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Mom’s question:
My 4-month-old baby is crying all the time! He never sleeps, it’s such a battle to get him to sleep! He cries all day long, not just crying but screaming.

What do I do; doctors say it’s colic or reflux.

He refuses bottles also, but as he is putting on weight no one seems to worry. I’m worried, though, it’s so frustrating. Please anyone with any ideas.

Baby Helpline:

Some Tips For Miserable Baby

The first thing you should do is to contact a better doctor! I get upset when I hear about moms who are in your situation – getting a “maybe” diagnosis and nothing more. These days there is medication available both for colic and reflux and your baby deserves proper medical attention! When a baby is crying all the time, something is clearly wrong and even if turns out to be infant colic, you need support and help.

Here are several things you can do at home to improve the situation, while at the same time contacting another doctor:

1. Elevate his crib – One thing you can do at home if you haven’t done it yet is to try elevating your son’s crib some 30 degrees to see if it helps his sleeping. If it does, you should definitely discuss reflux in more detail with a doctor.

2. Baby massage – One possible home remedy for colic is baby massage. Buy a good book with pictures that explain how to do it and give it a try. You can also learn more about colic and possible remedies here.

3. Upright feeding position – When feeding your baby (breast or bottle) try keeping him in an upright position; this will help both colic and reflux.

4. Other types of formula – If you do give your baby formula, you could also experiment with giving him other types, such as for example soy-based or lactose-free. A good pediatrician should be able to recommend proper brands where you live. And don’t forget to burp your baby!

5. Bottle feeding – You say that your baby refuses the bottle. If he is mainly breastfed, this is common. It can also be the other way around – a breastfed baby who gets access to a bottle may very well start rejecting the breast. Anyway, you might find these tips on how to get your baby to accept bottle-feeding useful.

6. Log the crying – In addition to all these steps, try to log what happens right before your baby starts to cry. Sometimes we are so tired and stressed that we don’t see what triggers their discomfort.

7. Carry him a lot – Also remember that whatever is bothering your baby, being close to you is likely to make him feel better, so invest in a good baby carrier and simply let him spend a lot of time there. The baby carrier saved my sanity and my back when I had a little one who only wanted to be in my arms. It might make the days a bit easier for both of you.

8. Focus on the good – Finally, remember to keep hold of the good times! Try to play, cuddle and interact as much as you can with your son. If he is in pain and also feels your stress, he needs your help to feel good and laugh. It will make both of you feel better! For some ideas on how to play with a 4-month-old baby, read this post! And here are tips on attachment parenting for babies.

I hope this provides you with a few ideas and some stamina to not give up!

Good luck!


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Mar 06, 2018 reby: stacci

hey, I finally got a doctor to listen to me when my son was 7 months old. After seven months of my baby screaming/ crying in pain he was diagnosed with a dairy intolerance. if you just keep going back and telling your doc you really aren’t coping something has to be done they eventually listen. Being a young 1st-time mom away from my family it was even harder, but i stuck to my guns. MOTHER KNOWS BEST!! my son is now 17 1/2 months and thriving we still have days wen he has had some dairy and we have a few shocking days wit him. Hopefully you have got things sorted. i know its hard.

Mar 13, 2018 that’s what babies do by: newmommyafter9years

I just gave birth 3 weeks ago, the last baby i had is now 9 years old, and I totally forgot how much they cry… I’m starting all over again and it’s really hard to get used to not sleeping the whole night… The GOOD NEWS IS… they grow up so fast and soon you too will forget how much crying she/he did, enjoy them while they’re little ;{)

Oct 17, 2018 chronic crying by: Lindsay

It is reassuring to know I am not the only mom who experiencing this! I have a 19-month-old daughter that slept fine during the day but at night she was a nightmare!!! She never slept and grunted and grunted for hours!!! I used to slept with her on my chest just to get through the night an get some sleep. My daughter had colic which she grew out of at about 4 months she started napping and sleeping and got on a schedule and became an amazingly pleasant adorable little girl.

Just recently I had a son I have heard he has colic and reflux and anal stenosis which is where his anal opening is too small and he can’t empty his bowel properly. however, he cries and cries and cries nonstop and he screams like high pitch shrills. I don’t know what to do. I am having the hardest time getting through I have a 20-month-old and my son is 4 months he screams all the time he grunts he is always miserable he sucks on his hands like he is hungry I feed him and he won’t eat I have tried everything sensitive formula changing my diet.

I am finally letting him cry it out. I make sure all his needs are met and then I let him cry even if it is an hour plus. My husband is in the military and is gone a lot I am alone raising a 20 month and 4 month old that never stops crying I keep going back to the docs they say colic which it isn’t they say reflux maybe a little but this isn’t normal no one listens and he just cries and cries I don’t know how to get through this!

