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Baby Sleep Questions

Most babies don't sleep through the night. And most parents are exhausted. But for many babies, their sleep can be improved with a bit of help. Do you recognise any of these situations?

“My baby wakes up all the time.”

“My newborn won't go to sleep without being carried”

“When will my 9 months old sleep through the night, I am so exhausted…”

By browsing the baby sleep questions and answers below, you'll find out what's normal and not as well as get many tips on how to improve your baby's sleep pattern.

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Something to remember – if your baby is newborn, 4 months old, 9 months old or 18 months old and wakes up a lot, it is completely normal. These are all stages that are known to involve shaky sleep for the baby. When newborn, a baby's sleep is shallow and the sleep cycles are short. 4, 9 an 18 months are all development stages, when most babies are a bit harder to settle. You can learn more about babies' sleep patterns month by month here.