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c-section because baby was too big birth story

You’re Having A Baby Tonight… Or Tomorrow… Or Next Week Maybe…

I will never know if it was true, but the Dr recommended a c-section because baby was too big. This was the end of a 7-day fiasco for me to give birth.

Problems just before the due date

I was due on 6/16. I went to the doctor’s office for a routine visit on 6/14. My doctor had just purchased a new home and was on vacation to move her family in. So I had to see another doctor.

This doctor found some protein in my urine and wanted to do more tests. This started a 7-day fiasco for me to give birth.

I had to bring home a jug and capture my urine in for 24 hours. When I turned it in the next day they sent me to the hospital for an ultrasound. I was then told that my amniotic fluid was low and they were going to induce me that night. I called my mom and my husband to come in.

Medically Induced

That evening they tried to induce me all evening and I didn’t have one contraction. The next morning the doctor told me that they would put me on an IV and I would have the baby later that afternoon and I would most likely have to have a c-section.

An hour later a new doctor came in and told me that I was going home there was no need to get an IV, things could happen on their own. So I went home.

The next day I came in and the doctor who tried to induce me the first time admitted me again and tried to induce me all afternoon. Again I didn’t have one contraction. The next doctor came in and sent me home again.

Finally, my doctor came back from vacation and called me in she said, “You are having a baby today!

C-Section Because Baby Was Too Big!

When I arrived she gave me an examination and told me the baby was too big and I should consider a c-section. When I finally decided to have a c-section, they told me I had to wait for the next day.

Finally the next day 6/21 I made my last trip to the hospital and had a c-section.

The most difficult part of the spinal was the position I had to be in to receive it. I had to lay on my side and crunch up into a ball. The nurse had to hold me in this position. Then I had to flip over very quickly before the medicine made it impossible for me to move.

At 7:59 am the doctor told me I had a new baby boy 9.5lbs and 21inches long!!!

After the birth, I was fairly comfortable. It was difficult to move and painful to cough. I had to lean on the edge of the bed to stand but the pain was not unbearable and I was off pain meds fairly quickly. I was able to move around fully in about 2 weeks.

I will never know if the recommendation to have a C-section because my baby was too big was correct. But it all turned out well after some very confusing and frustrating days! :-)


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  1. Janice Anderson

    My first daughter was 9lb. 3 Oz. 5 hour labor
    2nd daughter 11 lb 1 Oz. 4 hour labor
    3rd daughter 8 lb 8 Oz. 4 hour labor

    No drugs, no c section.

    Your doc sounds knife happy

  2. Petite mom

    Congrats on the birth, however, your OB sounds like she just wanted to go home to her new house and not spend time laboring with you!

    Your baby was not too big – I am very short and petite and have had two over 9 ponders vaginally. Please don’t except your baby is too big in the future – it is nonsense.

    Glad you are happy with your birthing experience, though. Thanks for sharing.