Oct 18, 2018 lindsyby: stacci

Hi I am feeling for you. are you breast feeding? If doctors aren’t listening to you can try removing all dairy from his diet, it takes up to a month for dairy to get out of your child’s system and for you to notice a difference and if there is a change it could most likely be a dairy intolerance. Make sure you take calcium supplements if you are going to try it. if your baby is formula-fed the only way to see if it is  dairy intolerance is to get referred to a pediatrician to get formula prescribed. if the doctors think it reflux have you been prescribed any thing? I’ve just had another baby she is now 5 months she was put on prescribed formula at 2 months (she is now 5 months) but that was because her brother was on it so I didn’t get any arguments this time.

I also bought a baby wrap which is called “wrap me up”, the brand is Love Me Baby. She has been in it twice and Ihave actually had some sleep. It’s safe because their hands are up but covered so if she rolls she can still hold her head up. I’m not sure what else I can tell you, but it is good to chat to someone who is going through the same thing.

Jan 02, 2019 So late :(by: Anonymous

I have a two month old who NEVER ever stops crying. She screams day and night and doesn’t sleep. I have things I must do, but I can’t do anything because my child is so horrendously fussy. I believe she’s colic, but I’m not sure. I always fell extremely guilty when I leave my child to cry. I just want to hold her, but there is so much more that I have to do.

Jan 03, 2019 crying 2 month old
by: Stacci
only do what you HAVE to do otherwise you will get to exhausted and if you can get someone to come help you a couple of times a week to get washing and things like that done. Imade a day once a fortnight and got my partner or mum to come help and we cooked all day meals that could be frozen so it was easier on me. depending on whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding but i found MAM brand bottles to be the best. It’s normal for a baby to cry but not constantly that neither of you get any sleep i would go to a doctor and keep going till i get some sort of help or an answer.

Jan 12, 2019 Probiotic!
by: Anonymous
We were having the same problem with our 6-week-old. He cried from about 4-9 pm everyday non-stop. Only stopped to eat. He is very gassy and only has a bowel movement once ever 3-4 days. Doctors said it was colic and that it would pass.They also prescribed him to Prevacid for reflux because that “might” be it. Well, I just couldn’t put my 6-week-old on medicine without knowing for sure what was wrong. We tried everything! I started reading up on infant and baby probiotics because I take them myself, and I found lots of people using them. We also have a really good friend that is a chiropractor. He massaged my babies back and also suggested a probiotic. The first day after we saw the chiropractor and used the probiotic we had a bowel movement! He has now gone almost everyday, and the crying for hours has stopped! It takes a few days to a week for the probiotic to start working, so give it a chance. He still gets a little fussy because of gas, which we are working on, but we have our happy baby back! We use Baby Jarrows Infant probiotic, but there are lots of other good brands out there. Heard Bio Gaia works great also. Their website actually has tests done and how their product reduces colic. Plus, probiotics are a natural way to help the body. Hope this helps someone!

Feb 08, 2019 crying baby need help!!!by: Anonymous

I have a nine-month-old baby that just cry all the time and she is not colic! she does not move at all, she does not roll over to her stomach at all, she does not crawl and the doctor says nothing is wrong. she only bents her 1 leg. Please, I need help…

Feb 08, 2019 reby: stacci

Maybe get another opinion? if another doc says nothing is wrong, just tell em you want to be referred to a pediatritian. They specialize in children. the best thing I was told to help my son go on his tummy and strengthen his neck was to lay down and have him lay on his stomach on me. he was much happier that way. you could try that till you see another doc. have you seen a maternal nurse? has the maternal nurse said anything?

Feb 11, 2019 Crying 9 month oldby: Ludo

I have a nine month old who wont stop crying – cant get anything done. He requries so so much attention. I see other mothers and babies and they seem to be enjoying their time together – and it breaks my heart that we are not the same. Health visitor told me today to take him to a chiropractor. Has anyone any experience of this?

Feb 11, 2019 chiroby: Anonymous

I’ve taken both my kids to the chiro after the birth because they have just been through a lot i went aswell would be surprised how good u feel afterwards. if that doesnt make a huge difference might need to see if u are at all stressed?? all kids pic up on that and will play up more.

Feb 14, 2019 Did your baby ever tp crying?
by: Anonymous
We are going through the EXACT same thing….. seems like there is no end in sight…. will it ever stop? :-(

Feb 22, 2019 sighby: Anonymous

I am there with you ladies, it’s so hard. My son is 5 1/2 months and has been a screamer since 2 months. It’s to the point that it’s all day. He hardly ever sleeps anymore. It is so stressfull, dad works all the time. I am up and I spend so many hours rocking him and bouncing him; making sure all his needs are met. Tonight I took a nice bath with him to relax him, it is almost 1 am he hasnt taken a nap since 5pm for an hour. It makes it so hard to enjoy being a mother, and I expected this to be hard it’s not supposed to be easy. But I know not all children are this way. I have done everything, went to ear nose throat docter No reflux. I take him to a specialized colic chiropractor, I give him gripe water (helped for the first month) teething tablets, teething gel. I breastfeed and I have tried not using dairy here and there but I am not a big dairy person as it is.

