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My 3-month-old son has been screaming before and during every feeding for the last three weeks. I breastfeed exclusively and he has always been my little eating machine and then suddenly he screams like I have hurt him everytime I try to put him on and the screaming continues for hours with non stop gas the entire time. I have taken him to the doctor and they won’t help because he has gained 7 lbs. since birth and has grown 5 inches.

Why should I have to let my baby be in such severe pain until he “starts to lose weight” before they will help him?!

I have removed everything I can think of from my diet but that didn’t help, gas medicine does not work, neither does gripe water or colic calm. His flatulance smells horrid (always has), he goes several days without bowel movement (always has) and although that could be normal, he still strains to have a bowel movement all day during the days in between movements while screaming the whole time.

I don’t want to stop breastfeeding my son, I’m doing all sorts of crazy things to get him to latch on without making him stiffen up and scream in pain:
– I stand up and walk around as opposed to sitting and feeding which works sometimes for a minute but then he pulls off and starts screaming again.
– I lay him flat on his back on top of my bed, then try to lean over the top of him so he doesn’t have to be on his side while eating (since that’s what usually starts the screaming.)
– I removed the use of a breastfeeding pillow so that he might be in a more upright position while feeding, still no good.

Yet, he will allow me to pump and then hold him while he eats a bottle?? What? He still screams and has non stop gas for hours afterward but at least he eats.

The weird part is… he sleeps through the night. He wakes up at 12 am or so to do his 1 time night feed and latches on no problem no screaming eyes still closed lovin’ booby, then goes back to sleep until 5:30 sometimes 6 something. That’s the part that I don’t understand. What could be causing so much discomfort only in the day. Also as much as I enjoy him finally taking a bottle to eat breastmilk the last few days, I also have a 16 month old (who still doesn’t sleep through the night) and it is very hard to take 20 minutes out to pump then another 15-20 min to feed my son while she patiently (not really) waits for some attention.

I don’t want to stop breastfeeding my son. I am so sorry this is so long but I was trying to give as much info as possible, hoping that I wouldn’t be told to change my diet or try Mylicon… I have and would really like some help so I can help my son. Please!! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and answer me.


Baby Helpline:

Possible Reasons For Gas In Breastfed Baby

First of all, please do not be too upset that your baby is not started on any medication. Colic is not really a condition that may be helped much by a doctor, and the fact that your child is gaining weight and growing normally indicates that he does not have any severe and dangerous illness that may affect his future and requires treatment.

From what you wrote it does not appear that your child is allergic to breast milk, so there is no reason to stop breastfeeding for you. What you could do is try to ensure that he gets more of the “hindmilk” (rich in fat and nutrients) that comes at the end of each feeding and not “skim milk” (rich in lactose that, according to some data, maybe promoting colic) that comes in the beginning. If he will not eat the whole breast, try to express some of the milk before feeding him or, if you are feeding on the bottle, try to include more “hindmilk” than “skim milk”.

Another possibility could be that your milk comes with too much force. In that case, your baby may be swallowing too much air while nursing. In such case, try to express some milk first, before offering the breast to your son and you can also press with a fingertip or two just above the nipple while nursing, in the beginning, to slow down the milk flow.

Some babies also need alternative feeding positions to swallow less air. You can read about brestfeeding position to help your baby here. The fact that your son eats well and without pain, during the night while almost asleep, does provide a hint that swalling air while breastfeeding might be what is causing him all the pain. Usually, babies suckle much more slowly while (almost) asleep and the risk of swelling too much air is much less. This is why, when dreamfeeding, some babies do not even need a burp before going back to sleep.

As you state that your baby is also having trouble passing his stool, it may be worth checking if he has a condition called Hirschsprung disease – immobility of the lower bowel segment that delays the passing of the stool. It is, however, unlikely, as most babies with this disease are diagnosed at an earlier age than your son is now.

I hope this helps,

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Feb 26, 2011 colic

by: Beverly

Your baby may be getting too much of the “skim milk” that comes at the beginning and less of the fat rich “hind milk” that comes at the end of the feeding.
The concentration of lactose in the foremilk might be causing him to have colic.

(Lactose in high concentrations stimulates intestinal contractions.)

Sit him up when breastfeeding him using the football hold. You should hold him on the same side as the breast he is suckling from. Use a pillow at your side to create a little seat for him and keep him as upright as you can.

Express some milk before you start to get rid of some of the foremilk.

Nurse from ONLY one breast at a time and let him completely empty the breast. All the fat he needs is at the end of the feeding and you must nurse long enough for this hindmilk to be taken away. If he gets more fat in his feedings he will not be bothered so much by the lactose and his feedings will last longer.

Your baby sounds like a typical colicky baby. They often eat a lot and gain very well.

Perhaps by letting him get more fat in his milk he will go longer between feedings as well.

Mar 01, 2011 gassy baby….
by: Anonymous

Hello, we had the same problem with our 5-month-old son. The pediatrician recommended “gripe water”. It is 100% natural and safe for baby. This “gripe water” you can give by syringe or in formula. It clears up colicky and gas pockets. My son is no longer gassy. You can buy it at any CBS, TARGET or supermarket. These were the only places that sell it. Good luck!

