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Who needs 5-minute makeup tips..?

Well, if you’re a busy mom who’s always on the go, whether you’re breastfeeding around the clock or trying to juggle a baby, a toddler, and a preschooler, sometimes applying your make­up is the last thing on your mind!

If these days you find yourself looking haggard and feeling exhausted, don’t worry. Being a mother is hard work, so I’ve put together a few easy make­up tips which you can apply so that you can look your best in under five minutes!

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So, here we go – how to look flawless in under 5 minutes!

Get Rid of Tired Eyes

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Remember this quick beauty fix and you won’t ever go wrong! Eliminate tired-looking eyes by applying black mascara on the top of your lashes and brown mascara on the bottom. This handy tip makes your eyes look more naturally alert and wide.

Best mascara ever in my view – Kanebo – MASCARA 38ºC!. It is expensive as hell, but NEVER smears and can be washed off with just warm water. So good, so convenient!

Look Fresh Faced

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If you’re up all night but still want to look your best, then all you need to do before you set out the door is put on some lipstick (but not only on your lips)! Use lipstick to add a little color to your lips, cheeks, and your eyes. Swipe your trusty lippy stick along your cheekbones, brow bone, and lips, then blend it out with your fingers for a subtle glow, supermom!

Just don’t use your neon pink lipstick or you will definitely look ready for Halloween! A soft pink or peach lipstick or any other colors that work well with your own skin color will do the trick.

The Magic Potion

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It’s as simple as this; make sure you keep yourself hydrated. When you’re so busy, you can sometimes forget to take care of yourself. Think of water as a magical potion. It can certainly work wonders. You will seriously notice a difference in your skin and energy if you start slacking on your water intake.

If you breastfeed, this is even more important!

Shake Off The Bad Hair Day

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If your hair is too greasy for words but you don’t have the energy to wash it, then there’s a beauty tip for that. Apply baby powder to your roots before bed, and you will wake up feeling much better off.

If you don’t have baby powder, consider trying Burts Bees Baby Dusting Powder. It is actually good for your baby too! :-)

A good dry shampoo will work in the same way, of course, but should not be shared with your baby!

Zap Those Zits

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If you’ve had a few sleepless nights lately, then your skin probably won’t forgive you. An outbreak of zits might appear. To banish those zits combine a mix of raw organic honey and cinnamon into a bowl. This is an easy, natural acne­-killing mask.

A little piece of advice – make sure you do this in the bath, as it can get messy! You can find other good homemade facial masks here.

So, in conclusion…

With these simple tips, you will look flawless and gorgeous any day of the week. And it is very quick:

  • Put on black and brown mascara – 1-minute maximum
  • Keep hydrated – this takes no time!
  • Apply a bit of powder to your hair roots when going to bed. Brushing your hair in the morning takes no longer than usual. No extra time in the morning, just a little bit right before going to bed!
  • Put lipstick on your lips, cheeks, and eyes – 2 minutes maximum (unless you use neon pink because then you’ll have to wash it off and start all over… :-) )
  • Zap the zits – mixing the facial mask takes 30 seconds. Apply it and brush your teeth. Rinse while in the bath or shower. 1 extra minute, maybe

What other make­up tips do you like to include when time isn’t on your side? Share your thoughts and comments in the area below.

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