What can you expect for your post-pregnancy breasts?

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post-pregnancy breasts


Your Breasts After Baby – What To Expect

My post-pregnancy breasts have changed – is it just me?

After pregnancy, our breasts change. They can get bigger or smaller. Usually flatter and saggier. If we breastfeed, the breasts will most likely first get a lot bigger, but then…

A research study (reference below) where almost 6000 women answered a questionnaire about their postpartum breasts concluded:

A decrease in breast size was reported in 21.8% of the participants and an increase in 35.1%. With regard to the breast stiffness, 66.4% reported a decrease and only 5% reported an increase.

Not all women know that the main changes to the breasts come from pregnancy, not breastfeeding. Only, breastfeeding moms won’t notice the more or less dramatic change until after weaning.

I am sure you have heard that you should love your body after pregnancy – it has been part of creating a miracle. And sure, it has. But the effects on the body, and maybe especially on the breasts and belly, can be really hard to accept (and love!) for many new moms.

Improvement over time

The post-pregnancy breasts can be a very sensitive thing, especially just after pregnancy or after weaning if you breastfeed. The previously full breasts are suddenly very empty and saggy, often small and may be full of stretch marks. Still, research indicates that it is pregnancy rather than breastfeeding that causes all the changes in your breasts.

What to do? Love the situation and be grateful for your baby…? Easier said than done!

Well, one important thing to do is to have some patience. Right after weaning from breastfeeding (or giving birth if formula feeding), the breasts are as saggy as they will ever be (well, for 20 years or so).

But just like the extra skin on your belly will slowly disappear, your breasts are also likely to get a bit of their pre-pregnancy appearance back. The extra skin slowly diminishes and in many cases, fatty tissues will to some extent start filling out your breasts again.

However, to what extent your post-pregnancy breasts will go back to their pre-pregnancy look, is related to genetics, skin elasticity and amount of weight gain. Smoking and lots of sun exposure have also been shown to be harmful to skin elasticity.Read about the connection between saggy breasts and pregnancy and breastfeeding here.

My own experience is that it took up to six months after weaning or giving birth before the breasts returned to some sort of pre-pregnancy look. It also depends on how fast you reach your pre-pregnancy weight. So patience is one thing. The other is to fix what is possible.

Fixing Stretch Marks

Many women get stretch marks on their breasts during pregnancy since the breasts grow so much bigger. Have you tried using a good stretch mark cream?

If you don’t feel like just sitting around waiting for improvement, you can give time a little bit of help. Don’t expect miracles, but there are a few proven options to reduce stretch marks somewhat:

  • Needling. Sounds terrible don’t you think?! Iäve tried it on my face for melasma and it worked really well. It is proven to work for any type of scars too, including stretch marks. Your best bet is to visit a saloon for it, but there are home treatment options too. Make sure to read up carefully on how to use them!
  • Creams and oils to reduce the stretch marks. These are usually not as effective, but there are some with proven results.


Doing pushups may not improve the appearance of the actual breasts, but by strengthening the muscles behind the breasts, it can give your bust a slight lift. (And will be great for your back and shoulders too, of course.) For more tips on exercising after pregnancy, read this article.

Beautiful Bras

Pamper yourself with nice underwear. This might seem like really stupid advice, but it is so easy to forget yourself when having a new baby. A really good push-up bra can make you feel content at least with your clothes on. If you breastfeed, you can find tips on choosing the right nursing bra here.

Accept it (Sigh!) or fix it…

Coping with the rapid changes of your post-pregnancy body is hard! And honestly, not everything about your body will go back to “normal”. Our best option is to fix what we can and want and try to accept the rest. Walking around feeling miserable over something that just can’t be changed is so self-destructive!

Give it 6 months, do some exercising and try a stretch mark cream and hopefully, your breasts have improved enough for you to be able to accept them! If not, you can also consider if some kind of breast augmentation is the right choice for you.

Now, how did your breasts change after pregnancy and how do you feel about it? Share your thoughts below!

More about the post-pregnancy breasts and body

There are very many comments to this article with moms (and dads) commenting on their breasts post-pregnancy.  The newest comments, are way down the post, including the possibility to add your own comments!.

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Apr 29, 2016 post-baby boobs.

by: Anonymous

It’s nice to know I’m not alone with my non-existent post-pregnancy boobs! I’ve always had a small bust but I didn’t mind as they were firm. Since breastfeeding my daughter for 6 months and just recently weaning her, my breasts have to say the least vanished! Just reading your comments has made me feel a little better and your comments about how 6 months after weaning they may ‘perk up a bit’ has given me hope!…thanks. I refuse to buy 34a bras ( very silly I know). Every day I feel blessed with my gorgeous daughter and wouldn’t change things for the world, but I will be paying a lot more now for good jelly bras as opposed to my usual 2 for a fiver!lol…

Jun 11, 2016 Non-Existent Breasts

by: Orchid

I was always in a 34B until getting pregnant with my son, when my boobs suddenly went up to a 34C…I was so happy with them. I breastfed him for 5 months, and my boobs deflated a bit after weaning, but not too bad. A few months after I weaned they started to perk up again and fill up, retaining my 34C (I was so happy they were bigger than before!). Then I got pregnant with my daughter, my breasts went up to a 34D, I was SO elated, I thought for sure it would be the same as after my son. HA! I was mistaken! I breastfed her for 7 months until my supply again ran short (same with my son), and my boobs deflated. She is a year old now, and I refuse to buy a 34A..I had to break down and buy a 34B which hurt badly, and even that is too big. They are not perking back up this time, and they are not regaining any firmness or filling..and are as small as they were when I was 13 years old and had no breasts. I’m not married, a single mom, and it has killed my self confidence drastically. Sure a bra fixes it on the outside, but once it comes off…well I never want to take it off. I’m tempted to get implants.

Jun 23, 2016 post baby boobs

by: Anonymous

I’ve been feeling exactly as all of you had. I was a full 34B (almost C). I breasfed my boy for more than a year and got my boobs back almost the same as before, but then with my second child, which I breasfed for 11 months, it wasn’t the same story. I was refusing, but finally had to buy 34A bras. My boobs are now very small and saggy that I dont even like to look myself in the mirror any more. They were what attracted my husband the most, and now I dont even want to take out the bra in front of him. It’s very frustrating. I thought I’d never thought of breast augmentation, but I think that’s the only solution for me. :-(

Jun 29, 2016 breast enlargement

by: Anonymous

I can sympathize with you all. I have two kids now and stopped breastfeeding about two months ago. I was a 32E when I was feeding but am now back to a saggy B cup. I was also one to never think of surgery and couldn’t understand people who did it but now I think that is the way I am going. I am very scared about it, side effects, things going wrong etc but I am so unhappy with the way they look that I have to give it a chance. I never take my bra off, shower in the dark and won’t let my husband see me. That is not healthy.

I always had a really good figure before the kids and I think that makes it harder to accept. Now between the varicose veins and the saggy boobs I feel ugly! But I try and keep it all in perspective as much as possible and think at least I have two healthy kids and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Jul 06, 2016 I feel all of you

by: Anonymous

Hey. I have 3 kids. Nursed both of them. First I looked good…2nd child…wow…the whole damn body changed? What’s going on with that? I have a self-image issue…Where I don’t want to be fake…because I feel everyone would know..but gosh… I want to pump my boobs up again! Any one tried any good firming lotion for the tummy part?

