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Some countries offer paternity leave; some don’t to any extent worth mentioning. But even if paternity leave is a possibility, not all men take it. I guess it might be a cultural thing sometimes, sometimes the money or the career. Or Mom really wanting more than Dad to stay at home.
How about you? If your employer or the law of your country would offer you to go on paternity leave, would you take it? Why? Why not?

To Go On Paternity Leave Or Not…

More and more research has confirmed what we already know in our hearts; dads matter too.

Of course, paternity leave is certainly not the only way and, even more, not the only time to be involved in our kids as dads. But research also indicates that the first few years of a child’s life are very important for bonding and relationships. So paternity leave is a great way to bond and be present during those important first years.

No matter how you voted, please share your reasons and thoughts on whether to go on paternity leave and why by leaving a comment below.

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