Mar 04, 2011 Overactive let down?

by: Elsmommy

I’ve been reading up on what causes gassy screaming fits too, and I’ve recently read about an overactive letdown. Please look it up on the la Leche league website, as it will explain much better than I can. That combined with the foremilk/hindmilk imbalance could be hurting the situation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to help my daughter, so I’m still searching. Good luck, I know there’s nothing worse than having your little one scream in pain and you can’t seem to help no matter how hard you try!

Jun 20, 2011 Did anything work?
by: Fanya

Did you manage to find an issue? We are having the same problem with our 1-month old. I am searching for anything that might help him.

Jun 25, 2011 My Son Has The Same Problem

by: Caroline

My 2-year-old daughter spent the first year of her life with a bad tummy and I didn’t know what the problem was. I exclusively breastfed her until she was 11 months old. Now my second child has the same problem – extremely bad gas that causes him to scream for hours but he is usually okay at night. I think he is okay at night because he is so tired from crying all day? I have just decided to give up the breastfeeding. He is 4 weeks old. I simply cannot justify making him suffer so much anymore. I have been told that the problem is a combination of inadequate hindmilk (due to an overabundance of milk) and a very fast letdown which causes him to ingest air while he drinks. If he is like my daughter, he may have problems with milk protein intolerance as well. I wasn’t aware of this problem with her until she was 7 months old and the doctors were not sympathetic to her suffering because she was healthy and gained weight well.

This time, I have decided to give my son formula and save him unnecessary suffering as the lactation consultant isn’t sure her suggestions will work (they won’t as I have been using them for a week and today was one of the worst in his young life). I do not want to continue playing with feeding positions and pumping before feeds in the hope that everything will get better. The feeding positions (starting with him lying on my chest and rolling to the side once letdown has slowed) hasn’t helped and I don’t see how pumping before every feed will make that much of a difference. If I could be guaranteed that this is a fixable problem, I would continue breastfeeding but not after watching my poor baby suffer so much today. From what I have read, I am not sure that breastmilk is that much better than formula anyway – at least not definitively so. I do feel very good about being able to end his suffering though. I take comfort in that.

Jun 26, 2011 My Son Has The Same Problem – part 2

by: Caroline


I tried the formula today and after the first feeding he seemed better – more settled and comfortable but after another 2 feedings, he seemed much worse than with the breastmilk. It is back to the breastfeeding and eliminating dairy to start (along with pumping off an ounce of milk to get rid of some of the foremilk and then starting his feeding with him lying on my chest and then rolling to the side when the low slows). Like you, I have no idea why he settles at night. There is no difference in the way I feed him. The only thing I can see is that he is so tired by the end of the day that he sleeps? I am stumped and wish I knew how to fix this. There must be someone who has an answer somewhere…please!

Jun 27, 2011 baby screaming

by: Bev

It might be time to try something completely different!
Try taking your baby to a chiropractor who works with small infants.
I know of many people who have said that chiropractic treatments help colicky babies and I believe there is literature to support this as well but you will have to ask the chiropractor about this.
Other treatments might include massage with the appropriate aromatherapy oils.
Glad to see that you will be sticking with the breasfeeding as I cannot see how taking the baby off breastmilk would be beneficial.

I cannot remember if you posted that you already did this but try eliminating all dairy foods from your diet. That means everything – read your labels!
In order of priority you can eliminate the following foods.

And make sure you aren’t drinking any coffee.

Anything is worth a try if it will help the little guy to be more comfortable. Can you imagine what it must be like to be in pain all the time?

Jun 27, 2011 screaming baby
by: Bev

I forgot to mention that vitamins can sometimes cause irritability as they have a stimulating effect especially B vitamins. If you are taking any vitamin supplements stop those for a while.

Minerals, on the other hand, can have a calming effect so you might want to try some calcium and magnesium supplementation.

Jun 28, 2011 My Son Has The Same Problem – Part 3

by: Caroline

The thought behind the formula was that there would be no foremilk/hindmilk imbalance and maybe I could get him feeling better quickly. I went through the same thing with my daughter and she suffered for most of her first year and I don’t want him to go through the same thing.

Dairy has been eliminated (early days yet so too soon to tell). Corn isn’t a problem as I don’t eat much corn and wheat will wait until later to be eliminated. Coffee is also gone as I can’t drink it without milk (it was decaf though…does that count?) What about decaf tea? Can that be an irritant as well?

I am taking the postnatal vitamins as recommended by the doctor. I’ll see about eliminating these if the dairy elimination doesn’t improve things.



Jun 28, 2011 screaming baby and poor digestion

by: BEV

It might just be a trial and error thing. Keep trying until you find something that has an effect!

I would even think that he could benefit from supplementing with probiotics. These are the beneficial bacteria for the colon that all the yogurt companies are flogging now.

You would have to go to a health food store and get the formula especially for babies and from a non-dairy source(liquid of course)

You might also benefit from supplementing yourself with an adult formula. The fact that your daughter was like this suggests something familial.

If you are supplementing him with anything like liquid vitamins or fluoride then stop it.

Let us know how things go!

