by Jennifer
(dublin city lreland)

My baby is 4 months old and since he was two days old he has been crying non stop. I have tried everything going from colic to cranial osteopaths; I am now thinking that he could have reflux, but am unsure as he can keep down bottles.

Have you any other suggestions for me, please help.

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Why A Baby May Be Crying A Lot

I feel so much for you; you seem to be having a very tough time with your little son.

Have you been in contact with a good pediatrician? Don’t settle with one that doesn’t help you; find another one in that case!

It’s not really possible for me to tell why your baby is crying so much. Obviously, he does sleep and eat, but I assume that you have noticed that he cries much more than other babies of his age.

Colic and reflux are two of the most common reasons why babies are very fussy. Is he gaining weight as he should? When is he crying (before he eats, after, during his feeding, when he is trying to poop, pee etc)? I suggest you take careful notes for a week on his eating, sleeping, pooping, spitting up, crying, and if he seems to be in pain and why and then contact a new pediatrician. This way you will be able to provide useful information and evidence of your situation.

Try to observe him and see if he is constantly moaning or if the cryings comes suddenly, which could indicate pain.

Also, try to observe situations when he doesn’t cry – is it when you play with him, when he is in a sling close to you, when he is in an upright position and so on. Take notes of these happy times too and then try to increase the share of his time awake that he spends in situations that don’t make him cry.

Some babies really enjoy being outside and can be distracted by being in a semi upright position in the stroller or facing out while carried in a baby carrier and just watching the trees, cars, people and so on. Other babies are happier snuggling in close to mom’s chest will spending time in a sling.

More frequent feedings can sometimes also be a key to a happier baby, especially for reflux babies, where frequent, but somewhat smaller feedings can make a huge difference.

If your boy does have colic, things are likely to start improving soon by themselves, but for example reflux may need medication.

Don’t give up and don’t settle with no help! You and your baby certainly deserve support! I really wish I could do more to help you and if you include more information, maybe I can. But I still think you should contact a good doctor.

Good luck and I’d love to hear from you what the doctors found out and if things improved.

(Some clues as to how to interpret a baby’s crying can be found here.)

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Apr 02, 2013

I know how hard this is

by: Michele

During the third month of colic, I called my daughter’s peditrician in tears. He said try “Children’s Mylanta.” Desperate for any solution, I ran out and got it. After the first dose, I swore my daughter cried less than her normal 6-8 hours. What I wasn’t expecting was the liquid, and I mean totally liquid bowel moments that seemed to occur every hour. I kept giving her Mylanta until one day I realized it was the “witching hour” and she was actually smiling. I got sick of the liquid poop and cut off the Mylanta and still, no crying. What I didn’t know is that the crying from colic should abate around the fourth month and Mylanta wouldn’t have changed that. Go ahead and try the Mylanta, it won’t hurt. But know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel either way!

Apr 29, 2013

cry baby

by: tayyiba

hi. i have same situation with my 4 mnth old boy. peadiatrician suggested, if case of reflux, that we thicken feeds or get a formula that is anti regurgitating.also put anti spasmodic drops in each feed trying that too.although not so badly, he still does cry,not due to pain or hunger, but somehow i feel just for comfort. for the past months whenever he cried we were there for him, now i think he has gotten used to that idea. i truly feel for you cause i know exactly how you and your family are affected. just hang in there. this like all other difficult times will pass. NB you are not alone in this. all the best.

Aug 22, 2013

Crying babies

by: ingrid a.mendez

if a baby gets the right amount of milk and water and is burp properly using a certain burping method that baby can sleep for 3hours and more all the crying will stop. i am from trinidad, west indies

Aug 30, 2013

Mylanta for acid reflux

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)


As some of you may know, it is not uncommon that babies are getting the diagnose infant colic when what they really have is acid reflux, and for understandable reasons. The symptoms of colic and acid reflux often start at around the same age; 2-4 weeks old and they both lead to a lot of crying. But in addition, babies with acid reflux may also spit up frequently, be gagging, have poor sleeping and eating habits, may not increase is weight and have colds and chest infections often. AND the acid reflux will often continue beyond the magical 4 months when real colic often disappears.

Acid reflux (or Gastroesophageal reflux (GER) or heartburn) is a painful condition where the stomach content travels back into the esophagus way too easily.

There are several ways to mitigate acid relux, of which Mylanta is one. Mylanta is a so called antacid, which neutralizes stomach acids and hence makes the reflux less painful.

So if you suspect that your baby may have GER, then certainly give Mylanta a try. But above all, discuss the situation with a good pediatrician, since there are many other ways to improve the situation as well.

Hope this helps,


Sep 04, 2013

Baby always crying

by: Anonymous

When my baby was 1 month old he always cried and was hungry and cough due to scream a lot. I went to my gp and he had an advice from the pediatric who advice me to reduce his feeding time and make sure he drink 840 ml in 24 hour and divided it into two hour gap of 70 ml and I did it for two days and my baby was happy drinking and sleep. No cry, sleep well. It was hard for few days but he is back to routine without crying a lot and sleep well… Wakes up, no crying and more relaxed than ever.

Try that it really works. Now my baby is 4 month only his last feed in the evening is 9 o’clock and he sleep until 5 in the morning, and his weight is been in control as well.. Thanks

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  1. Sabrina Eartha

    My baby was the same and nothing was helpful to soothe him, then I started babies magic tea and it worked great just in 2 to 3 doses.