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When Did Your Baby Start Sleeping Through The Night? (Baby Poll)

when did your baby sleep through the night poll
According to many experts, babies start sleeping through the night when between 3 and 6 months old more or less automatically.

Many parents I know do not recognize that (myself included)! And as you may have noticed, there is no guarantee that a baby who starts sleeping through the night will continue to do so.

Actually, there is a whole slew of questions and answers regarding babies’ sleep habits in our Baby Help Forum, if you are interested. You’ll also find many baby and toddler sleep tips here.

How about your baby?

At what age would you say that your baby started sleeping through the night, and actually more or less continued to do so?

Share your experience and learn about others’ situation. Cast one vote for each of your children! More than 1000 other parents already did.

Are the experts right?

Do you like polls as much as I do? You’ll a number of pregnancy, baby and mom polls here. Have fun!

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