Jul 23, 2016 saggy boobs

by: Anonymous

My breast are uneven now my right breast is like a 34c if it wasnt so saggy and my left breast is like a 34a both are saggy though im only 20 years old and this is my first child she is 3 months and 6 days why is my bf talking about my saggy boobs all the time hes fat he has man boobs and theere perkier than mines i feel lack of confidence in my upper body i dont even want to go swimming or to a night club anymore i have no cleavage to show its all chest bones then my boobs are resting on my tummy

Aug 17, 2016 boobs

by: Anonymous

Totally sympathise with everyone. Same story with me and I now have uneven saggy boobs! I did find that exactly 2 years after each birth my boobs did start to fill out a bit but not quite the same as my old boobs ! I then went on the combined contraceptive pill and they filled out quite a bit more. Am now pregnant again and enjoying lovely boobs (for the time being!!!)

Aug 25, 2016 No Surgery Option

by: Anonymous

If anyone is interested, there are options such as Brava and Enhance that help you grow your own breast tissue. I am not sure how much it helps with sagging, but it’s worth a try if you’re considering surgery. It is much less expensive, I believe. However, it is intensive, something like 10 weeks of use of 10 hours a day. Do your own research on it, of course, but I would say to use this before you try surgery.

Oct 07, 2016 Last Resort!!!

by: Anonymous

I have to say I am in the same boat…the only difference is my youngest daughter is now 5 years old. I was barely an A cup when I got pregnant with my first child and swelled to the point I was busting out every direction of a DD! Now im just like you, they look deflated, stretch marked all around, and just kinda hang there.I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING and none of it has worked.

After all these years I have finally decided to see a plastic surgeon. It’s gonna be my birthday present to myself for my 25th birthday :) SO EXCITED!!!! I really hope things work out for you. Word of advice…if you aren’t happy with how they look after the first year go ahead and turn to surgery because, unfortunately, that is how they will most likely stay. Good luck!!!!

Oct 23, 2016 Sad Boobs

by: Nicole

Mine are the same way. After I stopped breastfeeding my boobs “deflated” and are covered in stretch marks, my son is now 3 months old and my boobs seem to be getting a little firmer but theres still a lot of extra skin and saggy. They were a 34B and perky before I got pregnant then while I was breastfeeding they got up to a 36D still perky, and now they are to small for my 34B bras. I also have been considering implants, but I will look into other ways besides surgery. If they help I will repost with my reults!! Good luck to every one else! :-)

Nov 13, 2016 I now shop in the kids bra section

by: Anonymous

I too have felt the glum of post pregnancy breasts. I am 24 and 130lbs and before I was pregnant I was a 36B and after the birth I was spilling out of my 36C bra. I was happy, content and then saddened when my milk came in and within a month of pumping and trying to get my daughter to latch with failure it was gone so I could no longer breast feed (same thing happened to my mother)My daughter is now 15 months old today and I`ll admit it, I`m rocking a childs Lrg Hannah Montana bra because I can`t seem to find one that fits in the adult section. It`s very depressing, I have been hounding my bf for implants, but we can`t afford it and he doesn`t want other guys to look at me that way. It`s rather annoying my fathers side of the family all have huge breasts and I have been cursed with my mothers genes in the small breast department. But like some others have said…you can fix the way it looks from the outside, but once the bra is off I feel like I am lying to the world as to what I have….just nipples and small bumps….so saddening! And to think my friends and I used to joke in high school saying that I would finally get breasts when I had children because everyone seems to think that the breasts stay…ha ha ha I guess my body is laughing at me now

Jan 23, 2017 uneven breast size

by: Anonymous


after pregnancy, my breast grew larger. twice the size of my breast before. they say that i should go breastfeeding. so i did, and my baby is healthy. thanks to that. but my problem is that my breast has uneven size. the left one is bigger than the right one. the right one is like a balloon that deflated already with some air left. when wearing a bra, the left one fits perfectly but the right one doesn’t. my baby always breastfeed on the left and sometimes on the right. when i feel that my breast is full of milk, only the left one has grown larger but the right one,it doesn’t even grow.

when my husband and i have sex, i get really shy because of my breast. he would utter and ask me “why is your breast not the same size? the other is small? why is that?”, i couldn’t answer his question. could my breast go back to its original size or is there a way for them to be the same size again?
please help me. thanks

Feb 04, 2017 Same SAD story here ladies.

by: Anonymous

Same story here ladies. Before pregnancy I was a small C cup. After pregnancy my breasts filled to a small D cup, I was in HEAVEN! I stopped breastfeeding when my son became 3 months, my milk just wasn’t coming in fast enough and with this being my first child, I gave up. My son is now 5 months today (YAY) and my breasts won fill no cup! I’m like the other mom, I might as well go to the teen section and get pre-teen bras. I have been over depressed. My breasts look horrible in clothes and in nudity.

I can deal with my stretch marks but give me my breasts back! I can’t believe that there is nothing we can do about this… As much resources and upgrades to science & technology, nothing… I don’t want fake breasts because I do later want to have children and I don’t want o damage my tissue. I was thinking about seriously going back to breastfeeding but why when this will still be the end result? I don’t know what to do. I feel like a man in a woman body with my flat and overly saggy breasts.

Feb 15, 2017 The grass is greener

by: Anonymous

I have always had large, heavy breasts. I am a small person…underneath my E cup breasts, my chest is only 28 inches around, and I have always been slender. When I was nine I was already wearing women’s bras, not training bras, and I was horribly teased and bullied by my peers, and gawked at by grown men. The nightmare of trying to find a bra that fits (much less one I actually want my husband to see me in) has brought me to tears many times. The major department stores simply do not carry my size. I am in pain much of the time…back pain, shoulder pain, and pain caused by ill-fitting bras.

Now I am 31 and 3 months pregnant with my first child, and my cup size is off the charts. I don’t fit into any of my shirts or jackets. I’ve considered reduction surgery many times, but the scars are unsightly, the surgery is costly, and I didn’t want to ruin my breasts for breastfeeding. After reading this thread I am hoping and praying that I could be a C or B cup after weaning. That would be miracle. I could wear all those cute tops and strapless dresses that you girls have always been able to wear, and I bet you’ve never stopped to appreciate that. Maybe I could even run or play sports. Life with large breasts is a handicap that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. Maybe some men have a fetish for large breasts too big for a woman’s frame, but no one wants to be a blow-up doll objectified for the body part that cripples their ability to live a normal life. Just as many men dislike large breasts and crave svelte, wispy model types. Please take a moment to thank god for not giving you what you wished for, and if you get implants – for god’s sake don’t go above a C cup or you’ll spend the rest of your life regretting your choice. Best to you all.

Mar 22, 2017 Me too… and thank you

by: Anonymous

Firstly I want to say thank you for all the people who have left comments on here… it is soooo unbelievably good to know there is plenty of us in the same boat. My daughter is 1 in a couple of weeks and the year has flown by and my breasts have been a big part of it! Prior to pregnancy I was a small C cup… not huge, but nice and full and perky and looked great in all the pretty underwear I had (still do have – not that it gets worn ever!)I stopped breast feeding January ’10 after 9 months (did my daughter the world of good and I’m glad I did it) but slowly as the milk dried up so did my boobs. Wouldn’t have a clue what size I am now – too embarrassed to get measured, but none of my bra’s fit me and nothing is comfy as my boobs are so small they won’t hold a bra in place properly which is a nightmare. Some days are good and I don’t think about it too much, but others I can’t get it out of my head that clothes look bad on me and I can’t bear to look at myself naked.

