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OK, my problem is: I’m exhausted.

My 8-month-old baby won’t sleep through the night. She used to sleep through the night, but now she wakes up every 3-4 hours, sometimes even more often and will cry hysterically until I pick her up. Then she will only calm down if I nurse her.

Very rarely, I get her calm by rubbing her back or belly. If I’m lucky, she’ll fall asleep at my breast and I quietly move her back to her crib, which is in a separate room. Sometimes she will start crying within 30 mins after that and then the same scenario… Sometimes I get a couple of hours of rest before the next fit.

I tried letting her cry it out, checking on her every 5-10 mins but she would just cry louder every time I left the room and when I picked her up, her crying just broke my heart and her little tummy was shaking. I would nurse her then and she would become quiet but her tummy would shake rhythmically.

I would let her cry it out again but I’m scared to hurt her, physically and mentally. I have no idea what I’m doing to her when I let her cry. If I knew for sure, she would be fine, I’d do it again and be consistent this time.

She does not have too much trouble napping, she usually takes two naps a day, each one at least an hour up to 2,5 hours.

She’s always been a healthy and happy baby. She eats 3 meals during the day and I started giving her snacks couple of days ago. She has already the bottom two teeth and I’m not sure if she’s getting the top ones yet.

I’m staying at home with her and I hardly get any rest since I don’t have any family or friends around here to help me out. My husband goes to school at night and works full-time so he’s not much help either. What can I do to help her sleep better? I slowly but surely cannot take the mornings after anymore.


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How To Cope When 8-Month-Old Baby Won’t Sleep Through the Night

Hi Asya,
I can totally relate to your situation. When our daughter was 10 months old she woke up every hour to breastfeed. My husband traveled a lot and I was staying at home. I thought I was going to lose my mind!

I’m sorry you are getting so exhausted. It is hard when a baby changes sleeping patterns but I’m afraid it is par for the course! Some babies sleep through the night from an early age, some never do until they are toddlers or even older.

She may well be teething, she may be going through a hungry phase, she may be scared and frightened. Separation anxiety is more common than not at the age of 8 months. This type of 8-month-old sleep regression is actually common, due to all these things – separation anxiety, development, teething… So at least you are definitely not alone with your struggles!

I also suspect because you are exhausted and feeling stressed your baby is picking up on it and wanting more reassurance that you are available for her. And it becomes a vicious circle – the more demanding she is the more frustrated you get, and the more she is worried you are not really there for her.

I am not a proponent of letting babies cry themselves to sleep. I believe babies cry for a reason and if they need attention and reassurance then it is important to give it. However, if you are getting so exhausted and frustrated that you have no reserves left then you need to make yourself a priority.

Here are some things you can consider to improve the situation:

  • I realize your husband is working hard too, both working and at school, but the well being of yourself and your baby has to come first for a short time. It is very hard when a baby usually only wants Mom, but even if he can do an evening shift, or early morning a couple of times per week to give you a bit more sleep. Maybe he can get up early with her and do the breakfast run and you can get an extra hour. You can find several tips on how to get some sleep as a mom here.
  • There is one thing you and your husband can try that made our daughter go from waking up every hour to maybe once per night in only three nights. Admittedly she was a bit older than your girl, but you can always try: What we did one Thursday evening was to decide that from now on the first person to care for our daughter at night was Dad. I put in earplugs and he got to sleep next to the crib. We also decided that if our daughter would be sad for more than 5 minutes she would be allowed to breastfeed. (Since she ate so often we had no clue whether she was hungry or not.)So at night dad picked her up and cuddled her, gave her the pacifier, and tried to help her go back to sleep. The first night I think I had to breastfeed twice and my husband probably picked her up every hour. But on the third night she actually only woke up once! It was like magic! No cry-it-out, just no mom, and no feeding. (Guess without the suckling there was no point in waking up.)Sure my husband was tired for a couple of nights, but afterward, we just couldn’t believe that we had waited so long. On the night of her first birthday, she slept through the night. Not something I would have bet on just two months earlier…

    Again, it might be that your daughter is too young to skip every feeding. But even if you only get rid of 50% at first it would be a huge improvement, right?

