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My four-month-old baby won’t sleep in his crib or his bassinet. The minute I put him down he gets restless and wakes right up. He starts to squirm and cry! I try to console him, but he just wants me to pick him up and put him in our bed. I am getting no sleep. This goes on until about 4 in the morning until I finally can’t take it and we put him in our bed.

I don’t want him in our bed, but I feel this is the only way we will get any sleep.

Please help me. I am losing my mind and I am so tired. If anyone has any advice as to what to do please let me know. Thank you!


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What To Do When 4-Month-Old Baby Refuses Crib

I felt exactly like you with my first baby; I didn’t want her to sleep in my bed. She refused. She woke up every hour and I was going crazy!

Anyway, have you checked out our tips for how to teach a child to sleep in his or her crib? You’ll find the crib sleeping tips here.

Secondly, I think you should think through for yourself why you don’t want your baby in your bed. For me personally, I had the idea that babies “should” sleep in their own beds. This was definitely at the expense of my own health!

With our third child, I learned about safe co-sleeping, slept with our baby during the first months, and was a much happier mom!

I also knew more about baby sleep routines the third time and started training our little boy gently from 2 months old, which made him both sleep and nap better. (But I still let him sleep in my bed, to maximize my sleep.)

I hope this will give you some help and inspiration!

For some tips to help YOU sleep better, read this article.

Good luck!


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May 11, 2012 bedsharing
by: Anonymous
Just put your baby in your bed. It’s perfectly natural and common to bed share with your infant. My husband and I went through the same thing with our daughter. From the day she was born, she wanted nothing to do with the bassinet. Even at the hospital! The first 6 weeks she slept on my chest. Since then she has been right next to me in our bed (she’s four months old). I am convinced we both sleep better. She rarely cries as I can sense her every movement and can predict her needs. She wakes up 1-3 times a night to eat – she sleeps for 12 hours and the best thing is that I NEVER have to leave my bed to console her, feed her, or quiet her down. She’s right there! We love the family bed!!

Sep 06, 2012 Sleeping in your bed
by: Sarah
Oh my goodness, I couldn’t agree more . . . My 2-month-old daughter has been sleeping in our bed for the last 4 weeks and I feel human again. I felt sick with exhaustion before that getting up every 2/3 hours and even after putting her back in her crib I’d lie there with my heart racing for a good 20 mins anticipating her waking again, my baby sleeps better and only feeds once in the night, again at about 9 am and we all sleep till lunchtime most days. Good luck and sweet dreams x x x

Feb 09, 2013 Baby sharing our bed

by: Johnnie

My Husband work nights & believe me it is so much better & convenient to have our 4-month-old daughter in the bed with me. I wouldn’t be able to rest or sleep with her in a crib or bassinet. It is so natural for Mothers and Babies. We both sleep peacefully, well-bonded & happy. My other three children slept with me until they were bigger, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Feb 14, 2013

by: mum of 4

Wow, I can’t believe how many people think it is quite ok for the baby to be in parents’ bed. It is a bad habit and is hard to break. I have 4 kids my youngest is near 4 months old and at times yeah sure I almost wanna give in and let her in my bed but I’m persevering. I know how important it is to sleep but geez I’ve got 4 kids and I’m managing just fine. For any other parents that come across this thread, please just hang in there and don’t give in. I know people that still have a 4-year-old sleeping with them. Also, do you know how dangerous it is having a baby in your bed!!!!

Mar 18, 2019 2-month-old sleeps on chest
by: Brooke
My 2-month-old sleeps on my chest in bed with my husband and I. I feel comfortable with her next to me and we both sleep better. My 10-year-old did this also and started in his own bed at 2 years old. No big deal :-)

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