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How Often Should A Newborn Pee? Newborn Urine Output, Frequency, Color & When to Worry!

Is your newborn baby not peeing? Read this before worrying!

With a newborn baby, everything is – well – new, and there are so many things to worry and wonder about that we couldn’t even imagine before having the baby.

One thing that you probably didn’t think about is the peeing habits of newborn babies.

How often a newborn baby can be expected to pee actually changes rapidly during their first week of living. And so does the expected color of the pee!

how often should a newborn pee

Here is what to expect on your baby’s urine frequency and color during the first week of living:

How Often Should a Newborn Pee During The First Few Days After Being Born

A newborn baby doesn’t eat or drink much at all. During the first couple of days outside the womb, a baby will start out with drinking only very small amounts of breast milk or formula and hence will have no need to pee very much either.

  • During your baby’s first 24 hours, it may very well be that your baby only urinates once.
  • On day 2, you can probably expect 2 wet (but not very heavy) diapers. (If this means that your baby actually only peed twice or peed many times but only enough to wet two diapers, is impossible to know because a baby has no bladder control and may pee in very tiny amounts often.)
  • On day 3 – 3 diapers.
  • On day 4 – 4 wet diapers.

When checking your baby’s diapers during these first few days, you may also be surprised (or scared) by the color of the urine.

Newborn babies often produce pink or orange-colored urine. This is normal and NOT blood. (See a sample diaper below) The color is caused by urate crystals, a byproduct of bilirubin and completely normal. It can even be that you can see actual crystals or something resembling power, which is comprised of the crystals.

The intensity of the color is likely to level off quickly. If red-orange on the first day, the urine should be slightly more pale orange on day 2. The color will then continue to shift towards normal pale yellow urine color by day 5.

Urate Crystals In Newborn Diaper
Urate Crystals In Newborn Diaper (Image by Standford School Of Medicine)

If the color of your baby’s urine is not becoming paler day by day, or if your baby’s peeing frequency isn’t increasing, your baby needs more fluid. Make sure you breastfeed on demand or offer formula more often. Also, check with your baby’s health care provider at any doubts about your newborn baby’s wellbeing.

Newborn Pee Habits From Day 5 And On

At around 5 or 6 days old, your baby is likely to have started breastfeeding (or formula feeding) more often and in greater amounts. By then, most babies will wet 6 to 8 heavy diapers per 24 hours.

Breastfed babies may also start pooping very frequently – even as often as after every feeding or more.

You can learn more about peeing frequency in babies here.

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Apr 22, 2010

Newborn Wet Diapers
by: Hawkins

During the first week of life, the number of days old a newborn is that is how many wet diapers they should have. First day of life, one wet diaper. Second day, 2 wet diapers. They of course can have more than that, but they need to make that minimum. After the newborn is a week old they should have 6-8 wet diapers a day. Again, they can have more than that but they need to make that minimum. If not, follow up with your PCM.

Sep 19, 2010

My newborn pees over 10 times a day
by: Anonymous

my newborn is 10 days old and he pees around 10-12 times a day. Is that normal, should I worry. he pops around 6times. I go trough around 15-18 diapers a day. I am just worried if it isn’t to often.

Sep 20, 2010

10 times is normal…
by: Paula


I think 10-12 times and pooping 6 times per day seems completely normal for a newborn, especially if your baby is breastfed. Breastfed babies tend to poop more often in the beginning and then less often when they are a few months old.

Hope this helps,


Sep 20, 2010

10 times a day
by: Anonymous

Thank you it is helpful, it is our first baby and we just got worried a little that something might be not right. Thank you again

May 04, 2011

My baby won’t pee
by: jocelin

I have a 7-month-old who hasn’t peed in 2 days. He just came out of a stomach flu. Is that normal?

May 04, 2011

To Jocelin

by: Paula

Hi Jocelin,

Even if your baby has had the flu, not peeing for two days is a concern. Do you notice any other signs of dehydration, such as dry eyes or mouth, lethargic or dizzy?

I think you should actually take your baby to the emergency room immediately. Not peeing for two days is a long time and babies can get dehydrated quite easily.

Also start spoon feeding him with electrolyte liquids, such as Pedialyte, Infalyte, and ReVital. Two teaspoons every five minutes if there is any risk at all that he will throw up if he drinks more than that. If he doesn’t throw up, increase the intake of liquid. And of course offer him your breast as much as possible if you breastfeed.

If you don’t have any electrolyte liquid at home, you can make your own by mixing:

– Half (1/2) teaspoon of Salt
– Six (6) teaspoons of Sugar
– One Litre (4.3 cups) of clean drinking or boiled water and then cooled

Prepare by simply stirring the mixture until the salt and sugar dissolve.