    So, my advice is to take help from you hubby! Even if he works long hours, well, so do you! Work together to help your baby sleep better. And skip the “cry it out”, I’ve heard so many examples of babies actually sleeping worse after that.

  • Also regarding your daughter’s sleep, I don’t know where she sleeps. If you can put her crib next to your bed: even attached to it, with the side of the crib off if possible, you might be able to calm your baby by just placing your hand on her. If she is worried at night because she is too far from you, sleeping really close may improve her sleep very quickly. For some babies, this age is actually ideal for co-sleeping, to enable some kind of quality sleep for the parents. Read more about safe co-sleeping here.
  • The other thing is when she naps, you nap. It doesn’t matter what else needs doing, you HAVE to get rest when you can or you are no good to anyone. She will settle back down into a different routine in time, so for the short term, you must get sleep when she does.
  • Also just check in your area if there are services available. Where a friend of mine used to live, there was a service called Parentport, where a Mom could take the baby for the day or overnight and go and sleep in a soundproofed room. Even one good night’s sleep is an incredible help!
  • See if there are baby playgroups around, find other moms who know how you feel, or may offer to swap babysitting for a couple of hours so you can take a Nap.

You must look after yourself so you can be available to enjoy your little girl – she needs a happy Mom to play with her and teach her things and reassure her when she is uncomfortable.

Keep us posted on how you are doing,


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Apr 30, 2011 Thank you!
by: Asya

Thank you so much, everybody. I will try all your tips and I’m not letting my baby cry for longer than a couple of mins anymore. Let’s see how it goes. My husband is willing to do a couple of night shifts, so I’m sure we’ll work it out. Thank you!

Jul 28, 2011 par for the course
by: Anonymous

Honestly, at 10 mos old, this is not a surprise.
We went through phases like this with our daughter (that was 20 years ago!).
You and hubby have to take turns, and yes, I agree, you should go to your baby when she needs you.

BUT… if she gets older, I’d say, like 18 mos, and is still doing this, it’s time to get tough. We didn’t, and our daughter did this right up to age 2, until I (the dad) insisted we not run to her so much anymore. I’d wait 5 minutes, with her crying the whole time, then go to her room and stand near her, but not pick her up. Wait a few minutes, and leave. A bit later, she would cry again. This time, I’d wait 10 minutes and then go. Third time, 15 minutes. USE A WATCH… When a baby is crying, 60 seconds seems like “forever”.

The 1st night, I only had to go 3 times.
After 3 nights of this, she was done getting up every hour. She got up about once per night after that. MUCH better. But she was up once per night until about age 4, so I really sympathize.

Sorry I can’t be more encouraging, but babies and toddlers do this.

Dec 14, 2011 In the Same boat!
by: Anonymous
Wow….someone else is going through the same thing I am going through.

Jan 10, 2012 Not the only one!!!
by: Tired mommy

I am glad to know that I am not the only one having this problem. I was getting worried that something was wrong with my daughter. Thank you so much for your post. Just knowing that someone else is as exhausted as I am makes this a little easier on the worrying.

Jan 29, 2012 Finally, some answers
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Asya, for posting your problem. I am going through the same thing. I have been looking on other websites and some other comments have been so discouraging. I am going to try all of the suggestions on this one. I am a stay at home mom and am still breastfeeding my 8-month-old. I know it is best for my son, but lately, I am reconsidering since I am the only one to soothe him. He wakes up and the only thing to get him to sleep is by feeding him. However, I know he is not hungry and it’s more of a comfort thing. When my husband goes up there, he cries shortly but will fall asleep without a feeding. I think I just need to have my husband tough it out some more (after all, I do this every day!). I realize my husband has to get up and go to work but I also “work” when I am home with my baby. Since it’s Friday, I am going to make my husband try to tend to him and see if that works. Mommy needs a break sometimes too!