So anyway – last week I took the plunge and went for a consultation with a plastic surgeon – I have been thinking about it ever since the shrinkage commenced. I’m going to go for it… I can’t see myself getting over the fact that I no longer love my body… and I can either get by day to day not knowing whether I’ll wake up ok about it or not or I can do something about it and move on and be able to enjoy my daughter much more. I feel so blessed and grateful that she is happy and healthy, and really wish I could be happy with myself, but knowing I won’t really be happy until I get my boobs back I only have one option!

Good luck to all with loving your new boobs (hope you do better than I’m doing!)

Apr 01, 2017 EMPOWERMENT!!!

by: Anonymous


I too, unfortunately, am missing my prepregnancy breasts. I was a firm 34C prepregnancy,36D for my pregnancies, and now I am a flabby 34B.

I want to share with you something that a very wise person told me: “It took 9 months for your body to change because of pregnancy, and it will take at least 9 months to get your prepregnancy body back.” THIS GIVES ME HOPE!!!

My suggestion for us all is this… we can help ourselves by doing toning exercises, drinking lots of water, and I am considering a light herbal supplement (as I feel my particular situation may be due to lack of estrogen- for many reasons). I mean, if eating right, crunches and abdominal workouts can help my stomach (which it did between pregnancies- even though there wasn’t much time between them, as I have three children 3 1/2 and under)why not do the same for our breasts? I think I’ve convinced myself to start my own workout routine, along with a small dosage of herbal supplement and see how it goes…

Apr 12, 2017 Bralette?

by: Anonymous

I am 4 weeks pregnant and 30 yrs old. I have always been an a cup. Not sure what the future holds for me, but a good alternative to a bra that will give you lift (being that I never had any to begin with) is a bralette. No wires, no messing around. Just a fitting comfy top that seems to fit well with everything. A racerback is my preference. It won’t give you back your breasts, but it will fit and make you feel like what you have is content and in place where it should be. Hope this helps. And hope it works for me also!

Apr 25, 2017 love my boobs after 2 babies

by: Anonymous

I have 2 boys that are 11 and 10 years old. I didn’t breastfeed either child and my breasts are better now than they were when I was younger. I am either genetically blessed or its true that breast feeding ruins your breasts. I am a full cup size bigger and they hang perfectly. Yet I weigh exactly what I did when I got married and I lost all my pregnancy weight. I’m 5’7″ and 130 lbs with 36c’s. Every friend of mine that breast fed has horrible boobs now. I know the studies say its not true, but they want you to breastfeed so they won’t tell you the truth.

Apr 27, 2017 Wouldn’t Have Changed A Thing

by: Anonymous

I have the same story as most of you ladies. I am 34 and went from perky 32Bs pre-pregnancy to gorgeous 32Ds while breastfeeding. I just finished weaning a week ago and I find that I really miss the firmness vs. the size.

Even given my dissatisfaction with my boobs at present time, I wouldn’t have done anything differently even if someone told me my boobs would be destroyed at the end of breastfeeding. The lifelong benefits my baby girl received from a year of breastmilk is worth more to me than the appearance of my boobs (especially when I have the option to go buy a pair). It would seem that deflated boobs are a badge of honor of the self-sacrifice made to give your child the best you could…it sucks, but at least it wasn’t for nothing.

Apr 30, 2017 so glad im not alone

by: Anonymous

Its kinda sad. I’ve dealt with the a bit of the baby blues. And the thing thats hurting (emotionally) the most is my boobs.
Ive never had really perky boobs. They’ve been a C cup ever since i grew them. I just had my second child 5 months ago, and im losing the baby weight fast, but every pound i drop my boobs sag alittle more. Its demolishing any self confidence i had.It doesnt seem to matter the bra, because they just fall out of it. Theyre saggy, deflated, mushy and uneven.I want implants and a lift so bad. But unfortunatly, i just cant afford it. Ive bought creams, and pills and yada yada yada. But nothing is perking these babies up. I’m 24 years old and i have the body of a 50 year old. So I hear all you women. And its kinda nice to know that I’m not the only one with this problem. It was certainly starting to feel that way.

May 21, 2017 Sad and saggy

by: Anonymous

Ladies I feel your pain! I nursed my second baby for 11 months, and now my boobs, too, are horrible. I was telling my sister about them while crying. And I have been talking about them to my husband, who’s great, but just doesn’t understand how depressed I really am about them. I’ve always had small ones, but now they are bad. Thanks for understanding.

May 28, 2017 Breast Feeding DOES NOT matter

by: Anonymous

Glad to see I’m not alone on this boob trauma! I’ve had 3 little ones. With my 1st I tried to breast feed, but one breast she would not feed on. It made no difference. I am still deflated! Both are equally the same. Went from a full C up to a DD down to an A which is where I stayed :( Wish I could pump them up with something other than silicone..

Jun 15, 2017 Husband not happy

by: Anonymous

My husband used to LOVE my breasts now he won’t touch them at all. I feel very uncomfortable around him and its hurting our sex life. I feel like mommy around him not just our son. Any suggestions on how to get him comfortable with the new way my breasts are (same size pre baby but soft and saggy). I always keep a bra on. Once we are done having kids I am all for a little lift.

Jul 13, 2017 Well Now!?

by: 23 and pregnant

That’s one of the most depressing things I’ve read, about pregnancy. Basically, you got pregnant, be happy with your child, but don’t expect to be very hot any more? But I guess thanks for be honest.

Jul 15, 2017 I’m joining the club!

by: Anonymous

My breasts are now uneven and horrible. I went up from a 36D (no it doesn’t look huge on me, I’m 6ft and have a large rib cage – looks more like a B/C) to 36G during pregnancy this lasted for all of 3 weeks after the birth of my son! I breast fed for 2 months then combined until i weaned him. I now have one side which is around a DD and the other a C! They are still getting smaller, are saggy and covered in stretch marks, i have to pad one side of my bra out!

To make it all 10 times worse i have a husband who is obsessed with huge breasts (g cup +) so i now hate my body and avoid getting undressed around him.

On the plus side i have a wonderful little boy who makes me smile every day.

Jul 18, 2017 Thank you all

by: Anonymous

I am encouraged to know that others feel the same as I do. What made me feel worst about my breasts was that my husband made a comment about it during an argument. I blew up of course while reminding him that it is 50% his fault and he’s just going to have to love his family the way that we are. Ever since then I found confidence that radiates through me past my saggy belly skin, stretch marks and saggy boobs. I found my beauty within and I feel it’s my burst of confidence that continues to attract him. (Plus his body isn’t perfect either with his stretch marks, hair and belly. Atleast I have an excuse! LOL)

Jul 23, 2017 smaller is better

by: Anonymous

At 30 years old I had 36B firm breasts that I always felt were too small, however being a clothes horse I never had any problems finding the cutest and latest styles. Now after my first child I have a 36/38F chest that nobody makes comfortable bras for, clothing will not fit across my chest and trying to run with these horrible things is a nightmare. So, it could be worse ladies – I have to have all my clothes professionally tailored, wear spandex- ha ha or wear my old concert tees that I used to sleep in. It’s been a year and the stretch marks faded though, so not all bad. I know deflation seems upsetting but inflation has expensive and annoying problems all it’s own.

Jul 29, 2017 Me too

by: Anonymous

I found this page when I was researching some kind of pick me up. First I couldn’t breast feed my baby girl cause she was born with a split soft palate.And that was depressing enough I pumped for 3months then couldn’t get enough so switched to formula. That was 3 weeks ago and they are still leaking a bit. I was always a b cup and now I look like a little boy. Reading these comments about oh in time you’ll get better are not helping me. I’m still crying and cant even go swimming i’m so embarrassed of how I look. Im wearing a push up bra and my boobs just lay in it like blahh. Sexy my butt. I hate it to when I go to talk to other mothers about how depressed I am they basically tell me to shut up because “Im skinny so im perfect” Ahhh I hate my saggy ass and breasts if you would call them that. My hair is falling out too boot. Yes I love my daughter and will always put her first. But I either need to get pregnant again or have surgery cause all the push ups in the world wont help me. Me naked will not turn on my man or any other man.

