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Childbirth Videos That Are Helpful (Even When You’re Pregnant)

childbirth videosChildbirth videos can be both beautiful and educational – or just plain frightening. You can easily browse Youtube for childbirth vidoes and become sure that you will never ever give birth to a child!

Here I have collected a short series of birth videos that I think is both educational and hopefully fine to watch whether you’re pregnant or not.

They are showing a mom’s natural childbirth and include her reflections of the birth as well. I choose natural childbirth not because I have anything at all against pain relief, but because those women who have taken a decision to practice and execute natural pain-relief, tend to be more relaxed and more of an inspiration than the “lying-on-your-back-with-lots-of-medication” clips.

Still pregnant, you may also want to take a peek at these fetal development videos, to learn more about the little one inside of you.

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Natural Birth Video Clips

The first three videos is a sequence of the start of labor, actual deliver and aftertalk from a mom going through a natural child birth.

This fourth video feels very genuine. The woman is in the hospital and on her back, but it is calm, emotional and real. Worth watching.