Also do not eliminate the chiropractic treatments as an option. Lots of people have great success with this.

Jun 28, 2011 My Son…
by: Caroline


He is taking liquid vitamin D.

The oddest thing has happened. He was screaming his head off like he was in severe pain and my husband took him into another room where it was dark and quiet. He calmed almost immediately. I took him to his bedroom and closed his curtains. He is sleeping now. The dark and the quiet seems to calm him. If he was in pain, how would this help? It is only temporary and doesn’t last long but at least it works temporarily.

Oct 18, 2011 this is my story!!!

by: NS, FL

I had this same problem as the original poster with my little girl but i eventually switched to formula and i regretted that. Now it’s the same with my son who is only 2 months old but he’s sooooo much worse. Have you found out the reason, or gotten any answers? My lo also doesn’t have very many bm’s so this makes him even gassier> I’ve cut out dairy but not wheat as yet. The baby also refuses formula so that’s not even an option. Help!!!

Oct 18, 2011 what have you tried so far

by: Anonymous

Have you tried all the other suggestions like eliminating vitamins (they can be stimulating) or anything you might be supplementing him with, trying the probiotics, and getting certain foods out of your diet?

Also chiropractic can be a great help as mention in one of my previous posts.

Oct 18, 2011 my son has this same thing

by: NS, FL

I’ve tried everything suggested by the other posters. The only thing I haven’t tried is eliminating wheat and a chiropractor.I’ve cut out dairy. I try to pump a little at the beginning of feeding to prevent overactive letdown and I do block feeding to make sure he’s getting more hindmilk. I think he definitely has a milk allergy because his eczema cleared up when I stopped drinking milk, but he’s still screaming and writhing in pain after almost every feeding. The only thing that soothes him is sitting in his bouncy seat, but he can’t stay in there for more than 20 mins.

Oct 18, 2011 go to the chiropractor

by: Anonymous

Try the chiropractor – something is definitely not right in his neurological system…

It must be awful to be introduced to your human existence in pain that results from the one thing that is supposed to bring you peace and nourishment.

Just so that you know I am not a chiropractor but if there is something out there to make your infant have a more relaxing interpretation of this human existence – Doesn’t it make sense to try that?

Oct 19, 2011 Gassy Baby

by: Caroline


My son improved after I talked to a nurse and a lactation consultant who both recommended pumping off 1 ounce of milk prior to a feed. It seems I had too much milk. It did take some time but it worked. No more gassy baby and no more greenish poops!

Oct 19, 2011 I am glad it worked!

by: Anonymous

That is GREAT!

That is a recommended strategy for hyperlactation as I indicated in my Feb post.

I am so glad it worked for you!

Nov 10, 2011 Reflux Colic Gassy Bubs

by: Anonymous

Hey there – this is the first time I’ve ever written in a forum so here goes! All of the symptoms outlined in all of the comments below I can empathize with as my 13 weeks old has all of the same things going on – its so hard to see our littlies in pain. I’ve tried everything too and still no joy but here’s my tuppence worth in case it works for any of you. Fennel seed tea – not the yummiest cuppa but meant to help. Also, you can give 5mls to baby to help digestion (cooled!). Chamomile is also meant to be great – Mums can add it into their diet and it goes through the breast milk to aid digestion and also have a calming effect on baby. I’ve started baby massage and have been told to add it into baby’s daily routine and use as often as possible so that she is relaxed (and so tummy and intestines also relax)so that feeds are calmer. Ive also gone to a cranial osteopath with her and it did work the first time but not so much since but some people see fantastic results with it. I hope some of these help you – good luck.

Nov 16, 2011 Gas Relief
by: Sue

Hi there,

My 5 month was also not pooing regularly (up to 9 nine days without a poo and fully breastfed)and had very bad smelly gas also. I kept thinking it was Daddy’s gas!

We took her to a chiropractor who specializes in babies. She did a couple of adjustments to her spine that were all linked to some part of her digestive system, gave her tummy a good massage & … she pooed! She also suggested we give her baby probotic as she had a small amount of thrush in her mouth.

Still taking her 6-8 weeks later for maintenance visits.

Hope you find a solution for your bub.

Nov 16, 2011 working

by: ns,fl

Our issue was milk!!! Seems as though my little boy has some sort of milk allergy. I looked at everything i ate and on days when I had even 2 tbsps milk in my coffee, he screamed even more.

He’s still a little fussy sometimes but nothing like before….and he poops at least once a day now. We massage his tummy, cycle his legs and that helps.

Nov 23, 2011 Thank you for the validation!!!!
by: Amanda

I have never read something that was so like our experience!!!! Our girl is almost 4 mos and she is better but only because we changed so much for her. I am convinced this is some kind of environmentally linked issue. All the advice I’ve gotten from lactation consultants, doctors, other Moms, even others with colicky babies (but something is different), no advice has helped.

I now only BF once a day, when she seems like she is calm and will stay on my breast without jerking around and crying. I pump the rest of the time and bottle feed it to her. We use a tiny bit of Neocate hypoallergenic formula and organic coconut milk and coconut fat with vitamin drops to fill in the rest of her bottle needs at night. (They both work miracles) Coconut milk and coconut fat seem to neutralize the gas and acid in her belly. She had probs with every other kind of formula or replacement.