Jan 29, 2012 new update
by: Asya
Just to let everybody who’s reading this know: my daughter finally started sleeping through the night, waking up once a night at 11 months and sleeping through from 7.30 pm to 7.30-8.00 am. So it’s only temporary, stay strong and believe in time! Plus she takes two naps during the day!

Mar 25, 2012 Not Sleeping

by: Anonymous

My 8-month-old is doing the same thing. We were able to cut the night feedings out by giving him a bottle with water in it. It worked the first night. He woke up and wanted nothing to do with the bottle. We were able to soothe him back to sleep. Now he still wakes up at least once, but I honestly think its because he wants to come to bed with us…..whole other habit we need to break. But waking up to feed becomes a habit. It’s not that they are hungry. It’s a habit that breastfeeding soothes them back to sleep. I would try the water for a few nights and see if that helps. I wouldn’t give too much water though…..maybe just a few ounces. She might not even want it….

Apr 25, 2012 No sleep
by: Anonymous

I am so glad that I found this post. I have a 7 (almost 8) month old and she has yet to sleep through the night. She still wakes every 3 hours at night and I honestly feel like I might lose my mind! I never imagined it would go on for this long. I will admit, I can’t stand to listen to her cry for very long. I have tried letting her cry once or twice at night but it just doesn’t stop and I always end up feeling guilty because of it! My husband insists that I let her cry it out but I just can’t do it. I stay home with her so I just can’t justify being “tough” with her at night because I’m home with her all day! I pretty much begin each day feeling exhausted. She is a great napper though so I always make an effort to try and sleep when she sleeps. I would appreciate ANY advice on how I can get her to finally sleep through the night.

Aug 11, 2012 still no sleep
by: justAmummy

Wow.. was so good to read other ideas and to know I’m not the only one. my daughter is nearly 8 months old, naps 2 times in the day, but started waking up almost 6 times every night. it wears me out. my husband works away for 6 weeks at a time and I’m also 3and half months pregnant with our second. we wanted them close together. but I’m am soooooo tired… have headaches all the time and yarn constantly. I have thought that maybe she is hungry for food… as we just started giving her food, but she prefers her bottle. I also have the terrible habit of putting her in my bed at night as this lets her sleep better. also, don’t know what to do… HELP HOW DO I BREAK THE HABIT OF HER SLEEPING IN OUR BED? she doesn’t want to sleep in her cot…. and cries non stop.

Aug 11, 2012 Go slowly

by: Baby Help Line (Paula

Hi JustAmummy,

It is easy to see why you’re tired! Just being 3 months pregnant is enough to be exhausted and have headaches. Having an 8-month-old baby who doesn’t sleep sure doesn’t help!

As you have seen from all the comments around here 8-9 months is a time when many babies sleep quite bad. They are in a development stage, realizing that they are a separate person from their moms and many need to see that mom is close very often, both day and night. Many babies at this age want to be carried all the time, will have nothing to do with anyone but mom and can’t be left alone even for a minute. The good news is that it won’t last forever. Most babies grow out of this before their first birthday and are then quite happy, confident kids until they are around 18 months, which is another development stage.

Regarding your baby’s sleep, I wouldn’t try to transfer her to her own bed right now, at least if it means her sleeping far away from you. Her sleep is likely to get worse then, meaning you get even less sleep. What you can do, if you have room for it in your bedroom is to take away one side of her crib and attach her bed to yours (with ropes or whatever. Then you can move her over to her bed when she is in deep sleep and still keep a hand close to her to make her feel safe. For many babies, this is a great way to transfer to their own bed. You might even be able to put her to sleep there as long as you lay down next to her. Once she sleeps more and better in her bed you can try to put the side back up and move the bed away a bit.

