get back in shape after pregnancy
I created this 7 days step-by-step for new moms longing to get their body back in shape, simply because this is what I would have needed to get myself started a long time ago.

This challenge will not solve all your weight or looks issues. But it will help you get going. (And have some fun along the way.)

Do you want a sneak peek on your agenda for the next 7 days when you sign up? You’ll be busy, but have fun and feel better. Promise! Here we go:

The Challenge Day-By-Day

  • Day 1 (today!): We’ll do some measuring and some throwing away of the worst stuff in your cupboards. Maybe a tough start. But a necessary one!
  • Day 2: We’ll set your goals in an efficient way that will help you succeed. (And throw away some more stuff.)
  • Day 3: We’ll talk about what to eat and not to reach your goals and you’ll receive a cheat sheet.
  • Day 4: We’ll talk about exercising as a means to reach your goal. No need to sign up for a marathon (but for getting off the couch!)
  • Day 5: We’ll help you set up a fabulous contract with yourself and tell you how to make yourself respect it.
  • Day 6: Some shopping and a farewell gathering. Not to be missed. (You’ll get meal ideas here too.)
  • Day 7: You are ready to go! We’ll reveal why most people fail when trying to get back in shape and we’ll tell you about 2 great ways to avoid it.

A week from now you can really be on your way!

There is no cost to this e-course. It is just a little something to make it easier and more enjoyable to start working to get your body back after pregnancy. (And it doesn’t matter if you breastfeed or not, you can follow the e-course anyway.)

Challenge Testimonies

OMG!!! Taking off some of these foods is like death. What about eating it once a week as a reward? But I’m willing to go all the way. Thanks for the tips! –Adaeze

Thanks a lot for the course, I really had fun.

Thanks for the course. All is still going well.

Sign up below and get going. Good luck!

Feel free to ask questions by commenting below. :-)

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    My baby is 1 year old. Entire day I spend time with him, since I am stay at home Mom. But he needs his dad to put him for bed. He doesn’t want me to put him to bed, keeps crying.I feel so bad, after taking all the efforts for bonding with him, he prefers his dad. How to handle this situation?