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Watching pregnancy yoga videos and following the poses is a great way to take care of yourself during pregnancy. Here we have collected a number of good video clips that will show you the different poses in detail.

Pregnancy yoga has a lot of benefits, including less back pain, relaxation, and easier childbirth.

Here I have collected a number of prenatal yoga videos that I think can show you in a clear way how the different poses should be carried out.

Watching a video clip can of course never be as good as a real prenatal yoga class. But it is a good start!

You can read more about pregnancy yoga here, including its benefits and some precautions you need to remember.

Pregnancy Yoga Videos

Cobbler’s pose

Cat Cow Pose

Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga: Cat Cow Pose

Hero Pose Variation

Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga: Hero Pose Variation


Inverted Pose for Prenatal Yoga

Warrior 2 Pose

Chair Pose

Triangle Pose

Eagle Pose

Prenatal Yoga : Prenatal Yoga: Eagle Pose

Happy Baby Pose

That was it, if you like what you just saw, get on an online pregnancy yoga class and get started.

Have fun!

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