We tried an antacid drop, Axid, by rx but decided we didn’t want her on meds anymore. It only helped a bit but we didn’t want to permanently screw up her gut by giving her meds so young.

I had to stop eating all dairy (casein), all wheat (gluten), no strong garlic or onions, I take Beano with every meal, no citrus, no tomato products at all. We can’t overfeed her or it gets worse. We have to help her de-gas sometimes. We use Dr. Brown’s bottles. A small bit of organic apple juice in her bottle when she’s constipated. Probiotics in her bottles and in me to build good flora. All of this keeps the crying to maybe 1/2 hour to none a day rather than hours and hours of agony and pain.

If I want a break from the diet, I pump and dump until I’m back on the diet again.

We are taking her to a chiropractor this week, we will see if it helps.

It’s so sad because she is such a healthy, happy, gorgeous, total sweetheart of a baby but something with her digestion just makes her life miserable when it hits her.

I can’t blame other Mom’s with this issue for giving formula only-this is so awful and other people just do not understand. It is taxing on parents and baby.

Thank goodness for us finding out about neocate and coconut milk and my diet changes through trial and error and hours of research.

I still don’t know the cause. This is a bit different that some other kinds of “colic”.

My husband thinks it’s stuff being sprayed on crops like wheat and poisons cows are eating. After multiple generations eating so much of it, our offspring can’t take it anymore.

What do you think? Have you found anything out yourself? I wish this was recognized by medical science as more than just “colic”. Baby may outgrow it but for now she is not happy unless we do the strict protocols. I bet in 20-30 years they’ll have a name and recommendations for this. People will feel bad for those of us who had to go through this practically blind!

Have you done the same thing? Share your ideas and experiences with me if you don’t mind. It helps! scrufffles

Dec 20, 2011 It could be Carbohydrate Malabsorption..
by: Stephanie

It’s amazing to see that so many others are going through exactly what we have with their LO’s constant gastric pain – no one I know personally can understand what we’ve been going through since my 5-month-old son was about 3 weeks old. I am also doing the breastmilk vs. formula dance, wondering if it’s ‘silent’ acid reflux, staying off dairy and wheat and endlessly researching for the golden advice to cure it. We were also brushed off by professionals as he was gaining weight..However, they finally ran a poop test, found acid in the poop and finally diagnosed him as having carbohydrate malabsorption. Apparently it’s common but rarely diagnosed. However, they don’t know -how- he got it..GET YOUR LOs TESTED! Sadly, it means staying off b/milk and doing formula like Nutramigen for a number of weeks..We keep seeing if we can go back to b/milk (week 6 now) and each time the symptoms keep coming back..It’s so hard as my baby is a true breastfeeder and screams off the bottle (though teething could now be playing a part..Sigh!).

Very interested in the coconut milk+Neocate – did a medical professional say this was OK?

Dec 28, 2011 more info….
by: Amanda

Yes, my Doctor OK’d the coconut milk with the Neocate or Elecare formula when she isn’t getting my BM. I just have to add a vitamin supplement powder or liquid to the coconut milk then it is just as if not more nutritionally complete than the formula. My Doc is an expert in pediatrics and autism, ADD, and ADHD.
I have also started putting some GI ProInfant from giprohealth .com in my daughter’s bottles every day. It is powdered probiotics that are not sourced from dairy at all. It’s really hard to find it not sourced from dairy. I found it online and it is a bit expensive but it has made a huge difference in her. She is much much happier now and a lot less gassy, plus her poos are more regular. The problem has not disappeared but it is over 60-70% better.
I have found that the coconut milk cuts down on the acid problem she was having.

Jan 05, 2012 try to stick with breast milk
by: Anonymous

I have identical twins who were born 1-month early Ibreast fed them and pumped for 2 months until I got horrible mastitis and had to put them on formula. Believe me, the breast milk was so much better for them, try to stick with it, the formula is killing my babies’ stomachs. if I had known it was going to do this i would’ve dealt with the pain of the infection. my twins are 5 months now and still cry all day throw up constantly and are so gassy. weve seen gi and theres really nothing they can do,so the babies are in pain all day. stick with the breast milk especially if your baby was premature believe me its much gentler on their stomachs and a lot easier to digest

Jan 10, 2012 pear juice
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem my baby has reflux and really bad gas and won’t go to the bathroom!!!! If you mix half oz water with half oz pear juice it helps soooo much he goes every day now!!!! My doc is the one who told me to try it and it worked but he still has reflux and gas. Don’t use prune juice i tried that and he had a blow out diaper it was way to strong for him.

Feb 13, 2012 so jennifer what worked?

by: Anonymous

i have a VERY similar issue also. we have tried gas drops, prevacid for reflux, formula, an elimination diet, extra burping during feeds, more naps, everything..and nothing helps for longer then a day or a feeding!

so i wondered if you figured out whaT worked for you. i am thinking of trying a dairy free diet again and see what that does again, and i want to see a pediatric gi also. the chiropractor kinda scraes me though????

i a so tired of hearing my daughter screaming though. i feel so bad for her and nothing helps.

