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Check out this morning sickness poll! More than 3000 moms have added their vote on when their morning sickness started and stopped. Do their answers surprise you?

Add your vote too, and share your situation by leaving a comment below if you want.

morning sickness poll

Morning sickness usually strikes early in pregnancy and lasts for several weeks. It is due to your pregnancy hormones and is believed to aim at protecting your baby from harmful substances. Recent research has actually found several interesting benefits of morning sickness, which you can read about here.

It is also interesting to note that morning sickness is a lot less common in cultures where the diet is mainly vegetarian.

In any case, pregnancy nausea can be very hard to endure. Knowing that it most likely will level off in the beginning of the second trimester, if not earlier, may help.

Most studies indicate that morning sickness starts at around 6 weeks pregnant and then for around 50% of all pregnant women, it is completely gone by week 14 of their pregnancy. But these are just averages. Let’s make our own morning sickness survey!

Vote in the morning sickness polls below. The first poll is for when your morning sickness started and the second is for when it stopped.

The Morning Sickness Polls

So how did you compare with all the other women who had shared their situation in the poll? Feel free to share any thoughts on your situation by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Sylvia

    I’m struggling with morning sickness started 4 weeks going into the 13th week and I’m emotionally drained from been woken throughout the night getting sick and vomiting everyday since have had covid and was fine in comparison to all the vomiting I’m so fed up with it…

  2. Adah Chanel

    My morning sickness started at week 4 and lasted up to 9th week keeping me at my wits end with lots of puking and nauseous all the day and night. I was prescribed with Zofran but it was not working until my OB recommended No to morning sickness tea.