Aug 18, 2017 just weaned my 22 MONTH OLD!!

by: Stacy

I’m glad I found this! All your comments had me rolling laughing, the way ya’ll described the sagginess! My boobs are so pathetic and I cannot wait til they get at least some fullness. A lot of you breastfed for a shorter time and are talking about how horrible your boobs look, imagine mine, after 22 months! Oh the horror! :-( They r stretchy, small,and have no elasticity what so ever!

Sep 07, 2017 Boobs

by: Anonymous

I have to comment… I had two children one when I was 21 and the other when I was 22. I did not breast feed my first child but breast fed my 2nd child till she was 9 months. My boobs still looked great after breastfeeding. I am guessing it was mostly because I was so young, still had all that regenitive stuff going on:) Now I am pregnant again and am 32 years old. My guess would be that this time around I may not be so lucky:( Just wanted to say something because my guess is that breastfeeding does not impact what will happen to your boobs.

I actually used to fall asleep once in a while when my daughter was breastfeeding and I would wake up 2 hours later and she would still be sucking away, like a pacifier. Really if that didn’t make my boobs saggy, i wouldn’t blame breast feeding.

Sep 18, 2017 Im 23 and 6 months pregnant

by: Ashley

I hate being pregnant! We decided to have a child together because we love each other and because we have known each other forever but my boyfriend is 100% different now. Almost completely emotionally detached. I have no idea if its because my body is changing or something else. Reading all of this has really made things worse for me because now I won’t get my body back. So what’s there to look forward to? Raising a child (that I know I’ll love) with a guy that is prob. going to fall into the 50% of men who end up sleeping on the couch and falling out of love with you??? I have always been prob half an A cup which i was fine with. I would have preferred larger breasts but i would always brag that with small breast i wont lose then after child birth. I am putting my foot in my mouth now. My boyfriend doesn’t want to hear me complain about my fears of post pregnancy body fears .. i guess he views it as regret for becoming pregnant. So im alone. My nipples are getting SO big and i have only moved to a B cup. will they get smaller again? My bf says he doesn’t like big breasts but he has definitely paid more “attention” to them now that they are larger.. which makes me even more concerned once they get smaller and “deflated” SO discouraged.

Sep 24, 2017 in the same boat!

by: Anonymous

I am soo relieved to read your comments. I have 4 children, each are 2 years apart, and breastfed the first for 15 mthns, 2nd 22 months, 3rd for over 3 years and am currently down to one feed a day with my 26 month old. I was a 32 a before kids, so always been tiny, but I now do not even fill out a padded 32a!! They are unbelievably saggy and deflated and covered in stretch marks. Its so very depressing! I would love to get implants, however on my small frame and with absolutely no fat tissue on my breats they would indeed look very unatural, which I do not want. Oh the joys of child bearing! Love my children more than life itself, but man do I ever envy those women who snap back to normal post pregnancy!

Sep 29, 2017 OH the Sadness.

by: Becky

I just had my second baby girl 2 months ago. I’m 23 and say the same thing you guys say. OMG I have the body of an old lady! Before I even had kids with my husband I was a perky B36 now I have saggy large boobs with large areolas at a C36. If my belly stretch marks and skin don’t already have me down I have to deal with my right boob being smaller which gives me strange cleavage..oh and again the fricken areaola size and darkness!!…..also I have not found the holy grail sexy bra that will not be an ugly full coverage and won’t let my boobs fall out. It happens with every bra I have, it happens more often with my smaller right one but they both do it. Bending over to pick something up is annoying because the nipples slip out. I wish I could buy a sexy Victoria’s secret bra but they all seem low plunge and I’m afraid of my boobs falling out yet again. The push up abilities I bet are great but for postpartum breasts keeping them in is another story. I am sure one day I will get a breast lift and who knows maybe even a mommy tuck LOL but til then I need to find that special bra of my dreams and lotion and oil the crap out of my boobs. I hope they get better soon enough… =[ I’m scared of dying on the operation table and all and I have other things I’d RATHER spend the money on.


Oct 08, 2017 pushups and pushup bras

by: Anonymous


I had small breasts (34A) pre-pregnancy that grew when I was with child. After weaning my first son and losing the baby weight, I was left with things that looked like empty water balloons. ICK!

I had two more children and lost most of the baby weight and kept the boobs. Then I wanted to be skinnier so I dieted and things were going great, then POOF almost overnight, the boobs deflated again. Just as small as pre-pregnancy but with a really unhappy shape :(

Since I now had NO bras that came close to fitting, I went to Nordstrom to have a proper fitting done. The woman told me I was a 32D. WHAT? I had it done at a different Nordstrom just to check and got the same results.

I guess my breast tissue has spread out, and when the D-cup size bra pushes it all together, they look somewhat respectable. I was happy with myself clothed after this finding.

I have also found that exercise – a lot of it – helps the shape a bit. I am now okay with wearing a slip or a tank top with no bra under it.

I am unfortunately still not happy with my naked breasts especially in most lying-down positions. I’m not sure this will ever go away unless I have surgery and I just can’t decide it’s worth it.

But I do recommend to the similarly-boobed moms out there that you go and get a fitting done – you might be surprised.

Oct 08, 2017 cure

by: Becky

Hi all, just wanted to say that I found an answer. Ladies mantle tea on the breasts for ten minutes everyday on a wet rag. Google it!

Oct 28, 2017 me also

by: Anonymous

My son is ten months old now and I wish so bad my breasts weren’t so deflated, my husband doesn’t mind or even notice, but I sure do. It has nothing to do with breast feeding though, I didn’t breast feed even once, so anyone who says they want to have another baby but not breastfeed so as to get there boobs back, trust me, it won’t work… :-(

Nov 19, 2017 There is hope!
by: Anonymous
For newly deflated moms out there, just wanted to tell you that there is hope, but it does take time. I originally had very perky C-cup boobs. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, they just kept getting bigger and bigger, and longer and longer.
But the worst of it happened after weaning. My boobs went completed flat (“deflated” is exactly how I described it as well), they sagged down to my elbows, and had some noticeable stretch marks from certain angles. No bra would fit these odd-shaped boobs! They were too long to fit the smaller cups and to flat to fit larger cups. They would literally bend at the top if I tried to fit them in larger cups. Sports bras were the only way to go for me.Six months passed and they were flatter than ever as the last traces of milk dissipated. At this time, I also unintentionally lost 15 pounds and was down to 110 pounds at 5’5.” The weight loss definitely aggravated the situation.

But alas, a year after weaning, my boobs are still long but have “inflated” significantly. I can wear normal bras without that “bending” effect and the stretch marks are rarely noticeable. I would say they are as “full” as they were pre-pregnancy. I am still very self-conscious about the length as I have a short torso which makes them appear even longer, but I’m in a much happier place than I was 6 months ago. I did gain about 8 pounds which I think helped as well.

So my recommendations would be to be patient and not be fat-phobic. Breasts are all fat and if you lose weight too quickly or are too underweight, you won’t have enough fat to fill them up.

The size of your original breasts will also have a significant impact on your post-pregnancy breasts. The larger they are originally, the larger the effect.

