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All your baby poop questions… answered

Here you’ll find all the baby poop questions answered here at Easy Baby Life. As you will see, you are not the only one worrying about your baby’s bowel movements!

baby poop questions

By browsing the questions and answers below, you’ll find out what’s normal and not as well as how to deal with baby constipation, diarrhea, frequency issues, pain, color and a lot more.

One specific issue that many parents ask about is whether it is normal for their breastfed baby to have very irregular bowel movements. The answer to that question is YES! A fully breastfed baby older than 2 months can have more than 10 days between their dirty diapers and it is still completely normal.

Another common question is whether it is normal for a baby to strain and be gassy. Again, yes! For newborn babies, it can take a few months before the digestive system has matured and straining, grunting and wriggling are normal and necessary. You can help your infant with some baby massage. BUT your baby should not be constipated. Read about the signs of constipation here.

Now, below you’ll find a lot of questions and answers about baby poop issues. You can ask questions by commenting on existing threads or ask an entirely new question, on our Facebook page, by following the instructions in the pinned post.

I hope you’ll find the help you need!