I have given into the cry it out, I never ever wanted to do it this way. I rock him and rock him and it just is all pointless the minute I set him down. I feel so horrible, but I don’t know what else to do. My heart breaks right now because I feel so helpless. Let’s hope this too shall pass.

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  1. David

    i have a newborn grandson about 2 weeks old now, when we feed him during the day he is good and burps fine, but at night time he has a hard time burping and then his tummy gets hard like cramps and he just cries (looks like in pain) does anyone have any suggestions. we are using infamil gentle right now but thinking of changing to just infamil, the poor little guys cries till 3 or 5 in the morning then he sleeps good for about 4 hours – please help any advice is appreciated

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

      Hi David,
      It is actually very commmon that newborn babies are restless and cry at night and have tummy pain. 3 to 5 in the morning is the textbook time. :-) It is probably due to gas, just as you say. Have you tried helping him release the gas? An effective way to do it is to push his knees gently towards his tummy and wriggle a little bit. You might have to hold his legs in that position for a little while or take his legs down and push again a few times. For many babies this is enough to make them fart and for the pain stop.

      Another possibility is acid reflux. But if he sleeps in the same position during daytime without the pain, I believe gas is more likely.

      Let me know if it works!

  2. Lilly

    I am sorry to say I am glad someone else is having the same problems we are. My baby just turned 2 months yesterday. I don’t know if I can really remember her not crying. It is so few and far between. She wakes up, she cries. It doesn’t matter. And heaven forbid you lay her on her back, screaming will commence. We are so frustrated and I feel like everyone who said babies are beautiful, fun bundles of joy, LIED to us. I want to feel happy to have my baby. It took us 8 years of trying and a specialist to get her. All that work to feel so unable to help my child, is very hard to take.

    1. Paula @ EasyBabyLife


      Have you taken your baby to a pediatrician? If she screams when placed on her back she might be suffering from reflux, for example. And a lot can be done to help her in such case. And even if she has colic there are remedies these days that might help her too.

      Regarding the image of the happy new family – for many new families, that image is completely false. A new baby is overwhelming and a huge change for the couple. I can totally understand your disappointment, especially since you had to wait for such a long time. It is easy to get very high expectations then.

      Babies scream. They need a lot of attention and they scream anyway. They often make their parents (and especially the moms) completely exhausted. Especially the first three months are often the worst. After that many babies seem to calm down slowly.

      I actually felt as if I was going to die from pure exhaustion when my first baby was around 2 months old. But you don’t. And somehow you endure and then slowly things start to get easier. And happier.

      In addition to taking your baby to the doctor to have her examined for reflux and other possible reasons for her crying, make sure you take turns with your partner and also invest in a baby sling or carrier of she is calmer when held, so that you can have your hands free while carrying her.

      Some babies also get calmer using baby massage or giving them a nice, warm bath.

      Also see if you can find a brave friend or relative who can take her out for a stroller walk now and then to give you some rest. If you explain that she will cry during the walk but that that’s OK, then maybe you can get some very well deserved rest.

      Things will get better, I promise! In a few months time, she is very likely to be a giggling, smiling little girl. And this tough period will start to fade in your memory.

      How ever hard it may seem right now, also try to note the little times when she is not crying and enjoy those.

      I wish you all the best,


  3. Stacci

    It’s a relief to hear I’m not the only mother with a baby that cries all the time it has ben happening since my son was about 1 and 1/2 months old he is now 1 week off 5 months.

    I have been to doctor after doctor. One says reflux gave me medication for him didn’t help seemed to upset him. Another said he was hungry and suggested formula that only worked for 2 weeks. Another said he doesn’t have reflux but has colic. I’m getting so stressed out he looks in pain but no doctor listens.

    He has a 6-7 hour sleep some nights but I think that is because he is awake all day. it is impossible to get him to sleep i have tried just bout everything I can think of and the comments from people and inlaws driving me nuts i know they just trying to help but 4 months of crying everyday is just tiring.

    Getting appointment with another doctor this week see if they help. sorry i got no answers for you but its a relief to know I’m not alone

  4. CareOfNewborn

    Colic in newborns is one of the most frustrating experience for parents. However it can be handled although very patient demanding. Thank for the good info!

  5. Hanna Seth

    I’ve known many babies with reflux. If you have a boppy (a U-shaped pillow) have her sleep on that so she’s propped up. Also try burping after every 2 ounces she drinks.

    Also babies magic tea is great for their digestion and is safe for very young babies. About 2oz once a day. If you’re EBF mom you can drink it yourself and pass thru your BM or mix it in expressed milk/formula and give her directly.