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pregnancy yoga videos

Watching pregnancy yoga videos and following the poses is a great way to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Here we have collected a number of good video clips that will show you the different poses in detail.

Pregnancy yoga has a lot of benefits, including less back pain, relaxation, and easier childbirth.

Here I have collected a number of prenatal yoga videos that I think can show you in a clear way how the different poses should be carried out.

Watching a video clip can of course never be as good as a real prenatal yoga class or even as a DVD. But it is a good start!
You can read more about pregnancy yoga here, including its benefits and some precautions you need to remember.

Pregnancy Yoga Videos

Cobbler’s pose

Cat Cow Pose

Hero Pose Variation

Inverted Pose for Prenatal Yoga

Warrior 2 Pose

Chair Pose

Triangle Pose

Eagle Pose

Happy Baby Pose

That was it, if you like what you just saw, get on an online pregnancy yoga class and get started.

Have fun!

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