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I didn’t feel right, but nobody believed me. Well, my water broke in the wrong place. Here is my birth story of water breaking and lessons learned.

I didn’t feel right, but…

I woke up one morning the day before my due date feeling “not quite right”.

Luckily my husband was off work that so we decided to give me a few hours to see if it was just a passing thing.

We decided to go to the movies, but I changed my mind right before we went to it and decided to walk around for a little bit. After about an hour, we decided to make a trip to labor and delivery.

Upon arrival, they examined me and said everything was fine. Of course, I was discharged and told to “see how things went”.

And then my water broke!

I was hungry, so we decided to not go straight home and to get me something to eat first.

Well, during lunch at the restaurant, I started leaking fluid. I told my husband who for one reason or another, didn’t believe me. That was until we stood up to leave and my water broke!!!

There was a big gush of fluid and water all over the floor. I was mortified and hoped we could sneak out without too much attention from others that were trying to enjoy lunch.

My son was born 16.5 hours later exactly on his due date!!

Talk about not listening to your gut feeling..! :-D


Anyone else with a birth story of water breaking in the wrong place..? Share below!

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  1. Kay

    This is funny to read – my water broke in a not so great place too!

    We moved into our home when I was 8 months pregnant with our second child.

    (I recommend this to all pregnant women; you don’t have to do anything! :-D)

    We bought all new furniture for our living room, and I wanted to buy a new bed, but my husband wanted me to wait until after the baby was born, as I was barely off the bed when my water broke with my first child and he didn’t want to ruin a new mattress.

    My husband was playing softball the night I went into labor; he was playing a doubleheader, and, although I told him to play both games, as I felt fine, he came home after the first game.

    I was sitting on the new couch waiting for him to come home and five minutes later, my water broke – on the new couch!

    He took a quick shower, and took me to the hospital – sitting on several towels so I wouldn’t ruin the leather on his new car!

    Both my boys came within a few hours after my water broke, so my husband went home early the next morning to get someone to the house to clean the new couch!

    At least I didn’t ruin our bed this time, LOL!

  2. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

    That’s a funny story.. afterward! I can imagine you weren’t laughing there and then when your water broke! Or could you see the humor in the situation right then?

    Thanks for sharing 🙂