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The Secrets of Your 3-Month-Old Baby – Development, Games, Toys, Video

3-months-old-baby developmentAre you exhausted? The “worst part” is soon over now. With a 3-month-old baby, many new parents notice that life with the new baby slowly becomes easier.


Well, colic and stomach pain usually decline. The baby is more communicative and easier to understand and help.
Some babies start sleeping better and eat less often.

Now, what can you expect from a 3 months old baby?

A wonderful thing is that he or she is likely to be very fond of you and really shows it.

A fun gift for a baby of this age may be an unbreakable mirror. “Talking” to the smiling baby in the mirror is great fun!

Want to know more about your new little family member? Read on!

The 3-Month-Old Baby

3 Months Baby Milestones

For every week that passes, your 3-month-old baby will become more and more open to other people.

On the other hand, he will have really realized who is his closest family. Mom, dad and possibly also his siblings are his real favorites.

A fun thing to notice is that without thinking, you probably use a very light and soft voice when talking to your baby. That is nature’s way of making sure that the baby knows that he is being talked to and that no one will scare him by talking loud to him.

Your baby becomes stronger and more steady and might discover how fun it is to stand up with straight legs. Especially my daughter did this early and everywhere. It even became a hassle to change her diapers because she refused to bend her legs.

Hand-eye coordination is improving and soon enough your baby will start reaching for and grabbing anything within reach. Something to remember if you have your baby on your lap while having dinner!

Games To Play

Talk to your baby!

Research indicates that if parents talk to their children, they (the babies… ;-D ) actually get a higher IQ. If it is hard to find something to talk about, simply explain to your baby what you’re doing, point to things you walk by or tell him your inner thoughts. Right now, he’s not picky!

Let your baby look at new objects often. Colorful new shapes are often very exciting. Also, research indicates that also this, to see new things, often generates a higher IQ.

Many babies love flying! Lie down on your bed and lift your baby up into the air. If you start every flying session with a slow “One two three” or something like that, your baby will soon know what to expect and start smiling long before his is actually flying. Make him crash slowly towards your face for a kiss!

Flying is actually an excellent game to strengthen a baby’s back muscles. For more ideas to help your baby endure the tummy time, click here.

Toy Tips

At three months, the baby gym is likely to be a favorite. Fun time for your baby, some spare time for you!

Since your baby might endure longer periods on his tummy now, it is a good idea to invest in some sort of baby play mat.

A baby-safe unbreakable mirror can be fun for the 3-month-old AND a great way to spend tummy time, which is otherwise something small babies often hate.

All sorts of lightweight rattles, rings and stuffed animals that are easy to grab are likely to be popular.

3-Month-Old Baby Video

In this video with 3 month old babies, you can see the typical loving glance from baby to parent, how they can reach out and grab at this age and -for some babies – stand up with straight legs.

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