Feb 13, 2012 Why?

by: Beverly

Why exactly are you afraid of the chiropractor?

If my child was suffering I would do anything to relieve that.

Feb 14, 2012 beverly
by: Anonymous

i thought this message board was somewhere i could go for support and advice, not to have someone make me feel worse then i already do.

you don’t know my story so please if you don’t have anything nice and/or helpful to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Feb 14, 2012 I was being sincere

by: Beverly

I thought may be if you could find out why you were afraid I could provide you with some evidence that would reduce your fears.
The comment was not meant to be a disparaging remark.
Is there something about chiropractic you are afraid of?
Sometimes people are afraid of things that are unfamiliar even though they may be perfectly safe.

Feb 23, 2012 My baby is similar, but different.
by: Lisa

My baby has similar crying and writhing in pain when having gas or needing to poop, but he does it mostly in the morning from about 4am sometime up until 8am. And he’s been this way since about 3 weeks old – he’s now almost 10 weeks old. He ate this morning really well at 3am, and then was awake at 5am screaming his head off. He will stop screaming when I put him up on my shoulder, but is still writhing around and doesn’t get comfortable. He will settle down but only for a few seconds or minutes and it’s back to screaming and writhing in pain. He did all this until I finally woke him up by changing him, then he started screaming again a little later, and after I changed him again, he was back to cooing and playing and being his normal sweet self.

He’s pretty sweet and calm during most of the day, but lately he’s taken up the need for almost constant sucking, but he will rarely take a pacifier and only wants my breast or my pinky, but when at my breast, he starts crying if he’s sucking and my milk lets down, so I give him my pinky, and he’s content to suck for quite a while until he falls asleep. And then he may wake up writhing in pain again, but it’s never as bad as in the morning when he’s screaming his head off and won’t wake up or wakes up and cries. Mylicon doesn’t work. Doesn’t seem to matter what I eat, but I’ve only given up milk for a week and I read that it could take up to 3 weeks to leave your system, so I’m going to try that again. I’m also going to give up taking any vitamins that may be irritating him. I just hate seeing him in so much pain, but wonder if it’s escalated crying due to him being asleep and freaking out even more for little reason other than gas. I also freaked myself out reading about intussusception which can cause similar symptoms, but is a blockage when the intestines collapse onto each other like a telescope collapses onto itself. But I think he’d be in much more pain throughout the day if this were the case. I just hate feeling helpless, and everyone tells me it’s just something he’ll grow out of, and I also worry how am I going to go back to work in a couple weeks when he’s crying so much in the morning when I need to get ready and head out.

Feb 23, 2012 lisa
by: Anonymous

not sure what all the crying in pain could be about, but the crying at the breast during feeding is something we dealt with too. it ended up being over active let down/ over supply. so i had too much milk coming out to fast and my baby was getting choked and not liking feeding at all. if you call a lactation consultant they should be able to help…it can also cause over gassy babies. just a thought. my baby would not eat well and then cry because she was so hungry but then would refuse to eat!

Feb 23, 2012 It does get better!

by: Amanda

I thought I would update on my daughter. At 5 months and 1 week, most of her gas pain and colic issues disappeared. She now loves the car seat and can pass gas without a belly tight as a drum and screaming fits!

We still have to keep her away from milk and wheat proteins. I stopped BF at 6 months and she drinks hypoallergenic formula, either Elecare or Neocate with coconut milk to keep her regular and healthy. She also eats her first pureed fruits and veggies. I don’t know when she’ll grow out of her milk and wheat allergies. I also still giver her milk and wheat free probiotics. Things are so much better, it does get better. Their little systems are sensitive to so much of the junk in the food we eat normally, it takes time and patience to figure it out.

It will get better! I cannot believe she’s over 6 months old now.

Mar 11, 2012 Q for Amanda about Coconut Milk

by: Tee

I am curious how you feed your baby coconut milk. First, what brand of coconut milk do you give her? Where do you buy it? Do you mix it with formula? How much do you put?

I am really curious about this. I have read so much on the benefits of coconut milk but i wasn’t quite sure how to introduce it to my baby (he is 6 months old). He has dairy, nuts, soy and egg allergies. We have been battling with colic and poor weight gain as well. I tried to talk to my pediatrician about coconut milk, but she did not know much about it. I breastfeed my son, and also supplement with neocate.

Any information you can provide about coconut milk is much appreciated. Thank you so much.

Apr 15, 2012 FORMULA FED

by: mel

i am having the same problems with mt 8 week old daughter the only difference is ,is that she is formula fed ,she cries and screams about an hour after each feed she will have her last feed at 9p.m and sleep through till 7a.m i have taken her to doctors but they keep saying it is colic .i have tried colief, gripe water ,colic drops ,infacol and none of them have worked now the doctor has put her on infant gaviscone still not helping in fact she seems worse. it is weird how she sleeps through the night, maybe if she still woke up for night time feeds she would be the same as in the day my only option now is a&e someone must know what this is it is a shame to see them suffer….HELP….