Another possibility is to create a family bed by putting in a third bed between yours and the wall. Then you and your husband can take turns (when he is home) sleeping next to her; the other parent sleeps with ear plugs.(That you can do with her in a crib too next to your bed, of course.)

I hope this gave you a few ideas.

Warm wishes,


Sep 30, 2012 Sleeping late
by: Lucky mom

I have a 8 months old son and he sleeps around 11:00pm or later than that every night. I tried every thing, but nothing helped him to sleep early. He wakes 2-3 times to feeding him. He is BF. Any one has any tips, pls let me know. Thanks.

Oct 05, 2012 Wow!

by: tired working mommy

I’m so glad I’m not alone. I work 12 hour day shifts 7 out of 14 days, and my husband works nights so I have to deal with the “getting up every 3 hour, scream my head off til mommy gives me my bottle.” Since it’s just me at home at night, my 8m old sleeps next to me in bed. With working 12 hour shifts and getting up with him through the night it was the easiest thing I could do. I know I’ll pay for it later when he’s older and fights his toddler bed, but like any other circumstance, I’ll deal with it when the time comes. My son still gets up just as much as he did when he was born. We have tried absolutely everything, putting him to bed later, cereal in the bottle, etc. I refuse to “cry it out” because it’s heartbreaking and then I end up crying it out myself. I guess when he’s ready he will stay asleep! I totally feel for any working mom or stay at home mom with this situation.

Oct 21, 2012 backwards baby??
by: confused mom

Oct 21, 2012 Not true
by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Hi Confused mom,
It sounds to me as if someone told you something that simply isn’t true. Babies don’t generally sleep through the night at all and certainly not at around 8-9 months old. This is a sensitive stage, where babies for the first time realize that they are a separate person from their mom and it can be an extremely scary thought for them. So they get very clingy, afraid to be alone and afraid of strangers. They really want and need their parents close. And being alone in a bed in a dark room (even if it is their own bed) is just not close enough for them to feel secure.

So even if it is hard, the fact the your daughter wants you near is actually a sign that her mind is expanding and she is developing like a completely normal 8 or 9 months old baby.

So if you can, try to let her be close to you or at least keep her bed really close to yours. Several studies show that babies that get this need of being close met by their parents become secure and independent faster.

Warm wishes,


Nov 16, 2012 9 month old sleep
by: Bettysmum
Hello All, I’ve just read all your great comments and wondered if you had any advice for me??

My 38week old was sleeping through the night 7pm until 6:15am every night, she may wake occasionally, but it was always a case of popping her dummy in and she was back asleep in 10seconds!

In the last week she has started waking twice for a feed, last night she woke at 10:48 and drank a whole bottle and then at 00.45 and had 3 ounces, both times she went straight back to sleep. She is eating tons during the day though (She is at nursery and they give them a good portion or seconds if required)

Last week she didn’t eat much mon to Thursday as she had a chest infection so I think she is playing catch up but I didn’t know if this is normal and me and hubby are pooped!

Thanks in advance

Nov 16, 2012 To Bettysmum

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

Yes, it completely normal for a baby to catch up and eat more after being ill. I think it is probably more apparent for some babies than others. One of mine did this very clearly, the others were not as obvious. I think it’s a good thing. Feed her plenty during the day, and hopefully she will soon be back to sleeping through the night.


Nov 22, 2012 Thank you,
by: Bettysmum

Thanks Paula,
It’s so nice to know that someone else has been through the same thing, it’s good for someone to just confirm what you suspect sometimes too.

We had a bad night on Sat but she only woke the once last night so here’s hoping were on the right road now!

