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Mom’s Question:

I have a 6-week-old breastfed baby with explosive poops. They are also watery. This started recently and now he is having explosive poops that fill his diaper and often leak out the sides. They are yellow and curd-like, but watery.

Is it normal for a breastfed baby to have explosive poops?


New mom :-)

Baby Helpline:

Breastfed Baby With Explosive Poops

Congratulations on your new baby :)

Breastfed babies definitely tend to have far looser poop than babies who are bottle-fed… and the yellow/curd-like appearance you describe is absolutely normal.

Normal Poop in Breastfed Babies

To sort out your situation, let’s first take a look at what normal poop is like in breastfed babies.

Baby Pooping Frequency

Babies’ pooping habits change quite a lot over the first year.

When newborn, once they have started to eat more, breastfed babies tend to poop after every feeding. At around one-month-old, however, this usually slows down.

At 6 weeks, some breastfed babies start pooping less often than once per day. They grow very quickly and digest all the milk.

You can read more about baby poop frequency in this article.

Baby Poop Color and Texture

In principle, all shades of yellow, green, and brown are considered normal for baby poop. Red or black poop is not. You can read more about poop colors here.

The mustard color you describe is the most common.

The texture is usually curd-like or more liquid.

While greenish poop is not considered a cause of alarm, it can indicate a problem. It can, for example, indicate a lactose overload.

If your baby doesn’t empty one breast before switching, she could get too much of the high-sugar “foremilk,” compared to the “hindmilk”. This can lead to greenish milk, gas, and explosive poop. La Leche League has a good explanation of lactose overload here.

Other possible reasons for green baby poop are mom taking iron supplements, a tummy upset, or perhaps a digestive issue (maybe YOU have eaten something that doesn’t agree with your baby, particularly if it’s something you didn’t tend to eat when you were pregnant).

Read here about how what you eat while breastfeeding can affect your baby.

Explosive Poop in Babies

A breastfed baby with explosive poops is normal too at this age. It is actually par for the course, to have to change diapers and actually wash your baby’s entire back at the same time due to these kinds of explosions…

I remember once looking at my 1-month-old baby and literally considering cutting his clothes to avoid getting poop in his hair…

Not convinced? Watch a few minutes into the video below. You are not alone… :-)

Explosive, Watery Poops – A Sign of Diarrhea?

What may NOT be normal, though, is if the baby has explosive, watery stools, that are more frequent than usual.

Since young babies often tend to poop often, especially if breastfed, it can be tricky to know if a baby has diarrhea or is simply pooping often. You can read about the symptoms of diarrhea in infants here.

And this is where I am not completely sure if your baby is fine or not.

The color and consistency, in general, are completely normal. Explosive stools are too. But since you mention watery stools your baby might actually be ill. Are there any other signs of illness?

So, what to do?

Either way, I think in this situation the best option would be to discuss this with your doctor – he or she may take a sample of your baby’s stool to check for any problem.

In an older baby, it might be acceptable to wait a day or two and see if things improve, but at 6 weeks, babies can dehydrate very quickly and it’s always better to be on the safe side.

Hope this helps,

P.S Who else has a breastfed baby with explosive poops? Have you found out why? Leave a comment below to help this mom or discuss the situation!

More On Newborn Babies’ Poop Habits

Who else has a breastfed baby with explosive poops? Have you found out why? Leave a comment below to help this mom or discuss the situation!

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  1. I had this!

    I had a similar problem except it was green and slimy and as I found out I was making too much milk so I expressed just about an ounce off the top before I nursed.

    The fore milk is high in lactose and hind milk is high in lacatase, the enzyme used to digest the fore milk. I hope this helps someone. also baby was colicky as a result.

  2. bobo

    My baby had be going mustard color, but it’s now change to green is that ok?

  3. Not green

    Yellow is normal, explosive or green indicates the let down could be too fast and baby is consuming fore milk rather than the creamy hind milk, talk to la Leche League 🙂

  4. Princess


  5. Fritz Basset

    Baby is hungry! It’s always the same thing, baby is hungry.