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three different births
I’m expecting my 4th child in 2 months. I don’t know yet what this birth experience will be like but I remember the other three like they were yesterday. No one birth is like the other! My best tips s to prepare, stay present and really be open to whatever happens and adapt to the situation. Here are brief descriptions of my three birthings so far:

Kid #1 was intense painful back labor for 6 hours. He came too fast at the end and beat the anesthesiologist, so that was natural childbirth by situation, not by choice.

Kid #2, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning when my water broke (trickled constantly, not ‘burst’ like in the movies). Got to the hospital at 4:30 and she was born at 5:30 am. Quick one, again no epidural. The worse part was they didn’t give me an episiotomy and I tore. I swear I heard a pop when her round head finally came out.

Kid #3, early labor at 33 weeks. Very scary. I had the huge shots in my thighs to mature his lungs and the hospital birthing team kept coming in with the warming trays and all the equipment because they were sure he was coming. Ambien was given to me to help me get some rest and it also happened to stop my labor. I went home 2 days later on bed rest until I was further along.

Then only 10 days before my due date, my water broke (again a trickle) at 9 am. Everything was going to be ok and it was safe for the baby to be born then. Due to my last one coming in 2 hours, we hurried to the hospital. I walked the halls and bounced on a giant rubber ball until he was born at 4 pm. I guess this one wasn’t in as much of a hurry. Again, natural childbirth, but really didn’t have much pain at all the whole time.

Every labor and birth are different and I have no idea what will happen this next time around. Sure hope it’s as easy as my last one though :-)

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