Thanks again, xx

Nov 24, 2012 mine too

by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the tip.. My son just turned 8 months and he has been waking 4 to 5 times in the night and wakes at 5 am in the morning and refuses to go back to sleep..its really tiring for me as i go to work.he has never slept through the night since birth

Feb 03, 2013 advise pls!
by: Mummy
my 8mnth old boy used to wake up just twice until recently he wakes up every hour,i try very best 2calm hm down,if m lucky at tyms he would just sleep when i cary but other tym he woud cry nthn comforts him,until he vomits,then he sleeps,iv tried give him water but nthn worked,he vomits every night,even during the day he wakes up crying n vomits,by d way v assumed he’s teething,but don’t think, dnt know how to train hm,

Feb 03, 2013 thank you
by: sleep deprived

I have been soo discouraged these last few months and reading this makes me feel much better…I have an 8 month old that I choose to breastfeed—we were blessed in the early months and had NO problems with sleeping during the night.
For the last 4 months this has drastically changed and almost as each month passes it gets worse. My husband is annoyed with me because I refuse to formula feed. Our baby will not take the bottle with my milk and I feel that I have “toughed” it out this long, whats another few months…

I enjoy the bonding and I know its best for my baby. I do realize that she is feeling more anxious as I get more cranking and I feel awful about it, in fact the more awful i feel the worse i cope with her waking up in the middle of the night. I believed from the beginning that if she needed me id be there…since ive read up on sleep training i have completely doubted my instincts and since then our little one hasn’t slept for longer than 3 hour stretches through the night(and thats a good night).

Thank you for your reassuring entries…I just hope that my few meltdowns haven’t caused any damage… I wish I had come upon this site earlier!

Feb 04, 2013 mine not sleeping too!
by: Jaxmom

My 8 month old will not fall asleep on his own or stay asleep more than 3 hrs at a time throughout the night. He is reversed cycling as he refuses to take a bottle of expressed milk during the day, but will eat his solids (cereal made with 3 oz b-milk and a veggie/fruit for lunch.) Because I know that he refuses the bottle, sippy, or even reg. cup when I am working, I feel obligated to nurse him everytime he wakes up throughout the night. This leads to a lot of co sleeping with him because I have to get up and work in the mornings. I have tried crying it out, but I fail horribly. Like the other comments,if I go in to soothe him and leave, he just screams louder. My 2 yr old didn’;t sleep though the night until he was 1 yr but he would go to sleep on his own and only wake up 1 time a night by this age. I honestly don’t know how to break the habits that I started. I almost just want to co-sleep to assure I will get sleep!!

Feb 07, 2013 Sympathy
by: sleep deprived

I feel the same way!!! You have it much harder having another child and working!

Feb 08, 2013 I can help maybe

by: Asja

Jaxmom, I think at some point it is necessary to stay strong. If your child is healthy, then it should be fine crying a little. It won’t hurt him. I’ll tell you how it worked out for me.

My younger daughter is now 13 months and sleeps through the night. Before I used to feed her a bottle of expressed milk (only for bedtime, during the day I just nursed her) and hope that she’ll fall asleep doing it. Then I would carefully put her in her crib. If she didn’t fall asleep or woke up while I was putting her down, I would have to sit with her and wait till she falls asleep which could take up to an hour. She would just look at me and I couldn’t leave her because she would start crying as something terrible happened. So I decided it’s time for a change.

I started letting her cry at naptimes. I would give her her milk, change her, hug and kiss her and put her in her crib with her pacifier. Then I would leave. Of course, she started crying. I waited 3 minutes and went back in, soothed her a little (which didn’t help to calm her down), then left again. And I repeat, you have to be strong and do it even if she screams louder.

Next time I checked on her about 5-6 mins later, then again, 10 mins later, then 20 mins later and so on. So the intervals between checking on the baby got longer. Also make sure that you don’t stay with her longer than a minute. I would just rub her belly a little, say some calming words, put her paci in her mouth, and leave. At some point, you’re gonna notice that she is getting tired, you’ll hear it in her voice.