I don’t mean to scare you, but 2 days without urination is enough to get a doctor to examine your baby as soon as possible.

Hope this helps,


Jan 12, 2012

My 2.5 months baby pees in orange

by: Mia Lee

1. My 2.5 months baby pees in pale orange since last 5 days, before, she peed in pale yellow. Does it mean she lack of water?
She is 100% breastfed.
2. Is it normal if she poops 4 to 5 days once (even 6 days)? It has been this way 1.5 month. She is still happy, plays and pees about 8-10 times a day.

Thanks very much for your reply.
Mia Lee

Jan 13, 2012

Changed your diet?

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)

Hi Mia,

Have you changed your diet at all, like started with a new herbal tea or medication? That could be a reason for your baby’s urine color. Other possibilities are that she does need more liquid (breast milk, not water) or that she has a urinary tract infection. I think you should consult a doctor to be safe.

Regarding her poop habits – not a concern since she is fully breastfed. Is she growing and increasing in weight? Then you don’t need to worry about her infrequent bowel movements. But talk to the doctors about the urine color.



Jan 13, 2012

Re: Changed your diet

by: Mia Lee

Dear Paula,

Yes I started to drink black tea with milk recently and sometimes coke/milk coffee.
I know they are not good for my baby and I have limited myself to drink only 1 black tea with milk once a day. For softdrinks, I drink about 1 can in 2-3 days.
Should I stop?

My baby urine colour is not as orange as the picture above thou, much lighter.
I’m trying to drink lots of water, besides, would this help?

One other thing, those poops and pee things started to smell since she passed her first month. Is this also normal?
(Sorry if my English sounds weird to you..)

Thanks much and regards,
Mia Lee

Jan 13, 2012

Not to worry about a cup of tea 🙂

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)


The reason I asked about diet changes is that theoretically you could be eating/drinking something that could be affecting the color of your baby’s urine. It is not the most likely reason, though.

One cup of tea or coffee per day is not going ot harm your baby. They do contain caffeine, so a sensitive baby could find it a bit more hard to settle, but that is about it.

If your baby’s pee has a funny smell, then a urinary tract infection is definitely a possibility. In such case, antibiotics is necessary, so go visit a doctor.

Best, Paula

Feb 15, 2012


by: bby#2

Hi there my baby is 3w old and just yesterday he poped only 1 time but his wet diaper are getting alot heavy today he hasnt poped at all and has had at least 5-6wet diapera is this normal should i be concerned or call Dr. He is feed breast milk & formala eats every 3-4hr anywhere from 2oz/4half oz

Any advice is highly appreciated

Feb 15, 2012

3 week old – wait

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)


If your baby wets his diapers, it is quite likely that the slow down in pooping is actually due to maturing of his intestines. (Unless you suddenly changed formula or increased the share of formula, then it can be constipation.) At around 1 month old many babies start pooping less often. So don’t worry too much. Wait him out at least until tomorrow. You can read more about what is normal regarding baby poop at signs of constipation here.


Apr 16, 2012

10 week old not peeing at night

by: Gayatri

My 10 week old is healthy and breastfed. She pees normally during day time, but does not pee at night, which is for may be 6 h or so. Is that normal?

Apr 16, 2012

How much does your baby eat?

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)

Hi Gayatri,

The general rule of thumb is that 6 hours is OK, but not more. But there can certainly be variations. Does your baby sleep through the night? The less your baby eats at night, the less she is also likely to urinate at night.

It may also be that she pees, but just very little. If you are curious, you can actaully weigh a diaper before you put it on in the evening and then again when you take if off and see if there is any difference in weight.

If your daughter is healthy, eating and wetting 6-8 diapers per day, she is likely to be fine – and who knows, maybe she will be ready for potty training early…

If she seems at all unhealthy, make sure you check with her doctor.


Oct 30, 2012

peeing and electrolites

by: Anonymous

I would not do the electrolite mix w/o a doctor; my mom died of electrolite imbalance. It is not something to guess at or mess with.

Nov 01, 2012

Yes doctor

by: Paula (Baby Helpline)

Yes I agree to talk to a doctor, but just water can actually be worse than electrolyte water, since, in the right amounts electrolyte water will not dilute the cells on salt, which plain water can do. But it should be the solutions provided in a pharmacy, not just any electrolyte replacement drinks found in a store – they can certainly lead to too much salt instead of too little (and too much sugar too!) So thank for the heads up to make that clarification!

But certainly to talk to a doctor if the child refuses to drink anything but water for a long time.



Nov 11, 2012

7 week old urinating over 17 times a day

by: NewMommy

My 7 week old baby is urinating at least 17 times a day. It’s too a point where I’ll change her and not even 5 minutes later she’s wet again. Is this normal?

Mar 15, 2013

baby not pee last 9 HOUR

by: lal


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