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Mom’s Question:

My baby was born 4 months early and I want to know if she is going to have any problems while growing up? What happens when a baby is born so prematurely?

Baby Help Line:

Complications When Born Very Premature

I really feel for you! 4 months early is very early and I truly understand if you are worried.

I’m not an expert in problems related to premature birth, but my daughter was almost born 4 months early, and while at the hospital I read quite a bit about risks related to this.

The first thing you should know is that these days, doctors are amazingly good at taking care of premature babies, and the risks for serious problems are much lower now than some years ago. Premature survival rates are very high too now compared to in earlier years.

The most common problems for very premature babies relate to their lung development, but it really varies a lot from baby to baby. Some don’t experience any problems at all later in life.

You really should be talking to a pediatrician specialized in care for premature babies about your daughter’s specific case rather than me telling you things that might be completely irrelevant for your situation.

I really wish you and your daughter good luck.

PS: Hey, all other parents/grownup preemies with a similar experience; share it below!

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Mar 11, 2013i was

by: Anonymous

Hi I was born 4 months premature and my mom tells me I was prone to ear infections and had tubes put in my ears, which were later removed, I also had “asthma” but never suffered from an asthma attack, but this limited me from joining any sports team at a younger age. So the main “problem” I had was asthma but that has long disappeared. Now I am in my late teens and am actively participating in sports; and even graduated highschool with good grades (A’s and B’s).

Mar 25, 20134 months premme

by: Anonymous

I was also born 4 months premature-16 weeks (May 12th instead of September 1st). I am now almost 22 years old. I haven’t had many problems growing up. I had a lot of ear infections when I was younger and had to have tubes put in my ears multiple times and I had to be on oxygen for the first couple months of my life, but I don’t have any respiratory problems, a very high immune and metabolism system…I’m the miracle baby in my family, but I was the strongest and healthiest baby in the ward when I was born. :-D

Jul 23, 2013Same here

by: Anonymous

I was born 4 months premature and haven’t had any problems at all. Aside from a surgery I had to have when I was born, I’m completely fine. My mom said the doctors did mention I might be a bit ‘slow’ but they turned out to be wrong. I’m doing great in school and have no problems to speak of from being born so early. :)

Nov 12, 2013premature baby

by: Anonymous

I was born 4 months premature and weighed 1lb 4oz. I know I had to spend about 2-3 months in hospital afterwards, I think I had to have alot of blood transfusions.

I’m now 25 and have had no problems growing up. I seem to have a high immune system now, as I rarely get I’ll apart from a slight code maybe once a year.

Also, I graduated from university a few years back, and was getting high marks all through school, so no problems in that regard.

Jan 04, 2014Premature baby
by: Anonymous

I was born 4 months premature and weighed 1lb 4oz. My weight dropped to just 1lb. I was in NICU from March until September(when I was able to go home finally) my mom’s due date was July 25th I was born March 4th -Ash Wednesday, I pulled myself off of the ventilator on Good Friday.

I had a lot of blood transfusions all from within my family.

Yes I have had problems during my childhood.

For starters I was late with a few things. I have had speech problems and learning disabilities. I have a very hard time remembering certain things and comprehending a lot of things. Like for example I like to read some books on tape I can follow along in my book and listen to it on tape/CD and I learn it better from doing that. It’s just part of the comprehending that my brain works like that.

Also when I was a teenager I detached as torn my retina which should’ve happened when I was in NICU and it didn’t.

Your daughter most likely will have eye problems, and most likely some learning disabilities but she can overcome them just like all of us.

Also I found out if you don’t know already your daughter can go on Social Security due to the reason she was born premature. Just call the SS office and make an appointment and bring in all the paperwork stating that she was born prematurely. Yes, it is a struggle but we are worth it.

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    I was 4 months early. Born late April, supposed to be August. I had open heart surgery when I was a baby and weighed 1lb 9oz. Not in the best health at birth, but came through fine. No learning or any disabilities. I’ve had glasses most my life, since I was still in a crib. Also have scarred vocal cords. I’m 29.

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