Giving Birth Was Great Thanks to Breathing

by Lydia

When I was pregnant and read birth stories (not to mention watching birth videos!), I got scared. I wasn't really afraid of the actual labor and delivery, more of the pain. Since I had heard so much good about breathing training, I took a class and I'm so glad I did!

My secret wish for giving birth was that I was that I give birth close to my D-day, that the labor and delivery would go fast, and that I wouldn't panic from the pain. Strange enough; it all happened.

4 days before my delivery date we went to bed early. I had a hard time falling asleep and after one hour I went to the bath room - all of a sudden my water broke! I called the hospital and was told that we could wait up to eight hours at home if we wanted to and if my contractions were not too strong. I wanted to check that everything was fine though, so we drove there and had me and my baby checked. Everything was fine and we went back home. It was now in the middle of the night, but I couldn't really fall asleep - I was very excited!

After one more hour I started to have painful contractions. I went up and into the shower, where I stood; practicing my breathing while my husband was asleep. A strange feeling. Really quickly, the contraction where only 3 or 4 minute apart and went into my husband to wake him up. He didn't believe me at first and asked my to cal down and get back to bed! Actually, I think he got quite nervous.

We went to the hospital despite that they had told us that we could stay at home for a while more if we wanted to, and I'm so glad we did. When the nurse examined me it turned out that I was fully dilated! This was only three hours after my first contraction. My breathing worked really well, but now I also used laughing gas, which was great.

Suddenly the contractions changed and I tried to start pushing. That was hard! The nurse told me to try a birth stool and then it worked better. After 25 minutes our son was born, 3, 5 kg and 52 cm. I had a few stitches, but not many.

I just wanted to tell you all that breathing is best! It hurt a lot, sure, but I could handle it. I don't think I would have without taking that prenatal class.

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