And of course, genetics plays a huge role. My mother’s breasts are long and droopy as well. Interestingly, as a child growing up, I thought my mother’s breasts were very pretty. I was actually disappointed when I grew my own breasts as I “couldn’t pick them up and look underneath them.” I thought the perky look was very unnatural. It wasn’t until after I was exposed to breasts in TV, movies, magazines, and other media that I’ve become disappointed in my breasts. It makes me wonder if men weren’t exposed to all these pre-pregnancy perky boobs in the media if they would fine post-pregnancy boobs just as, if not more, attractive.

It saddens me to see all the comments discussing the desire for plastic surgery. WE ARE THE REAL DEAL… not the women we see in TV and magazines! Love yourselves, and take solace in the fact that the majority of females in the world have breasts just like you! We are the majority, not the minority. Easier said than done, I know, but please don’t be ashamed of your post-pregnancy breasts and please don’t care what other people think of your appearance. We are all beautiful women regardless, and even if you don’t agree, isn’t it the inside that counts after all?

Nov 19, 2017 Thank you!

by: Paula

To “There is hope”,

Great post, thank you!

Dec 12, 2017 ctlisin up

by: Anonymous

Hi to every one, I am also in the same boat. I was 21 when I got pregnant and I didn’t get any breast milk, but still I used to pump out the little I had for my baby. Look ladies, be yourselves and love yourselves, women are what we always going to be. Yes my boobs deflated but not too much just normally and first I didn’t like it, but now I thank god for my daughter. I won’t change her for anything in this world.

Dec 18, 2017 I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!

by: Jennifer Clanton

This small boob story so relates to me, and I also had a c-section, so I’m very subconscious, so it’s very hard! My breasts have stretchmarks all the way around, and the worst part is that when I lay down they fall to the side, and I don’t even really have any milk! I’ve also been wanting to get into modeling, and it’s just so hard to grab the confidence for so many things! I look in the mirror and end up disgusted with myself! The worst part was when I first had a c-section, and my belly drooped so bad, and was so thick! I was 90pds, and by full term was 140pds, and all that extra weight went to the stomach, so I’ve had a lot to lose! I’ve come so far, and so can you! It’s a tough battle, but it can be won! Too bad the fathers or other men or women who haven’t had kids can’t understand. They get so critical and don’t even realize what the mothers go through with the puking and hormonal changes and after prego look.

Jan 03, 2018 there is hope

by: amanda

I feel the need to post on here, and possibly give you some hope? I had 34d breasts before I had children, then after the first I virtually went back to normal only a bit saggier. It’s now 17 years’s ago since I had my first and I was only 18 at the time so losing my firmness really meant a lot to me.Then I had baby number two 3 years later, and that totally ruined my breasts. Not only did they go saggy but they went down a full cup size. Then along came baby number 3, who is now 8 years old. After her there wasn’t a great deal of difference from baby number 2, but they were saggy and no fullness and a 34c bra seemed to big.

Anyway the reason I feel the need to post is that it’s been 8 years now since I had the third and last baby and I have noticed the last couple of months my boobs look a lot firmer, in fact I can quite honestly say there really quite pert for a women of 35 and having had 3 kids. I havent put on any weight, so I’m just wondering if it can take that long , well 8 years in my case for things to go back to normal? I also suffered from postnatal hairloss, and was told by the doctor after it carried on for years and years that it was not postnatal but a form of alepecia , but strangly the hairloss has stopped as well within the last year , so all I can say is there may be hope for some of you, not saying there will but there certainly was for me!

Jan 25, 2018 larger breasts after babies
by: Abby
I was hopeing there would be a few more things to try, to make my breasts a little more perky…but it looks like I am covering them already *sigh* I wear a 32DD..I am only 5.1″ and 115 lbs…but have 4 kids, and never lost the cup size of my breasts after kids, BUT they do sag. And being that they are somewhat larger, they just have a longer way to droop! lol..all i can say is thank goodness for La Senza bra’s that keep them lookingok with clothes on….it’s just the clothes off thing that is bother some. I hope to eventually have not implants of course, but maybe a lift…my youngest is 4 already, so anything that is going to help them, is past.

Jan 28, 2018 In the same boat

by: Anonymous

I am so glad to hear I am not alone. My daughter is five years old now and I still carry the effects of pregnancy around with me. I was very petite before getting pregnant and my breasts were a nice 34-36B, firm and perky. When I was pregnant, I gained massive amounts of weight, mostly water and my body grew to about twice its size (not counting the baby bump). It was so bad that I did not allow any pregnancy pictures taken except one near end of term, just kinda as proof that I was pregnant. It took a long while for me to finally lose all the weight and thankfully I am now back down to the 130’s, a little more than before pregnancy, but it could be worse. However, I still have jelly-belly and deflated 34-C breasts. I only breastfed for a few months but had to wean because my supply was low. Since then, I’ve been absolutely disgusted with my breasts as well as my tummy. Fortunately I hide it well clothes and you’d never suspect anything different, but I’d like to feel sexy again. I?m in my late 20s and soon going to be single again, and this is weighing heavily upon my self-consciousness. I can’t stand the thought of someone expecting this sexy thing, only to be horrified once the clothes come off. I?m hoping diet and exercise can fix this, along with some good creams, but I can?t help wondering if there’s something wrong genetically as well. I can?t afford any kind of surgery (not that I?m really leaning that way) or expensive products and programs. Here’s wishing everyone…and myself good luck.

Feb 12, 2018 Where are my boobs???!!!

by: Anonymous

Before I start I’m not vain!!xx

I was a curvy size 10 with 34D – DD boobs 5ft 2″ before I got pregnant with my first child, when breastfeeding I went up to an F!! I breastfed him for 8 months and after I had weaned him my boobs went down drastically to a B cup! Obviously I was glad I had fed him myself but my self esteem plummeted (he was a chunky baby and I had lots of stretch marks all over my stomach and legs, not to mention me boobs!!) and my sex life suffered with my partner as I did not like the look of myself at all.

Even though my sex life suffered I got pregnant again with our second child fourteen months later – I was glad to see my boobs again! I carried a large baby again – 2lbs heavier than my first at 9lb 10oz so my smallish frame suffered again. I fed him for six months only going up to a D-DD cup but glad they were there!!

My youngest is now coming up four yrs old and have been left with what looks like a scrunched up paper bag for a belly (I lost my baby weight and have got down to my normal weight of 8st 12lbs) and what looks like two deflated balloons stuck on the front of my chest!!

I really love my kids and I’m really thankful they are both fit, healthy, funny little boys but it is such a confidence drainer thinking I can’t wear nice tops because they don’t hang right, or look nice in the underwear my partner buys me trying to boost my confidence but this only helps me to feel worse. I feel so unfeminine!!!!

My partner says he he doesn’t care what I look like coz he loves me whatever – which is great, but still does nothing to boost my confidence!!

They don’t seem to understand what it is to need to feel like a woman! I have had enough of wearing what I called concrete reinforced bras, My boobs never seem to fit right in any bra, there’s always a gap, or my boobs look “folded”!!

I have today rung for a breast augmentation consultant to see me soon in the hope I can start feeling a little bit more like myself. Fingers crossed!! Nice to see I’m not the only one suffering post baby boobs!!

