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Dad’s Question:

Why is my one-year-old child throwing up continuously and he refuses to eat? But he will drink fluids.

He usually has a good appetite and doesn’t throw up very much. He seems overall alert and playing, though. What can this be?


Baby Helpline:

Possible Reasons For 1 Year Old Throwing Up

If your child is still throwing up continuously I think it would pay to see a doctor. It is great that he is drinking as that is the risk with young children is that they get dehydrated.

Children do tend to get tummy upsets every now and then, but it usually only lasts a day or two. If it is continuous then you need to get it checked out.

Keep up the fluids – that is the most important.

Another thing – have you recently introduced any new foods to him? Vomiting can be a sign of food allergy, for example to cow’s milk. If you have introduced something new – take it away and see if it helps. An a lot of parents introduce cows’ milk instead of formula at around the baby’s first birthday and that can sometimes lead to reactions.

If he recently had a cold (or has one know), he may also be throwing up due to mucus. That’s quite common with young children.

Good luck, hope he is feeling better soon!


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Comments for “One Year Old Keeps Throwing Up”

Dec 06, 2017Fluids

by: Rose

The main thing is to keep fluids in your baby, you will want to take it slow with solids and when you do introduce solids do the brat diet, banana’s rice, apples, toast. And only those items. Make sure that he or she does not become dehydrated. When giving him fluids try to stick with apple juice or Pedialyte, as it takes the body much longer to digest milk and it could be that he or she is not getting any added benefits of the milk.

Mar 09, 2018throwing
by: Anonymous

my baby was also throwing till he was 19.my dr.always says that he is alright. But he had a problem of oral baby thrush. Now he is on medicine. He doesn’t throw up food anymore, but I have to give him everything smashed & make it like soup.


Mar 09, 2018reflux

by: Anonymous

he might have reflux.

Nov 04, 2018Throwing up
by: Anonymous


My son threw up three or four times a day for two and a half years, he’d throw up straight away after eating or while he was eating. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him, they sent us to dietitians,specialists of this and that, they even sent us to the speech therapist for some reason, finally after two and half years we got fed up and got his tonsils removed next day he came home from the hospital and ate solid food for the first time without throwing up, he’s almost nine years old now and he’s not thrown up since that day.

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