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Breastfed Baby Poop is Not SeedyPin

Mom’s Question:

What if the breastfed baby poop is not seedy..? My son is 7 weeks old and only breastfed. My issue is that his baby poop is not seedy and very infrequent (once a day). It has never been seedy.

This was never the case with my other two children. They were very seedy and very frequent (after each feeding). I’m less worried about the frequency and more about the texture.

My doctor thinks it’s normal. I just wanted to know if anyone else’s baby was like this or has any thoughts on the issue.

Other than the lack of seedy poop, my son seems to be happy and healthy.


Elisabeth (Huntsville, AL)

Baby Helpline:

Normal Baby Poop Frequency And Texture

The frequency of your baby’s bowel movements is definitely normal. At around two months of age, many breastfed babies start pooping much less often, even less than once per day. It can be almost two weeks between bowel movements for breastfed babies at around 3 months old without anything being wrong!

About the texture; you are quite right that seedy poop is the most common for breastfed babies. However, if your baby is gaining weight, doesn’t have colic and is overall healthy, I’d agree with the doctor – it is simply a normal baby poop variation.

Why Breastfed Baby Poop is Most Often Seedy

It is amazingly hard to find information on why breast milk poop is seedy. Some say the seeds are small pieces of fat, others say that it is milk protein.

Based on all research I’ve read found, the seeds are simply undigested milk-waste.

Breast milk produces very little solid waste, which is why breast milk poop will mainly be more or less liquid with only the smalls “seeds” that are solid.

Formula-fed babies may also have seedy milk. AND not all breastfed babies have seedy stools.

So in any case, the seeds are nothing to focus on, regardless of if your baby’s poop is full of them or not.

Bring a dirty diaper to the next check-up if you are still uncertain so that the doctor can evaluate it first hand.

Good luck!

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  1. Allesia

    My baby is currently 10 weeks old and poops once per day and when he poops its loose and yellowish green. The pediatrician says it’s normal. He currently weighs 11lbs and is happy so I understand your situation. He went from almost every hour to once per day so it is normal and as long as he is happy, healthy, and gaining that weight so I can relate.