Depending on when you planned the next check-up, you can just let her go to sleep on her own. Let’s say, you’ve already gone in a couple of times and next time you go in about 30 mins later, usually it’s too long for them to be crying, especially if they’re sleepy. So she’ll go to sleep eventually. Mine did. I just felt that I shouldn’t go in anymore because she was about to fall asleep and I didn’t want to get her excited if I went into her room.

Mar 11, 2013 Response to ‘advise pls’

by: Tired mummy!

To the mummy who posted this comment:

Feb 03, 2013

advise pls!

by: Mummy

my 8mnth old boy used to wake up just twice until recently he wakes up every hour, I try very best 2calm hm down,if m lucky at times he would just sleep when i cary but other tym he woud cry nthn comforts him,until he vomits,then he sleeps,iv tried give him water but nthn worked,he vomits every night,even during the day he wakes up crying n vomits,by d way v assumed he’s teething,but don’t think, dnt know how to train hm,

I would get him to the doctors soon as i think he has what they called Reflux, i would get him checked out asap if he is vomiting so frequently.

Thanks to the other mums for the suggestions, will have to put some to the test on my little ‘bundle of joy’!!

Mar 12, 2013 Go with your gut!
by: Used to be Sleep Deprived
Hi Moms, I left a comment a few months back-I was desperate. My little one had not slept a full night in months and worse she began waking every hour. I had tried everything….giving her water instead of nursing her, nursing her, not nursing her, letting her cry for a few minutes, not picking her up from her crib but comforting her by patting her/rubbing her, changing her positions to sleep,moving her crib (this actually helped a little-it was close to a window before and I think the noise and light bothered her), changing her bedtime routine….Finally after 5 months…YES…5 months….she was almost 9 months. I took her to a pediatrician (i knew she was ok, she never vomitted, had a fever…etc) I was concerned that maybe it was something I was doing that made her not sleep. Her advice was to feed her more protein during the day and to try to offer her water at night but not taking her out of her crib. SOOOO…I did this…each meal had a protein, lots of snacks through the day & at night my husband and i offered her water in her crib-it didnt work-it only frustrated her more to have us looking over her, singing to her, rubbing her etc….instead of being up 5 min like before I was up 2 hours with her at night only for her to sleep for an hour or so at a time…It wasn’t for me…I thought back to when she was a newborn…I spent 3 weeks up with her most of the nights bc she had her days and nights mixed up, id watch movies while holding her, feeding her and putting her down for short intervals of sleep. Of course I was frustrated many nights but not until I ACCEPTED the fact that she didn’t know any better and needed my soothing did anything change. I gave in and changed my sleep patterns for those weeks to suit her, sleeping on the couch as she lay in her bassinet- I’m not saying that was the right thing to do but it worked for us and by 1 month she slept 7 hour stretches through the night until she turned 4 months….At first, I thought nothing about it and went to her and nursed her on demand at night but by 6 months I was beat and went to other moms for advice…they all told me to let her cry. I tried this but after a few minutes I’d crack. On my most frustrated nights, Id put a pillow over my head but for me it just didn’t work…my daughter wouldn’t give up and it just made everything worse. WHAT DID WORK???? I believe that babies try to communicate with you…their cries, coos etc are ways to connect with you. At night something may bother them, a simple cuddle, kiss, or bottle/nursing may help them soothe…I don’t think this stage lasts forever…mine seemed to feel like it was an eternity! Anyhow, I switched things around until something clicked and just worked!

