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Why would anyone need new mom skin care tips..? Well, since you’re here, you probably have a clue… :-)

Did you get that glowing, lovely complexion when you were pregnant? And hair that was thick, shiny and bouncy?

Whether you did or not, I can tell you that it is all gone the minute you give birth! And even more so if you breastfeed.

Breastfeeding together with lack of sleep will make your skin dull and dry. Your hair will also get dry and you might lose quite a lot.

Sounds great, huh? In addition to the breastfeeding hormones and lack of sleep, the sometimes dramatic change in skin quality after pregnancy is also due to the body going back to normal. During pregnancy, the pregnancy hormones together with increased blood volume actually make your nail grow faster, your hair grow thicker and your skin look more radiant. After pregnancy, all these beauty boosts disappear. As if being exhausted wasn’t enough…

So what to do? As always, simply try to take care of yourself as much as possible. Here are some tips on hair and skin care for new moms.

New Mom Skin Care & Hair Care Tips

Try to sleep

I wonder how often I write this? Well, it is super-important for all aspects of your well-being. Without some sleep, your skin will look dry, dull, wrinkled and you might get pimples. Not so nice!

If you need tips on how to get those attractive hours of sleep being a new mom, read this.


Drink a lot of water. This is always important, but even more so if you breastfeed. Your baby might drink as much as one liter (more than 4 cups) of breast milk a day. If you don’t drink that extra liquid you’ll get tired, get a headache, get even drier skin and your stomach won’t work all that well either.

Peel those wrinkles away

New mom skin carePinBeing tired makes your skin look grey – and that’s regardless of if your usual skin color. A peeling once or twice a week is nice.

An ordinary peeling doesn’t actually take away wrinkles unless you make a real chemical peeling with the help from a skin therapist. Still even a simple a good home peeling, like this one (link to Amazon) makes your skin look much better and less dry. And less dry means less dry wrinkles…

See a skin therapist

If you can find the time and the money, go see a skin therapist. You might need completely other products now than you did a few months ago.

Also, if you are like most moms, you probably focus a lot on your baby and less on yourself right now. Add being dead tired and imagine how many new moms actually do all the skin care stuff right in the evenings… No wonder your skin is suffering!

A skin therapist can get you a quick fix as well as some products that will make you look and feel better. And it is a really nice way to spend some time as a new mom!

Good skin care products

Good skin care products are key when your skin isn’t in its best condition. Some time ago I tried products from DDf and absolutely loved them! But there are so many great brands out there! Where do you buy your skin care stuff? I used to just go to the local store, but I am buying more and more of my stuff online.

I actually think Amazon is great for skin care. They have a huge selection, great prices, reviews, coupons… The only thing that annoys me is how more and more reviews are from people who received the products to give a review. They all five stars. BUT they have to disclose that they were given the product, so you can double-check that. Anyway, check out Amazon’s skin care stuff here.

If you don’t want to or can’t afford a new set of skincare items, check out these homemade facial mask recipes. I love them all. :-)

And if your skin is dry and your wallet is skinny – try either virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Work wonders!

Concealer – my rescue!

Can this be called new mom skin care..? I guess not. But it is still worth mentioning! Use a good concealer to hide the dark circles around your eyes. Do it for yourself! The best one I’ve found (and I’ve tried several!) is Touche Eclat by YSL. It’s way too expensive, but I continue to buy it because it is so good! It comes in several colors.

The best about Touche Eclat is that is does not make wrinkles more visible, like most other concealers do!

Don’t forget your hands

You are also likely to get dry hands from all the washing. Remember to use a really good hand lotion often or you might even develop eczema as I did. Nothing helped for almost a year until I bought Borage oil ointment for my baby’s cradle cap. I tried it on my finger and within a week, the dry eczema was gone. Just like his cradle cap. Amazing!

Hair care for more glow

My first advice is to cut your hair often. Not that I followed that advice when our daughter was a baby! I waited for 8 months… Not a good idea – total ponytail mom! (Don’t get me wrong, ponytails are great, but they were my only option!)

If you breastfeed you might get really dry, boring hair and some new moms experience quite a bit of post-pregnancy hair loss. This will all get back to normal later on, but to look and feel nice, it is a good idea to cut the hair often.

Another possible way to add some shine to your hair is to dye it. I desperately tried a new hair color for the first time when I was breastfeeding. I dyed my blond hair for the first time ever. It made such a great difference to how thick and shiny it looked.

Highly recommended! Again, don’t do it yourself! Go to a hairdresser and have your spouse stop by with you baby for feeding if necessary.

If you worry about chemicals in the hair dye, read here about it.

My hairdresser also had me buy some magic drops for my hair to add shine and make it less frizzy.. Sure made a difference!

Who could ever guess that my hair really was blond, dull and flat? With my new darker color and the serum, no one could guess that I was exhausted, breastfeeding and that my hair was suffering badly from it. Yippee!

I have also collected some diy hair care recipes that I love in this post!

Well new mom, start implementing these new mom skin care tips NOW. I know from my own experience that they’ll make a difference.

Good luck!

If you enjoy it, here are some posts to continue taking care of your mama look. :-)

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