Childbirth videos can be both beautiful and educational – or just plain frightening. You can easily browse YouTube for childbirth videos and become sure you will never give birth to a child!

Here, I have collected a short series of birth videos that I think are both educational and hopefully fine to watch whether you’re pregnant or not.

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They show a mom’s natural childbirth and include her reflections on the birth as well. I choose natural childbirth not because I have anything against pain relief but because those women who have decided to practice and execute natural pain relief tend to be more relaxed and more of an inspiration than the “lying-on-your-back-with-lots-of-medication” clips.

Still pregnant? You may also want to take a peek at these fetal development videos to learn more about the little one inside of you.

Natural Childbirth Videos

The first three videos are a sequence of the start of labor, the actual delivery, and the after-talk from a mom going through natural childbirth.

Natural Childbirth Scenes - Part 1, Labor

Natural Childbirth Scenes - Part 2, Delivery [GRAPHIC]

Natural Childbirth Scenes - Part 3, Reflections & Slideshow

This fourth video feels very genuine. The woman is in the hospital and on her back, but it is calm, emotional, and real. Worth watching.

Lincoln's Birth Vlog

Now, to prepare as much as you can for giving birth, read all our material in our childbirth section. You can also check out the popular birth stories or even submit your own birth story here!

I wish you the best pregnancy and birth of your child!

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