Who attends to your baby at night?

Mom? Dad? Shared responsibility? If you are a same-gender couple, how do you split the responsibility?

As a new mom, taking on the main part or all of the responsibility for your new baby is very easy. While this can create a really strong bond between mom and baby, it also creates tired mothers!

Letting dad (or your partner) help out is good for many reasons, such as mom being less tired, a stronger bond between dad and baby, and that you as a couple will feel more like a team with being a new family.

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For babies who accept the bottle (breastfed or not) or who don’t eat, only wake up, there really are no limits to how much the other parent can help out at night.

Many breastfed babies don’t accept a bottle, however, and there is also the risk of nipple confusion for babies starting to reject the breast if introducing a bottle too early. (Even if it is full of breast milk.)

But even without a bottle, Dad can help out at night! For some tips on how dad/the other parent can help out at night follow this link. (Hint: He doesn’t have to do the breastfeeding – he can still be of great help!)

Is Mom or Dad attending to your baby at night? Or do you share responsibilities?

Many babies also wake up for other reasons than eating. It can be for their pacifier or lovey because they are cold, warm, or lonely. Or simply because they are not sleepy anymore!

Below, you’ll find two polls. The first one is on who attends to your baby at night. The second is on what you do for your baby at night.

Have fun voting and learning about other parents’ night habits.

Who Attends To Your Baby At Night?

What Do You Do For Your Baby At Night?

In this second poll, multiple selections are allowed, so you can choose all answers that describe your situation.

For more tips on how to help your baby sleep better at night, go to our baby sleep section here.

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