Jul 07, 2012 just a lil bit of help

by: Natasha

I’m frustrated to be in the same position with my two month old daughter. I don’t know why doctors think its ok to be in pain as long as you grow. However, my daughter poops several times a day so I have no explanation. However, in your case the lack of pooping may be key. In the past Ive had some success with the following method. Give 1 tablespoon of prune juice by syringe or in the bottle 2x’s a day. Also, they sell probiotic at the pharmacy, it comes in casule usually which you can open and put in bottle (but i would ask doc about this one) Ive heard infant belly massage helps, but my daughter doesn’t like it so cant speak personally. Another thing that can help move along the bowels in purified water 2xs a day, just 1-2oz. Milk is more viscous and can be harder to get out, water can just help move things along. I know they say don’t give water, but the reason is because they don’t want it to take the place of nutrient rich breast milk, BUT if he’s growing and gaining weight fine 2-4oz a day wont take anything away. Id start with the prune juice and water. You can even add the prune juice to the water (the boy I nannied for enjoyed that) 2xs a day. Give it 3-4days to work. Good luck

Jul 11, 2012 Dairy Protein Allergy!!!
by: Anonymous

My little girl was very fussy, screaming in pain with tears and drawing her knees up from about 2 weeks old. She is exclusively breastfed. I took her to the doctor and he listened to her stomach and said she was fine. My midwife suggested giving up dairy products which I did for a week but only obvious dairy I didn’t read packets.

She didn’t seem to respond at all. I was eating a lot of peanut butter so gave up peanuts and found her a lot more settled but not 100%. I found that tree nuts (cashews etc) seemed to make her upset when I ate them so gave them up too.

When I took her in for her 6 week check I told the doctor, he said it was colic and would settle at 3 months. I asked if I could get an allergy test done just in case she was allergic to peanuts and he suggested I try her on them at 8 months old, but make sure I do it in the morning so if she stops breathing etc the doctors would be open! At 9 weeks old she broke out in eczema all over her face. I took her back to the doctor and was told it wouldn’t be related to the fussiness and sent me home with some cream expecting recovery in 4 days. That night I noticed a few flecks of bright red blood in her stool. 2 days later the ezcema was worse and so was the blood so I took her back again. The young doctor i saw said he would give her some cortisone cream for the face and the blood was likely from her straining to go. He also said they don’t look into the causes of eczema they just treat it. I asked if there was any chance it could be an allergy to something. He wasn’t sure so rang a colleague who luckily had worked in a children’s hospital and said she had classic symptoms of ‘cows milk protein allergy’ I had to go off dairy, including reading packets. After 3 days her eczema had COMPLETELY gone! I was so happy thinking we had fixed it. 2 weeks later she was happier but still had a lot of gas problems keeping her from sleeping properly. The excema would sometimes come back but no where near as bad. The doctor said it would be 6 weeks for her stomach to heel as she now had allergic colitis from the dairy. I found that onions made her gassy so gave them up too. Slowly she is getting better. To cut along story short, I have now had to cut out soy milk and dark chocolate too. I now think the reason why giving up dairy right at the start didn’t work was because I was still eating the other things that I have now found upset her.

Finally now she is 5 months old doctor has refererd her to a pediatrician, I am convinced there is something else bothering in my diet.

I hope if you are reading this that it has helped. If you don’t think your doctor is right then take your bubba to another one. I wish I had done this myself. The she wouldn’t have such a sensitive stomach if I had given up dairy before her stomach lining got so damaged. She wouldn’t have gone through 9 weeks of pain either.

Aug 20, 2012 frequency of bowel movements in breastfed babies.
by: Anonymous

I was so worried about my son at about 6 weeks when he stopped having bowel movements everyday. My doctor told me that some breastfed babies will have a BM after every feeding and some will go 4 or 5 days, and sometimes a week. My Pediatrician said that this is a result of the babies ability to absorb what he or she is getting from the mothers breast milk. She said typically a baby that goes several days in between BMs, has a mother that eats healthier than most therefore the amount of waste being released is less. My son is 3 months old now and still only has a bowel movement every 4 days, but on that 4th day he may poo 2 or three times.

He has had horribly painful gas since he was about a month old. I do everything under the sun to ease the pain. Luckily I am a stay at home mom with a 7 year old in school so I have the time to try every position and the best thing I have come up with are probiotics “BioGaia”– 5 drops once a day. I’ve been giving him these for about a month now. I have to say I’ve seen some improvement but the only true ease of pain is when I lay a blanket over my legs while sitting on the sofa, lay my baby over my legs with his head on one leg and his abdomen on my other and lightly bounce the leg that his abdomen is on. He relaxes and eventually falls asleep. Now, this is the miracle pain reliever but I don’t do it until he has burped completely after nursing.

His pediatrician also said that keeping baby upright and awake for at least an hour after eating helps keep acid reflux to a minimum, and encourages gas trapped in baby’s tummy to travel to the top which is easier to burp out.

Also, I’ve read in several places that a babies “gut” isn’t completely developed until at least 12-13 weeks of age, so I am hopeful that this will pass. My 7 year old son was not breastfed for nearly as long as my 3-month-old but had the very same problem. He started feeling much better after he started eating baby food.
That made no sense to me but, none the less, it did help.