And as for it’s pregnancy that changes your boobs is rubbish because my friends who haven’t breastfed have still got their boobs, and the ones who have managed to breastfeed have said the same as me – where have my boobs gone!! xxx

Feb 17, 2018 Boobs

by: Anonymous

I wore a 32 b b4 I had kids I never breast fed. Still my breast went away now a 32 a is way to big for me. Breast feeding has nothing to do with it at all

Feb 17, 2018 Yet, another story.
by: jacqueline
Hello ladies,
I am 19 years old and just recently had my first child. Before i was pregnant, i had 34C/D bust size, nice and perky! When i was pregnant, my breasts bumped up to DD, maybe even a little bigger, but still nice and perky, about the only drastic change was the darkening of my nipples. My son is now going on 4 months and i am still breastfeeding, im starting to notice sudden changes in my breasts…The stretchmarks were very bad, until i started using celtrixa, i highly recommend it, and my stretchmarks are hardly any. I use a lot of lotion on my breasts (avoiding the nipples) and it seems to be helpng. My nipples were very dark and large and seem to also be improving back to normal. Although it seems gravity has taken a slight toll on my breasts, they still seem to look farely nice…..for now. I havent yet weaned my son off, im not sure how my breasts will change then, but i think if a woman gives a little extra TLC to her breasts during and after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the results of saggy, stretched uneven breasts wont be as bad. Just a recommendation!

Feb 21, 2018 Sometimes they’re too big
by: Anonymous
I gave birth to my 3rd child and as in the past plan to breastfeed for 1 year. I am rather big busted 36H before I became pregnant and as of today I am just squeezing into 38JJ Bras. This is the biggest I have ever gotten during my pregnancies. I am concerned that with my milk flow my breasts will get even bigger and when I stop who knows what they will look like. I am very dedicated to nursing and if it will be like in the past my breasts stay large. But my concern is how big will they end up.

Mar 09, 2018 Hi

by: Anonymous

My little baby stopped her breastfeeding after her four months cos it could not satisfy her… and my breasts came back to the normal size however they became saggy and loose…
But after one year my breasts are very itchy on both the sides.. one more thing it has become heavier and when i tried to squeeze my nipple , it got some few drops of milk.. I am worried. Any suggestion?
is it normal

Mar 19, 2018 Breasts droop

by: Anonymous

I have the same problem as all the ladies here. While it is comforting to know that other people go through the same issue I am horrified to hear about the unsupportive husbands out there. What assholes! It is not enough that a pregnant women have to deal with the traumatic events of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. But on top of that having to stress about a husband who can’t handle the scientific reality of our postpartum body?! Kick him to the curb! Kidding. But those men out there need to get a grip and if they can’t get over their superficial bullshit then beat them at their own game. Play the penis size card!!! Or the saggy balls card! No one is perfect and i am sure they have a weakness. Immature perhaps but it will make you feel better. That should bring them back to reality! :-)

Mar 22, 2018 Foreplay for breasts

by: Anonymous

To tighten up by breasts after weaning, I allowed my hubby to massage them, suck them, have sex with them and bascially worship them every night

While I am not sure whether this helped firm them up or not, it made be feel great about them

Give it a try

Mar 27, 2018 The second baby results
by: Anonymous
After my first child i had just a few stretch marks to show for it. After my second child it took nine months of hardcore exercise to get my shape back. The weight i carried the second time left my knees creaking. They still creak now, i am nearly 50. I had no idea it would do that sort of damage to my knees, i can live with the stretch marks, but the knees are stopping me from running now, no one has mentioned that sort of problem as far as i can see. I love my kids, but the problems differ for every one, an operation might be likely soon, bending down is getting harder, getting back up is getting harder. Having never had a car, i walk every where, it has taken it’s toll on my knees. Everything else is fine, but surgery might be the answer if you are not happy with the results after having children, it is better to enjoy your body than to feel uncomfortable with it, i would recommend surgery if it makes you happy with the children and having a body you can be at peace with. I believe you can have it both ways, you only live once.

Mar 30, 2018 Husband repulsed by my saggy boobs

by: Anonymous

I used to have full 36 c chest, my husband showered me with attention. Our sex life was amazing. Now it is non-existent. After 3 kids my boobs are deflated and flat. When I lay down my chest bones show. I lost my baby weight fast, my family members are all slender. But with my weight, the boobs disappeared too. I’m 5’6” and weigh 120,my stomach is flat, but my husband ignores my body, treats me like a roomate, just a friend. But he obsesses over other womens breasts. I have to endure his blatant stares, comments in public, and the compliments he gives actresses on their looks.I no longer get any compliments. I dress very well,do my hair and makeup, but I am invisible to him. I guess boobs are all that really matter to men. I’m intelligent, have a great sense of humor, foster abused animals, but to him with no breasts i am worthless. It is humiliating, degrading and i cry everyday knowing no one will be kissing me or holding me at night.Now I found out he’s regularly checking porn on his laptop. I checked the history and he is overdosing on boob sites.I have no problem with porn if it’s used to spice up a sex life, bt when it REPLACES me, that is not acceptable. I can’t afford plastic surgery, or I would make myself look STUNNING, then REJECT HIM when he wanted sex! I’m sick of this asshole kicking my self esteem to the curb just because my breast shape changed.Do these men with receding hiarlines and paunches think THEY look PERFECT?? Jerks. I hate men now,

Apr 10, 2018 not returned to prepregnancy

by: Adi

Mine increased in size during pregnancy.
My child is now 24month, my size changed from 28 to 34 ,during pregnancy.

Still they have not returned to normal size
what is wrong…?

Apr 10, 2018 Time does not fix
by: Anonymous
Well I left a comment on here 1.5 years ago (I was the one about the hannah montana bras) and with time things only got worse. I was down to just nipples in the end…
I am now concerned as to what they will look like after my second child is born. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and went from smaller then a AA to now a D…I’m happy I have breasts back, but so saddened to know that they will leave me again probably. I can only imagine how big they will get when my milk comes in….I will leave a post after I am done weaning to say if I lost them or not, but this is my last child probably, so I will be considering surgery afterwards more then likely.

Apr 17, 2018 Where’s the stuffing gone!

by: FormerModel

Hi everyone,

Thank you for you comments thus far, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way. I am 31 and have two children, the youngest will be 1 year old next week. I breastfed them both for around 9 months and now can’t stand to look in the mirror. My tummy isn’t great either (worse than the first time), but I feel like that’s fixable with exercise.

As for the boobs, I was a 32C before children. I’m now wearing a 34b bra with padding. If I wear without padding I look completely flat chested. Even my nipples look saggy! My husband doesn’t care and still thinks I look amazing. I used to be so confident and although I had small boobs before they were perky and firm and I felt that I looked good. I used to do fashion modeling, now I’d just be embarrassed – I don’t think anyone would want to book me now!

Sometimes I think about getting implants but I don’t actually like the look of them and I don’t want big boobs ( went up to 34DD in pregnancy), I’d just like them to look full again. Has anyone thought of/tried Macrolane “the boob job in a jab”? Looks interesting although could work out quite expensive as you have to keep topping them up.

Anyway, for now I’ll exercise and wait for at least a year before doing anything drastic.

May 05, 2018 It gets better with time!!

by: Anonymous

I have a one year old that I stopped breastfeeding 8 months ago and my breast are becoming firm once again.. With time it does get better and in the mean while you just have to learn to love and live with what you’ve got!

May 18, 2018 teenager boobs
by: Anonymous
Nursed 3 kids for 12 months each = no boobs.
After the 1st kid they got smaller, even smaller after the 2nd but WOW after the 3rd I’m speachless! I feel more self consious and hide my body if possible. I don’t feel too bad until I see myself without clothes on or catch my profile in the mirror. How pathetic.. I had bigger boobs in the 7th grade!I cannot see spending thousands of dollars on implants, there has got be be another solution out there to help?