Mar 12, 2013 continued….sorry for the long entry!
by: Used to be sleep deprived

For the times she was up to each hour/2, I began this and it worked for me:
I would go in immediately, Id put on her lullaby (v-tech scout bear)take her out of her crib nurse her for no more than about 2 min, take her off and put her in her crib with her blankie close to her cheeks. She would cry but within 2 min shed be asleep. I believe that she was so sleepy but needed soothing that doing this really quickly just didn’t give her time to protest… I noticed right away that once i began this (despite everyone telling me not to give in) she began sleeping 3 hour intervals…each night she woke up less…by 1 week I noticed she would stir but knew to cuddle up to her blankie and fall back asleep WITHOUT me going in( A video monitor is godsent) and now she wakes the one time which is normal and it seems she wakes later and later which I can only assume she will be sleeping right through the night very soon…I know this is a novel to read BUT I wanted to share my success story. I listened to my instincts and THEY worked with some assistance to the advice i received from others. YOU KNOW YOUR BABY…listen to your heart and use the advice as a guideline but I wouldnt force anything…I believe it should be a natural progression. GOOD LUCK !

1. I moved her crib opposite to the window

2. I took one of her blankies and wore it for a day in my bra, and that is what she sleeps with (i notice she puts herself to sleep bu covering her face with it)

3. I play lullabys for 10-20 minutes as I nurse her and put her to bed. (its her cue that its bedtime)

4. I feed her more protein during the day..chicken, salmon, cheese, beef you name it..each meal has one of them in it.

5. I offer her an evening snack (oatmeal, farley cookie..etc)She doesnt always want it.

6. i have the same routine each night—bath(only twice a week i use soap), massage, read a book and nurse. And I put her into her crib groggy but awake.

within 5 minutes shes asleep. She wakes only once after 7 hours to nurse and sleeps generally for 12 hours at night.

Mar 14, 2013 Co sleep
by: Lucky mom
I have a 13 months old son and he is co sleeping, cuz I still breast feed him. I tried to put him in his crib, but no luck. He is not sleeping on his crib at all. I just want to know when he will sleep by his own? He awakes in the middle of night and search for me, once he sees me, he takes my hand and straight go back to sleep. He wakes once to feed him. Any suggestion? Thanks:)

Mar 16, 2013 thank you thank you thank you
by: Anonymous

I did not pay attention to the posters name, but my baby is 9 months old and wakes up every few hours to suckle on her bottle then go back to sleep, I do not remember my older children doing this, but I had my kids kinda far apart ( older 2 are 16 and 11 and baby is 9 months so yah..lol ) and I really thought something was wrong with her , but reading the post that says that 8 to 9 months is a development age and that it will probabbly ease up around 12 months, then be prepared for another at 18months, something about that brought me great great peace, that sounds right, that makes sense, and in 3 months maybe I can sleep..lol I like it! thank you!
Meanwhile I am thinking about trying the water bottle thing , will update on any success I have with that.

Mar 29, 2013 Weaning
by: Lucky mom

Hi everyone, I have a 14 months old son, and he is bf 4-5 times in 24hrs. I am trying to wean him, but couldn’t. As a first time mom it is very difficult stage to stop him and tell him that there is no more bf fir you. When he wants to sleep, I have to bf hi
, otherwise he won’t sleep. Any suggestion? He is bf only from beginning no formula. And now I am pushing him to drink cow milk in a sippy cup. He drink not that much,maybe 1/2 glass in 24hrs.

May 04, 2013 Oi
by: Jakie’sMom
I am so excited that my baby is not alone out there. For the past 4 weeks our baby has been not sleeping and I did try to sooth him for quite sometime, but tonight I just decided that he needed to work it out. He does not cry a lot and tonight was a good exercise for both of us I think.

One full hour of crying is what I got and now he is finally asleep. For the night? I don’t know – but I will take a little piece when I can.

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  1. Emma

    Did you ever find refuge? I’m in a very exact situation with my husband away working nights and no family. It’s been a while since this was posted but just need to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi Emma, I know the feeling, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel! My youngest woke up at 4:30 and stayed up until morning for a year between 1 and 2 years old… We took turns waking up with him and we were so exhausted. Then one day he slept until 8 am. And it continued. :-) You WILL get through this! (In our case, the miracle happened when we were away on vacation and happened to “mess up” his nap schedule. He had obviously been napping too much! )

      xo, Paula