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My emergency C-section Birth Story… My little son actually saved my life!

My Emergency C-Section Birth Story and How Lucky I Was

First Medically Induced

I had to be induced a week early due to gestational diabetes.

I began having contractions at 2 AM because of the pectin. By 9 AM, my contractions were so intense that the DR allowed me to have an epidural. The pain subsided.

At noon, I began pushing and pushed for 4 hours, until the DR realized that my son was turned sideways and was losing oxygen. So the doctor made me lay on my stomach (it hurt)to try and get my son to move. But he would not, he is stubborn just like me.

The Emergency C-Section Went Well

DR said you are going to need an emergency c-section.

I said OK. What else could I say?

I get wheeled in at 5:01 PM and my son was delivered at 5:32 PM–The greatest moment when I heard his cry.

He was 7 lbs 11.5 ozs, 21 inches long.

The nurses said “It looks like he had been taking steroids in the womb because he is so built.

I kissed my son’s nose, so warm, and he had to be taken to NICU because he was a meconium baby and swallowed some and he had low blood sugars.

Then Suddenly They Noticed…

After my son was taken to NICU, the doctor examined me. And things got serious. The DR noticed that my cervix had erupted. Things went really fast then because I needed a blood transfusion and cervical surgery.

It was very scary but happened so fast that I didn’t quite understand what happened or how dangerous it was. I realized that afterward.

The surgery went well, and I FINALLY got to hold my son at 9:30 PM.

I am thankful for him every day. He saved my life. If he would have turned
like the DR wanted him to, I probably would have bled out and died! He is
my world and will let him know someday (he’s only 2) that he saved me in so many ways.

(Austin, Texas )

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