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I don’t know how you feel about reading a not-so-rosy birth story. Mine isn’t rosy at all. It was honestly the worst day in my life. It all went well, but the birth of our baby was not at all what I had hoped for. Maybe, for someone, it can be a help to read about a less than perfect experience.

Here’s my story:

My Not-So-Rosy, Honest Birth Story

Overdue when Labor Finally Started

I remember feeling the contractions starting at 11 am in the morning. At first, they felt like very light lower stomach pain and a bit of back pain and they were coming every ten minutes.

I was over the moon since I was 18 days overdue, so I couldn’t really believe that these may well be contractions and I was praying to God please let them be contractions especially since I had a booked induction for that afternoon at 6:30.

So I went home and the contractions kept kicking in and at 6 pm I told my husband to take me to the beach so that we could walk on the sand and run up and down steps to make the contractions stronger, longer and closer together.

We went to the beach and done just that and the contractions were much easier to handle while walking rather than while sitting in the car.

After that, we went home and I couldn’t get some shut-eye but my husband was snoring away. I put up with the pain until 4 am, then I woke him up and told him they’re 4 minutes apart, let’s go.

In the Hospital With Contractions

We went to the hospital and I was put on a machine to time the contractions and baby’s heartbeat. The cervix was open 3 cm.

Then I was allowed to walk around in the hospital and contractions became worse and worse with time so I decided to go into the shower and pour hot water over my back and stomach. Each contraction that came made me cry softly.

After 2 hours in the shower, I went back to bed and asked for the gas because it was becoming too much to handle. I remember taking the gas and then throwing it back down because it made me feel sick, but the nurse said to take, it will help you. So I put it back on and I remember feeling like I was in another world; I would laugh then cry then murmur something. It was the best feeling. The labor pain was still there but I was too drunk in other words to complain other than scream and cry.

Delivery and Pushing for Hours

Hours passed and soon the heavy contractions kicked in, 2 minutes apart, and I felt the biggest urge to push but I was told not to since I was only 8 cm and needed to be 10 cm. I tried my best to hold it in, but I couldn’t help myself. I kept pushing then I’d stop and breathe out to help me with the pain. This went on for 5 hours and then I was allowed to push.

I remember feeling relieved cause I was allowed to push but as soon as I pushed, I felt the strongest burning feeling and I felt with every push as if I was being torn apart down there, but I told myself – you have to do it, be strong and 45 minutes later my baby was born!

It’s been 1 month now and I’m still not over it! :-(

by Stacy (Australia)

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