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Breastfeeding in public can feel pretty unnatural before you try it. And honestly, after you try it the first few times too. But it is very practical if you want to get out of the house as a new mom!

There are some strong views on breastfeeding in public – both positive and negative.

In this post, you’ll find moms with strong positive views on breastfeeding in public. Hear what they have to say! And for the record – yes – I am totally FOR breastfeeding in public! I did it all the time. Not all the time exposing my breasts, for sure, but I breastfed almost anywhere. 🙂

breastfeeding in public videos

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Good luck, I hope you find the videos helpful.

(If you get angry by watching the below video, watch it one more time knowing the person is being sarcastic!)

Now, what are your views on breastfeeding in public? An obvious yes in these times? Or no? Share your views and experiences below!

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