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3 Days Old Newborn Baby Doesn’t Eat Or Cry – Normal Or Not?

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My 3 day old daughter will only feed for 5 min at a time. She is never hungry – it is hard to even get her to do the 5 min! Also she won’t cry; she never cries.

Is something wrong?

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How Much A Newborn Baby Eats Day By Day

Congratulations on your little girl! I don’t think you need to worry and let me tell you why and what to look for.

During the first few days after being born, a newborn baby really eats very little during each feeding. Studies have shown that during the first few days outside the womb a newborn baby eats roughly this much:

  • During day 1, a baby eats around 1 table spoon per feeding;
  • Day 2, slightly more,
  • Day 3, 2 table spoons,
  • Day 4, 3 table spoons and
  • Day 5, 4 table spoons or more.

So as you can see, a newborn baby drinks very little at each feeding in the beginning, but the amount tends to increase relatively quickly.

Newborn babies often also sleep very much and don’t cry much at all. (You can check this baby sleep schedule per month.

Some newborn babies do cry, but certainly not all. Premature babies often don’t cry at all; they can’t in the beginning!

Signs That Your Newborn Baby Is Eating Enough

What you should look for is that your daughter’s poop goes from the dark sticky meconium to regular baby poop. Yellowish if you breastfeed, light brown if your baby is formula fed.

Babies also pee very little during the first couple of days, but within 2 days, she should wet some 5 or 6 diapers per day.

If none of this happens, contact her doctor to get an evaluation.But most probably, you’ll see a change within 2 days in how much she feeds and pees.

Regarding the crying, it may take a week or two before she starts communicating more by crying. So relax and enjoy this very first period; life is likely to be less calm quite soon.

Again, congratulations and good luck!

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Comments for “3 Days Old Baby Doesn’t Eat Or Cry”

Sep 06, 2013

My baby now eats

by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for the reassurance, Paula.

It took a few days, but my baby is now eating more and she is more awake. Just waiting for the screaming… LOL

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