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by Amanda

My daughter is 5 months old. She has recently started crying on and off all day long. She will cry for about 15 minutes, or whine, and then she will be ok for 15 minutes…

I have gotten her ears, throat, and nose checked out, and everything is fine. She never runs fevers, even after she gets all her shots, never.

She eats very well, and is overall a very healthy baby. She weighs almost 16lbs. I have no idea what to do. It is very stressful, and very concerning that she has started doing this. Please give any advice that you can.

Thank you so much!

Baby Help Line:

A few Ideas When Baby Cries All Days

I understand that your girl’s behavior is stressful! A few possibilities come to my mind. Could she be teething? Or did you recently start introducing solid foods – a possibility in that case could be tummy pain.

No diaper rash or her simply being bored? Is she crying really hard or is it more like complaining, whining? Do you interpret her sounds as her being in pain? Does she do it also if engaged in some activity she likes?

At her age, some babies can be downright bored if left alone to play for longer periods or they can actually be scared! Therefore, this is a good time to start attending baby music classes or some other fun baby friendly activity and also not leave Baby alone in another room if that seems to trigger the crying.

Hunger could actually also be a possibility. 6 months is a growth spurt, but that’s of course not an exact date, so she could be growing and hungry.

Is her pee normal; no bad smell or color?

It is really hard to know what the problem is, but hopefully I’ve given you a few more ideas to work with. If you want, add more information in a comment below, and I’ll try to help you some more.

Unless your daughter is in real pain, sick or very uncomfortable, distraction and having fun with mom or dad is usually the best medicine when a young baby is cranky. Try to play with her and make her laugh and then also put her in an baby carrier or sling and let her stay close to you during the day to see if it helps. You can find ideas on games to play with a 5-month-old here.


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Comments for “5 Month Old Recently Started Crying All The Time?!?”

Mar 24, 2013

almost 6 months and cries alot
by: Anonymous

She cries a lot more like screams, she has had all her check ups and yes she does have one thing of baby food a day along with a cereal, milk and water bottle. then she will go to sleep and repeat it all over again. she does not like the teething rings i have tried all different kinds…… I’m just hoping not to have to let her cry all day. any help would be appreciated

Aug 30, 2013

Clues as to why a baby is scrying

by: Paula (Baby Help Line)

When a baby cries a lot, it is extremely stressfull for the parents. By nature, we just want the to STOP right now. With newborn babies, it can be very hard to figure out why they cry. First of all, we don’t really know each other yet, an in addition, the crying is basically the baby’s only way to communicate, so the screams can mean so many different things.

But as a baby grows a little bit older, the crying will sound slightly different depending on what the baby wants. Fear will not sound the same as hunger for example. I have compiled a list of different crying sounds for babies here, to help you interpret yor baby’s wishes.

Also remember that unless your baby is hungry or in pain, the so-called five Ss can help many babies calm down.

I hope this helps,

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