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Mom’s Question:

My 3-month-old baby will not sleep in his crib…

I allowed him to sleep with us for what I thought was going to be only a month or so…. but for the last 2 weeks I have been trying to get him to sleep alone in his crib…and, it will not work…

It is like the second he hits the sheets he wakes up… and I leave him in there for a little while but by 15-20 mins he is crying… but yet if I put him by himself in my bed he will sleep alone…

Please some help…


Baby Help Line:

How To Transit Baby To Crib

It is quite common for babies to refuse to sleep in their crib. The mattress is harder, it doesn’t smell mom, it is colder, it’s simply different… (=worse according to the baby).

Also, babies are routine lovers and changes in general can be hard for them. When the change is to be further away from mom and dad, then there is nothing positive with it from your son’s perspective. He might even be scared!

I have collected a number of tips on how to help a baby accept crib sleeping. Have you had a look at those? You’ll find the crib sleeping tips. If this doesn’t help you, get back to me!


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Comments for “My 3 Month Old Will Not Sleep In His Crib”

Feb 14, 2013 I went through the same thing

by: Jane

I did the same thing, had the baby sleep with me for “a month” which turned into 2, which turned into 3, etc. First of all, it WILL work out, don’t blame yourself or think you did anything wrong. Now that my 4 months old sleeps on his own, there are times that I miss having that little cuddle bug next to me…it was a great bonding time for us!

We used a bassinet (sp?) which seemed to be a smaller space for our son. Instead of a sheet (which I thought my feel too cold on his warm skin, I wrapped the mattress securely with a warm blanket. Then, I followed my pediatrician’s advice and put him to bed full, dry, and happy and let him cry. I was picking him up after 15-20 minutes like you, but the doctor said that he wouldn’t cry for much longer than that. HE WAS RIGHT! My son cried a bit the first few times, but after that, he stopped crying all together when I put him down. Now, he is not only sleeping on his own, but he also sleeps through the night and so do my husband and I.

Next step…the crib in his own room! Yikes:-0

I know that crying it out is frowned upon by some, and I used to agree, but it truly helped in our case and it only lasted 25 minutes at the longest and was only for 3-4 days.

Hope this helps!

Jun 22, 2013 CIO is WRONG
by: Anonymous
You ignored your very young baby’s cries for assistance and closeness with you when he needed it. That truly saddens me that this actually happens to these babies. I would hate to be ignored by my husband or anyone else close to me if I were crying and wanted someone there with me.

Jul 02, 2013 Everyone has an opinion
by: NewMom418
While I don’t agree with the method crying it out, simply because it breaks my heart to hear him cry, I don’t think that 15 minutes of crying is going to turn a baby into a serial killer. And I think that people who make you feel guilty for an already difficult thing are jerks.
I was looking for advice for the transition also but from people who can offer something besides judgment.

Comment by Easy Baby Life: I am sorry that you feel judged by the above comment. We all have to make our choice to make daily life work for us. Did you read the tips for transitions to crib sleeping above? If not, start there to see if they provide some help for you. Good luck!


by: Christina

My son has slept in my bed with me since he came home from the hospital.I breastfeed so I found this to be very convenient. I don’t get my lil guy he will sleep ANYWHERE other than his crib and bassinet during the day time..At night i can put him in his bassinet sound asleep and within 3 min he is letting out a deaf defying cry. When i put him in bed with me i lay him in his sleep positioner wide awake with his binky and he falls asleep like there is nothing to it!! I don’t know what to do.. I’ve tried the whole letting him cry it out and cry himself to sleep and this did not work he cried for over an hour and it made me feel like a HORRIBLE MOTHER! So I picked him up and within 3 min he was sound asleep. Somebody, please help me!!

Sep 11, 2013 Going out of my mind!

by: Anonymous

We are on night two of trying to get him to sleep in his cot. He does not stop crying until I pick him up. I feel horrible letting him cry but how do I get him to make the transition. HELP!

Comment by Easy Baby Life: Did you read our crib sleeping tips? Start there to get some ideas and then come back for more help if you need it!

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