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I have counted my labor from when the pain starts until when the baby is born. I was in labor 1 hour, I have dubbed myself a baby making machine. :-)

My Quick Labor Birth Story

Had no idea what to expect

I was 18 years old, 2 weeks overdue and I had no idea what I was in for at all. I was expecting the worst pain of my life for hours on end.

I arrived at the hospital at 7 am to be induced. They hooked me up to a fetal monitor and started an IV full of Pitocin.

For hours, I felt small contractions, nothing that hurt, it just felt “tight”. The nurses came in to check my dilation every so often and it felt like I was stuck at 4cm forever. :-(

Finally getting somewhere

At about 2 pm I was sitting at the end of my bed talking to my father, who was directly in front of me. I felt what I thought was the baby kick and said “oh, that was hard”.

Before I could get the words out of my mouth I was covered in water. My dad looked so grossed out with a full view of what just happened. My mom ran and got the nurse and it all began. Now my contractions HURT!!!

I was rocking and swaying, doing anything to keep my mind off the contractions.

Drugfree birth, no thanks!

I had opted for a “drug-free” birth when I filled out my paperwork. Well, the pain changed my mind very quickly. I asked for an epidural.

The doctor came in at about 2:30 pm to start my epidural and told me I must sit totally still. I was thinking “ok, that is not going to happen right now”. So I changed my mind, sent the doctor packing and he was not at all happy.

He stood in the hall and yelled back in the door “It is going to hurt worse later, and you will regret it”.

Boy was he wrong!!! At 3:01 pm, about 30 minutes later, I gave birth to a 7lb 14oz baby girl.

I have counted my labor from when the pain starts until when the baby is born. I was in labor for 1 hour, I have dubbed myself a baby-making machine. :)

This was a painful, but quick birth!

XO, Tiffanie

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