May 22, 2018 Ugh

by: Anonymous

Yeah this has happened to me too. I’ve only had one child and he’s 8 now. I was only just 16 when I had him so my breasts probably weren’t formed totally. They were small but firm.

I thought they might fill out a bit and they were kind of ok for six years after I had him when I was on implanon implant birth control the whole time. But I’ve stopped the hormonal birth control now (which was another nightmare, ughhhh) and they’re so small and saggy now. Deflated. And they go flat when I lie down on my side, I can’t stand the feeling of that, makes me want to run away from my own breasts. Awful feeling.

Theres no fat in them anymore either because I finally started properly losing the baby weight when I came off the birth control too, and I’m almost back to my old body and working out 3-4x per week.

But my boobs :-( spoil my body. They’re only going to get worse because I’ve not lost all the weight yet. Dunno what to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kid but I wish someone would prepare your mind for this shit and it would help you deal with it better if you knew it was coming.

Jun 09, 2018 Post-Pregnancy Breasts and Self-Esteem

by: Anonymous

Every post on here sounds like my first hand experience after giving birth to my son (who just turned 2).

Before I was pregnant my breast size where a full 34B and after I gave birth by breast size was about a full 36C/small 36D. After two years of giving birth, my breasts will not fill a 34B bra and have many stretch marks. Fortunately, I came across this product- Maderma- and have been using it for about two months now and I have to say that my stretchmarks have started to diminish. I know they will not complete disappear, but it is nice to see them fade away. I highly recommend this product, but it will only work if you are very dedicated, disciplined, and motivated (if you believe you cannot dedicate and be disciplined, I advice not to waste your money). My sister-in-law bought it as well, but she wouldn’t follow the instructions. Example, the label states to apply it twice everyday(which is what I did), her in the other hand would put in on every day for about a month, but she then gave up.

But anyways, I have also thought about having breast augmentation and I would like to have this done not so much on achieving a bigger look, but to fill in the breast tissue that was lost after giving birth. The first year after giving birth I was so focused on my child that I lost touch with myself and who I was and of course my self-esteem hit rock bottom. I also shoved all my friends to aside and excluded myself from the world (part of this had to do my with my husband-he was very jealous and would not want me to go out with friends. One night I went out with my friends and I had to come home because of all the nasty txt messages he kept sending me, like “you are a bad mother” and “get home b*-*+”). One night I was getting ready to go out with a friend and I realized and said to myself “wow I don’t even know how to put on make-up anymore”. After looking at her and looking at myself I realized that my body also looked terrible. I felt so ugly and so uncomfortable.

One afternoon I decided that it was time to get that old me again and I went to get my hair done, went and bought some nice clothing, I went and got a really padded bra(which kinda worked), and some make-up and fortunately came close in finding that women whom I once was. I still have not found her, but I am still searching.

Jan 12, 2019 Images of normal post-pregnancy breasts

by: Paula (Easy Baby Life)


If you want to see what normal post-pregnancy breasts may look like, visit the breast image gallery at the website 007b.com. It is so easy to believe that everyone else have perfect top-model looking breasts… But – not even the top-models do, without a visit to Photoshop…


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  1. Lynda

    So I read mostly all of the comments, and I want to tell everyone my experience. I have 3 children ages 4, 2, and 1. With my first child I went from 140 to 200 pounds. My boobs went from a C (36C) cup to an F (38) cup. They were Huge and I couldn’t wait for them to go back down. With my second and third child they only went to a 36DD, but I never wanted big boobs so I still could not wait for them to go back down. My youngest son will be 1 soon and I have to say that I am totally unhappy with my boobs. My husband has no issues, and says I am silly to want surgery, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. They look just like all the descriptions (deflated). I do not want implants but I would love a breast list. Something like a tummy tuck, but for the breast. If I had the money, I would do it. Sometimes its not about what everyone else says, but how you feel about yourself, and I do not feel sexy. I am not 140lbs and I am 5’5 and I want to gain wait so I can fill up my boobs, lol. Anyway, I just wanted all the women to know your not alone, and just to find ways to pamper yourself, and if you have the money.. fix it!! I know I would, and wouldn’t feel bad about it!!Far as time, it has been a year, and they are still the same, deflated. On the other hand, my sister has a 8 year old and a 4 year old and hers look perky and stayed a 34C after her 4 year old instead of her original 34B. Yup I’m jealous.

    keeping the faith

  2. My boobs are fine!

    I feel so compelled to write this due to all the negative comments. I was a 34B before I got pregnant with twins. I gained over 100lbs with them, had pre-eclampsia, and got stretch marks everywhere. I breastfed and pumped for y kids for nine months. I weaned very very very slowly because I heard that helped the sagginess. My boobs were very big while breastfeeding. I weaned over about a two month period and at the end I was pumping just once a day. After completing breastfeeding, I loved my boobs! They were fuller and very nice I thought. I went back to a full 34B, had some stretch marks but they faded and were barely bothersome. I had absolutely no problem with the way my breasts looked after a pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am now pregnant again and hoping for the best. But just know it doesn’t all have to be bad news for boobies!!!!

  3. Me

    I have the challenge of always having large breasts (I was a 42DD prior to my pregnancy and only went up to a 44DD during my pregnancy – thank goodness) but I’ve notice that since the birth of my child (I didn’t breast feed) that my breasts (that were always firm are now like mush). I’ve always had stretch marks on my breasts so that I’m not worried about but the lack of any type of firmness bothers me.

  4. A dad

    For what it’s worth, I love my wife’s post-pregnancy body. You are all beautiful!

  5. Husband

    Please, all you women who are unhappy with your now fully-developed breasts (fully developed, as in post-baby they no longer look like when you were a teenager).

    Please realize that many, many men LOVE the look of softer/saggier breasts. In fact many PREFER them that way.

    Consider this, when your husband/boyfriend was 13 or 15 or perhaps even 19, he probably had a very smooth face and little or no beard. Now, at perhaps age 25 or 30 or 35, he has stubble a few hours after shaving (five o’clock shadow). Do you have a big urge for your guy to have total electrolysis of his face, so that he can look 15 again? Probably not. Some men have more hair on their backs or chest at 30 than at 15 or even 20. My voice is much deeper than when my wife and I started dating in high school. Should I have voice box surgery to sound like I did when we had our first date? Get my point?

    Most women don’t want their husbands to look 16 again, and most men don’t want their wives to either, and especially when it comes to their breasts. Saggy breasts, fully-developed breasts, nice-and-soft breasts, or whatever one calls them, is what MOST women have after childbirth, even in their early 20s! They are not over-the-hill. They are beautiful, and they don’t look like they did in junior high or high school, and neither do their husbands!

    As a husband who thinks that women look BETTER after childbirth, a man who loves his wife’s fully-developed breasts (call them soft, call them saggy, or whatever you want), I say “celebrate your beautiful fully-developed breasts.”

    Further, I need to mention size. Chances are your hubby loved your breasts back when they were smaller and you were first dating, perhaps back in high school. And he will love them if they go from an A or B to a D and back to an A or B, after childbirth. Sorry to be blunt, but if pressed to tell the truth, most guys will admit that anything bigger than what fits in his mouth is just something extra, and that something extra, well, they may or may not find that preferable (some people like blue eyes; some like brown eyes; most don’t care!) Get my point? Men love breasts, period. Size and shape aren’t nearly as important as some women think. Trust me on this one, and I’ll admit I’m a “breast man,” as most men are. Talk to men about this.