Aug 21, 2012 Please see my comment above re CARBOHYDRATE MALABSORPTION
by: Anonymous

All Moms writing on here after Dec 2011 should look back at my post of that time re Carbohydrate Malabsorption and get your LOs’ poop tested! – similar to cow’s milk protein allergy, but an often-missed but common diagnosis…

I also believe I had ‘hindmilk-foremilk imbalance‘… Apparently, at about 3 weeks old, many babies with these tummy issues first start fussiness, then at, I believe approx 3-4 months there’s a hormone shift (I think your body takes over from the preg hormones) and that can be the start of a hind/foremilk imbalance – certainly, that’s when my son’s reactions peaked.

I now believe he was getting an overload of lactose because of the milk imbalance, ie. the malabsorption was caused by hind-foremilk imbalance.

At 4 months I was off dairy in case that was the issue, but I don’t personally believe now that what the mother eats affects the baby that much as quantities are so small (unless the baby has a proven allergy or fam history)- however, what you eat affects the quality of your production. I came off simple carbs (sugar, white flour and general sweets) and pumped up essential fatty acids thru salmon, nuts and evening primrose/flaxseed oil supplements. I reduced breastfeeding to part-time and did part-time Nutramigen (link opens to Amazon for reviews) (50-50).

In short. He’s now 13 months. The issues went on through 8 months, and now he’s doing so great! After an initial adjustment phase and carefully balancing out constipating (bananas)/’runnier’ foods (eg prunes), eating solids helped, as has walking and being able to distract himself from his tummy – when they’re small, all they have is their own body. He still has days of discomfort which affects his sleep (especially naps – lucky if I get an hour some days!), but nothing like the all-day grunting/discomfort he was in at 3-5 months.

Sep 13, 2012 Gassy baby’s solution

by: Marelvis

1. Bottle feeding room temperate, heat causes gases.

Always check formula instructions

When feeding with formula, ensure to give water to the baby.

2. Check there are no bubbles in the bottle.

3. Gripe water was wonderful, my baby was 90% better in 5 hours, give it in a bottle, do not mix with milk.

4. Check massages in the tube to help him to relax.


1. Watch what you eat, is essential.

2. Avoid spicy food, ready meals, fast food, citrus fruit, and fizzy drinks. (Read more about what to eat while breastfeeding here.)

When baby is sleep try to put him facing down.


Jan 28, 2013 Bio Gaia
by: kristen

My 7 week old is extremely gassy and it is painful for him. I started him on Bio Gaia which I had to order from It must be refrigerated and sends it cold packed. It is expensive, be warned. He has seemed to be constipated in the last couple of weeks, no dark hard stool, but I just had a feeling he was constipated. We started the Bio Gaia yesterday and 24 hours later he has had 3 movements. His gas seems to be a little better and I am hopeful that he will continue to feel better with each daily dose. Best of luck to all of you loving parents. Wish me luck, too! Thanks!!

Mar 26, 2013 No enough food

by: Anonymous

The baby is not getting enough food. Try to feed him more and then a little more until he can’t take it anymore and then try more. Can be difficult because they get worked up but it will solve the issue. A lot of colic is babies getting survival anxiety because the food they get is just not enough.

Aug 04, 2013 baby problems
by: miranda

hi its a comfort to read all these posts as my daughter is now nearly 6months and had silent reflux form 8 weeks.

It was the hardest time for me and my child as i had to keep going to the doctors kicking off sometimes in fits of tears as they made me feel like I was making it up. She would scream sometimes for 6 hours solid and as my partner worked long hours I was here listening to the terrifying screams day in day out and it made me severly depressed.

My health visitor came round weekly but when she arrive my little one would be quiet, it took a long time to diagnose.

All i can say I’d go with your instincts, i did and she then got some medicine; Ranitidine, Gaviscon and Lactulose. She has a very immature belly and still does. Now everything had calmed and she was sleeping 10-11 hrs straight but over the last month she’s waking all thru the night screaming, arching back tremendous trapped wind and wanting milk thru the night. It is like having a newborn over again so am patiently waiting a call back from the docs and will inform u of what they say.

But keep going with the docs, keep persisiting as only us mums know our baby best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 12, 2013 Thrush is the culprit!!

by: Sarah Kelly

wow. I feel your pain..and exhaustion. I could have written your post myself.

I have found…as a new 21…you have to be your own doctor. My son and I have been battling terrible gas since he was two weeks old. Then, out of nowhere around 2 months…he started pulling off the breast and making a “clicking” noise and screaming. You could hear the gas rolling around in his little belly and he would scream in pain. But i was burping him so often.

The doctors would do nothing for me, as like your son, he was flourishing. So with 2 straight months of no sleep, and CONSTANT studying on the internet, I figured it all out. I almost lost my relationship in the midst of it all, but my son comes first. And if no one else would help me, i’d do it alone. It is thrush!

The reason he is pulling off out of the blue is because his mouth is sore. The reason for the gassiness is because it has gone on for so long it has made it down into his intestinal tract …what does yeast do in pizza dough? think about it. it puffs it up with air. Imagine what it’s doing in our little boys belly’s.

