s 2 months?

May 15, 2016Hard stools in a 2 month old

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

A 2-month-old should not have hard stools. Formula-fed babies do have more firm stools than breastfed babies, but the poop should still not be hard.

If you are mixing breast milk and formula, try to increase the share of breast milk, until the stools are soft again. Then you know which share your baby can take without risking constipation.

For more symptoms and remedies of constipation, click here.

Hope this helps,


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    I thing my breast feed is not sufficient for my 2 month baby, it affect on his weight and he continuesly crying and he is not happy with the formula. So i started giving him toned milk mix with water. is it safe to feed him toned milk mix with water?

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