[social_warfare]Life can be quite hectic as a new mom. This is a great time to practice good-enough and simplification – and accepting help! I have gathered resources for moms to provide recommended services, products, and companies that will make life easier or more enjoyable as a new mom.

resources for moms

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All resources for moms here are services I’ve used (or created!) or know other moms rave about. This way you can quickly find great products and services all in one place. You can save time, have more fun, and also save and even earn money!

Resources for Moms to Save Time & Money

Rebaid: New baby means stuff to buy. If you ever buy your stuff at Amazon, consider signing up to shop through Rebaid.  All you have to do is to go to the Rebaid website and sign up – it is free. Then just shop! The reason Rebaid can give you cashback is that they make a commission for referring you to Amazon, and they also have access to exclusive deals that they offer you.   A caveat – so far, it is only available for US citizens.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks is another awesome website for both saving and earning some money. Similar to Ebaid, you can shop through Swagbucks and get cashback – and this is by no means limited to Amazon! You can also earn money by answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more. You can try Swagbucks here.

Amazon Family Free Trial Amazon has great offers and discounts targeting families! How about 20% on diaper subscriptions, unlimited streaming of movies, TV-shows and music, exclusive coupons, and offers on family-related stuff! The service is $99 per year, but you can try it for a month for free to see what you think. Check out the offer and sign up here.

$5 Meal Plan One of my constant struggles is to plan the family’s meals every week. I want to cook food that everyone eats, that is healthy, easy and quick to make, and affordable… I’ve tried NOT planning at all, planning it all myself, meal planning services, and even meal planning combined with grocery delivery for the meal plan.

A great and affordable option to save huge amounts of time is this $5 meal plan service. You receive weekly meal plans together with a grocery shopping list. The recipes are healthy, tasty, and affordable. It is only $5 per month and you sign up here. (I not only save time but substantial amounts of money by meal planning!)

Etsy Baby Items: I just love Etsy! It is not for buying the bread and butter boring but necessary baby stuff, but for the little add-ons that make you happy! It’s great for gifts, but also just add a bit of spice to the baby clothes or nursery for your baby. Check out Etsy kids’ stuff here.

Increase the feeling of being on the top of things: How often do you read books? As a mom, it is easy to prioritize other things. But how about a book to help you get family life in order? Here are two books I can recommend on the topic:

And if you prefer to have someone taking you by the hand and lead you to a more organized home, check out the course The Organized Home by Hilary Erickson.

Taking Care Of Mom

It is so easy to just focus on your baby or on getting by as a new mom. How about refocusing yourself for a bit! Here are some great sources to have fun, learn, and feel good while being a new mom! (OK, so the two first are baby-related, but FUN!)

Learn taking great photos of your kids: I don’t know about your photos, but mine are not always that great even if my kids are prettiest in the world (just like yours). :-) This class, which is down-to-earth and full of smart tips is directly targeting parents that are trying to capture their kids on the go. I love it! Check it out here.

Learn baby massage: Baby massage is a great way to bond, interact, and mitigate tummy pain for your baby. Attending a class in person with your baby is great if it is not too much of a hassle. Another option is to simply follow a class at home! Here is a wonderful video class on baby massage.

Hair Styler: This is a website to try out new hairstyles with your own photography. It is fun, and right now FREE. (It is usually $19:95 per year). If you feel that you just might want to change hairstyle or color, play around a bit here first. It is not completely authentic, but it does give an idea of what you will look like. They also have great hairstyle recommendations depending on the shape of your face for example. Sign up for FREE here.

Getting back in shape: Being pregnant can be tough on our bodies. If you want to get off the couch and starting to get back in shape, join my 7-days mini e-course to get started! It if FREE and you’ll get 1 email each day for seven days to help you create a plan that you can stick to (and have fun while doing it!) Read more about the e-course and sign up here.

Side Hustle With A Baby In Your Arms

When home with a baby, there may be a number of reasons why you’d want to do something in addition to taking care of your baby and your home. I started this blog when I was on my second maternity leave. It was not for the money, but doing something for me!
(You can definitely start a blog if you want!)

If you want to earn some money while at home (quicker than starting a blog to earn, but it is definitely only a side-income, no big earnings!) then something super simple is to answer in surveys and do other paid things online. You can even do it with one hand! :-) I’ve done that. It was fun, but I also made some stupid mistakes at first, such as not checking if a site was legit, not checking if I’d receive cash or goods, and applying with an email address I didn’t check very often. So don’t do these mistakes if you want to try answering surveys.

Here are some legit surveys and online activity sites. Apply to all if you want – you are not likely to be flooded with great surveys and cash opportunities if just applying to one:

  • American Consumer Opinion This is a great site for earning cash from surveys. Despite the name, it is open for anyone in the world.
  • PanelPlace They allow participants from all over the world and pay cash.
  • Unique Rewards This is not just for surveys. You can receive cashback by Paypal or check by surveys, shopping online, watching ads, reading emails, and more. It is available for US, UK, and Canadian residents.
  • Opinion Router. Sign up to earn CASH from surveys. All countries allowed!
  • QuickRewards Another legit survey company that pays cash.


If you want to test doing online surveys, read my post here with tips so you don’t do the mistakes I did the first time!

Healthy Wage: Now here’s a new way to earn money! If you have decided to lose weight, you can earn CASH from doing it! I know it sounds totally weird, but I think it is a great way to stay motivated. (You can lose money too, but not nearly as much as you can gain!)

The service is called Healthy Wage, and what you do is to state the weight loss you have decided to complete, you make a bet on when you will reach this goal, and then, depending on your ambition level and the size of your bet, you can calculate exactly how much money you will earn if you succeed. Fun, huh? So head over to Healthy Wage to check it out and play around with the numbers!

Use your skills from home! Are you a great photographer? (Maybe after the course above! :-) ) A great writer, translator, editor, graphic designer, or social media marketer? All these are great skills to utilize for extra income from at home!

Lots of webmasters scream for all these services and you can offer them through Facebook groups, your blog, or websites like Fiverr.com, which is incredibly popular. It sounds pretty poor, maybe to only get $5 (minus a cut by the website) for your work, but this has changed. You can now sell add-ons, which make it entirely possible to earn great side money through Fiverr. Head over to Fiverr to check it out!

And here are three paid classes to learn different aspects of freelancing AND a way to see FREE classes:


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And if you have ideas on other great resources for moms, or if you have tried any of the ones I suggest here, please share your thoughts!

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