Anyways, i told me doc it was thrush and sure enough she examined his mouth and agreed with me. She has him on Nystatin and it went away and now its back. Were winning battles but were losing the war. The infection is also in my breasts now so I have to be treated. I’ve heard DIFLUCAN is best to treat this. But both you and baby should be treated.

I hope this helps, please email me if you have any other questions i really would love to help… all the best luck hun!

Editor: Thank you for this valuable tip! For anyone who wants to learn more about baby thrush symptoms and remedies, read this article.

Oct 06, 2013 Painful Screams!

by: Anonymous

My almost 3-month-old son has been screaming almost every day since 3 weeks old. The screaming is so bad that he can’t catch his breath and he is beat red! You would think he was being injured!!!!!

I have gone back and forth to the doctors but I can’t seem to get answers. I could only breastfeed for the first 3 weeks. He was vomiting (projectile) ounces on the formula so the doctor put him on Soy thinking he may have a milk allergy. He still vomits(not spit up) but not as much as with the milk, either way the screaming hasn’t stopped. I was concerned about reflux but doctor brushed me off.

One night we had to rush the baby to the Er because he choked on vomit while sleeping and continued to vomit large amounts. The ER dr said she believed it was a choking episode due to “reflux” however they did not run any tests.

Finally, at his 2 month check up the dr put him on an anacid. He will be 3 months soon and I don’t see any improvement. I know he is gassy but I just don’t believe that gas could be what is causing him SO MUCH PAIN!!!

I have tried Gripe Water, Chamomile Tea, Karo, Colic Calm, Mylacon etc. NOTHING HAS WORKED!!!!

As a first time mom I feel completely helpless. My family members tell me the cries are not normal. I’m desperate for answers…

Oct 16, 2013 Natural remedy for colic, gassy baby, spitting up
by: smrj

I’ll make this short. I used Gripe Water for both of my children. Both breastfed, my son would spit up so much after he ate I felt he wasn’t getting any nutrition. I used the gripe water before feeding (a few drops in the mouth) or in the bottle. If I forgot, he would spit up all over again. It’s all natural, made from Dill oil. It can be used on infants as young as newborn (just smaller dose). Tastes good so they don’t mind swallowing it.

I keep in the fridge for our (adults) occasional indigestion. For colicky babies, usually works within 15 minutes.

I use Woodward’s brand (less expensive), found in Indian grocery stores.
Hope this helps all parents at their wit’s end :) and all little ones in so much discomfort.


Nov 25, 2013 Colic my foot! Help
by: Anonymous

So I read all your posts and am glad my misery has company. Right now my 3 1/2 no son is happy in his kick gym playing cooing and smiling. But in a bit my tears will start again. He starts by just being fussy then he wont eat more than an ounce or two of our hypoallergenic formula neocate. Then his belly gets tense and the nightmare begins. Screams of pain tears, his, flowing and no massage bouncing or gripe water will fix it. He will take half hour power naps and feeds every 3 hours but only up to 2 oz. At night he goes to sleep at 8-9 wakes at 2 eats 4 oz then sleeps till 5-6 am eats another 4 oz like a dream baby. If one mote Dr says colic ill be in jail! My MIL finally saw it and agrees now. But how do you convince a Dr who never sees the pain this poor baby is in! I have tried all the recommendations given and we are at our wits end. Do any other moms feel like they are losing the battle? I have an spot with a go next week where I will mention the Carb malabsorption.

Dec 03, 2013 Reflux.
by: Anonymous

I think it is reflux.

Dec 06, 2013 Reflux
by: Anonymous

My daughter is nearly 9 months and has screamed after feeding since she was born! I tried comfort milk, colief drops, infacol, gripe water, calpol, soya formula, soya milk, solid foods, gaviscon and ranitidine…still squeals when she farts or burps, arches her back, clenches her fists etc she’s clearly in pain and I keep being told she will grow out of it:/ when she hasn’t got wind she is so happy and funny but this is really getting me down!! I can’t take much more of seeing her in pain..her tummy seems quite weak too she keeps getting viral infections and getting sick going off her food and losing weight!

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  1. Not Yo Mama

    We found out our baby was tongue tied when I went to a lactation class 6 days postpartum. Ped. said don’t worry about it because he’s gaining weight. At 2 months, my boy had a bowel movement maybe every 10 days(“…exclusively breastfed babies don’t poop everyday.”I get it.) Ped. said, “Give him prune juice.” Did he poop? Sure, pure liquid prune juice mixed with a little poop, every week now, maybe. Fast forward 4 months, little dude’s lost a pound and the doc thinks last weigh in must have been a mistake. Nope. Turns out Baby was latching improperly, sucking in air, feeling full from all the air, then crying all night trying to pass gas with an empty tummy. You bet we got that frenulum snipped right away. Won the battle, but not the war. Now the babe has to learn how to latch properly.

  2. David Scott


    …i am an adult male, and i have just had coconut milk and the trapped wind is UNBEARABLE !

    PLEASE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN …NEVER GIVE YOUR FAMILY COCONUT MILK, …it causes great wind and trapped gas !