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Poll: All The Early Pregnancy Signs Revealed By +2,500 Moms!

poll on early pregnancy signs

Most women will realise that they are pregnant by their menstruation being overdue. A pregnancy test then confirms the successful conception. However, there are other early pregnancy signs too. Some of the more or less common signs of pregnancy are nausea (morning sickness), feeling exhausted, implantation bleeding, BBT rise and tender breasts. There are other symptoms too and you can read about 9 early pregnancy signs here.

Implantation bleeding and a BBT (Basal Body Temperature) rise are two signs that you can experience even before your period is overdue. Exciting! The implantation usually occurs about 10 days after ovulation, i.e. in your 4th week of pregnancy.

Which early pregnancy signs are you experiencing?
Let’s make our own survey! In the poll on pregnancy signs blow, we have listed the most common early pregnancy symptoms. Vote by choosing all the symptoms you experienced. Almost 1000 women from all over the world already shared their situation in the poll!

If morning sickness is one of your pregnancy symptoms, make sure you read the article below on remedies for morning sickness that actually can provide relief. Most popular remedies dont; they just put a hole in your wallet!

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