To be a new mom can be quite overwhelming. But it can be great too! Or a little of both. This poll reveals what’s it like for new moms like you.

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Many new moms find the transition to motherhood quite overwhelming.

Having a baby is fantastic! A miracle, maybe a deep wish coming true.

But not being able to sleep, having breasts that hurt, having no time for yourself, changes in the relationship, having difficulties understanding why the baby is crying, and so on can be very hard.

For some women, being a mom is plain great; for many others, it is – well – a little of both. And for those suffering from postnatal depression, being a new mom can be a nightmare.

Not finding motherhood the greatest thing since sliced bread can be hard to admit, even to yourself. But you know, sliced bread is a lot easier to digest! Being a new mom is exhausting, even if you do love the thought of being a family, a mom, and having your baby.

What’s it like for you to be a new mom? Vote in this poll and find out what other moms think!

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