    Having dangerous surgery in order to try to look like a teenager is as mis-guided as beard electrolysis or voice-box surgery. Surgical alternation of your natural beauty is not an improvement, not to the overwhelming majority of men.

    Women, mothers, wives, women over 20, women over 30, LOVE YOUR BREASTS, and realize that many, many men think your breasts look great, and BETTER than they did when you were 17.

    Thank you for reading. That’s my two cents worth. Peace and happiness be with you.

    Signed, -A man who has a deeper voice than he did in high school, and has a wife whose figure has, in his opinion, improved with age. :-)

  6. Hey

    This was one of the worst comment threads I’ve ever read! Your body went through a great effort to produce a human being and some of your men have the audacity to complain about your body changes? Even if none of us had kids, our boobs would still deflate and sag. Our breasts do not equal our worthiness. My husband loves my soft, saggy, deflated breasts and says my stretch marks are beautiful all because they mean my body created life, and ladies, he’s my second husband, not even the biological father of my kids. Your men should be honoring you, not ridiculing or shaming you.

  7. Mom

    Wow… Yesterday I celebrated 2 weeks of not breastfeeding my 21 month old and as I looked in the mirror I actually started to ball. I had gone from 36 D pre prego, to DD when breastfeeding. Now I can hardly fill a C. My mother is bigger then me now and she breastfed 3 kids.
    Reading this artical gave me a bit of hope that maybe one day my deflated balloons will look “normal” again.

  8. Saggy

    Glad to know that I am not alone! I thought I was the only one who looked in the mirror and felt like crying. I raise my arms and up and there is nothing on my chest but nipples and stretch marks. I put my arms down and just saggy pieces of skin. I think I will have to go get my boobs done!

  9. Same

    I have two amazing healthy sons 4 and 1 years old. My breast went from sexy full b cup to sad A’s. My husband is so loving and understands my frustrations with my boobies but says he loves them and he thinks they are beautiful. A man that isn’t like this is a pig and doesn’t love you.
    I did go to a consult for plastic surgery but it was too expensive and dangerous plus my job is really physical. So I went to Victoria’s secret and got the miraculous double gel bra 50-60 bucks. Girls this is the bra you want, except buy your size that’s the trick to get your boobs to look like their spilling out the top. When I wear this bra I feel sexy although I feel weird when my husband tries to actually feel me up but he can touch the tops of my boobs lol.

    I hate going braless and can’t wait to put it back on after my shower. Tanning also helps your appearance. Good luck and God bless

  10. Saggy and more

    Hi there. I have just one more problem to add to the post baby booby problems. I was a 34DD before pregnancy and got to be a 38F while breast feeding. Luckily my boobs didn’t shrink after breastfeeding but they are a bit droopier. My main embarassment comes from the fact that with the stretched skin came larger pores filled with tiny blond hairs. It seems as though the peach fuzz all over our bodies incfeased in that perticular area for me.

    My son is 3 now and I still find myself tweezing the extra fuzz. My husband doesn’t notice, but i do and it drives me crazy!

    I can’t even get a spray tan because the solution seems to pool in the pores so I end up with a bunch of dark looking freckles just on my cleavage,and with 34DD’s there’s a lot of cleavage.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  11. SubaruisSuckLOL

    Has anyone of you tried to inject yourself with oestradiol valerate ( PROGYNON DEPOT)?

  12. Kiara

    I just stopped weaning my second child about three weeks ago and I am going through the same thing. I hate this part, but I will say that I feel a little more confident now because with my first child after about six months after weaning my breasts did get more dense again…a little more saggy than before, but nothing a good bra couldn’t fix.

    I feel like this time around it will get better with time as well…in the meantime, get yourself a bra that has some enhancing features until your breast get back to normal…your breasts will come back! Just give it time… :0) Good luck!

  13. New mom

    My son is now 14 months old and I thank God for him every day. But I have to tell you, I am so self-conscious about my breasts.

    I went from a B cup to a DD when my milk came in. I almost fell over when the lactation consultant measured me for a nursing bra. Now, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror, my breasts are smaller with stretch marks, the best word to describe them is deflated.

    I can’t even fill my 34B bra anymore, though I haven’t had the heart to try on a 34A. I was never a “boob” person, but I’m going on 33 years old and finding myself wondering about implants, which surprises the hell out of me because surgery in general scares the daylights out of me.

    1. Me too

      Yep this is me too….and while I find that push-ups do lift the area a bit they are at best …deflated. I have never ever considered surgery because I am happy with what god gave me but I will say that now more than ever I would love implants or to at least get pregnant again and this time not breastfeed to get my breasts back….

      1. Paula

        Hi there!
        I think this is probably one of the hardest parts of the post-pregnancy changes the body goes through… And I can totally relate to the feeling of suddenly starting to actually consider implants.

        Just a quick note on the comment about avoiding breastfeeding; It doesn’t help. There are now two studies that have been done on this subject, and both give the same result; it is the pregnancy not the breastfeeding that causes the breasts to become saggy.

        You can read about the saggy breast research here.

  14. Ana Angulo

    Boobpop serum has done wonders for me. After having my son my breast were no longer the same. When i first applied the serum i felt a tingle and throughout the day somewhat of a soarness. I knew it was working. I was so excited and i still am about the results that are to come. Its been two weeks and my breasts fill heavier/fuller. You have to give it a try.

  15. Latisha

    Well, I have always had large breasts. I was a large C small D cup before I got pregnant when I got pregnant. I was unable to wear normal bras so I turned to sports breasts during my pregnancy tho they got bigger. They went up to D and DD now they are still DD and my daughter is 2. I did not breastfeed but they are still quite flat. I try to wear a sports bra all the time now as to before I did not always want to wear a bra but now I feel I need to wear one all the time I like the genie bra brand and wear the biggest size they have I don’t always feel weird or that they are ugly now men that I have been with never cared and always told me they loved them but I hate them so your all not alone

  16. Paula @ EasyBabyLife

    Really?! Why do you say that? Being sad because a part of your body was very much changed to the worse during pregnancy is not at all the same as not being able to feel love and warmth for your children. I think I understand where you are coming from – that if a person can’t accept and love his or her own appearance, that person is likely to be envious and hateful towards anyone more beautiful; like Snow white’s stepmother, but really, I think you’re drawing far strong conclusions here – at least regarding the vast majority of moms!

    To be honest, since we are all older than our children, we will by our society’s definitions, all be uglier, and most parents love their children more than life anyway. :-)

    But even if stated in a too harsh way in my opinion, your comment does raise an interesting point – it IS difficult to be satified with a body that looks very different from the ideals of our time. How can we still make our children – both sons and daughters feel that they are beautiful just the way the are, when subcontiously, and sometimes even explicitly, we send the message that looking in this or that way is not good enough. Not easy.

    So thank you for your comment, even if I would prefer a nicer tone in the future. ;-)

    1. Irene Lu

      could I please find one comment where someone tells herself and others that “IT IS OK TO HAVE PETITE BREASTS!” Shame on the media for making us feel ashamed of our bodies, especially after what its been through :( WE ARE AL BEAUTIFUL REGARDLESS OF SIZE! You all just gave birth- the one thing we can do that men can never. So having petite breasts does not make us any less of a woman.

      1. Paula @easybabylife

        I agree, Irene! Very good point!!

      2. Anonymous

        Agree. Being 110lb, 32A before and after both pregnancies, never ever wanted to consider plastic surgeries! Always enjoyed being real and natural, despite all these media propaganda… Loosing 2” of my height to 5’6 does make me feel sad sometimes, but overcomes with a joyous reminder of having two wonderful daughters, whom I got to love a lot through some loss…