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Mom’s Question:
I have a 5 week old baby who hasn’t had a pooh in 4 days; she is cramping and grunting a great deal and I have been breastfeeding. I know they say that breastfed babies can go for a few days without passing stools but she looks very uncomfortable. I have tried the bicycle riding with her legs and also massaging her tummy but nothing is working. She really isn’t comfortable as she has previously been.

Natalie Coverly

Easy Baby Life:

Helping A Newborn, Breastfed Baby To Poop Or Not

You are well-informed – at 5 weeks, a breastfed baby may very well go for a few days without pooping.

6 weeks is a growth spurts, so your daughter is very likely to digest all the milk she gets.

But just because it is normal, it does not mean that it is comfortable. Many newborn babies strain and are gassy even if they do not poop. In my experience, they do not stop producing gas just because they do not poop, and I guess if there are no stools to push out the gas, it can build up and make the young infant very uncomfortable.

It is a great thing that you are trying baby massage. It can help.

Here are some more things you can try to help your baby release the gas and poop when she needs it:

1) A warm bath, if your baby enjoys it may help too.

2) Being carried in an upright position in a baby carrier or on mom’s or dad’s arm belly down can also help.

3) Some babies can release gas more easily if you push their knees gently towards their tummy and move the knees slowly to the left and right. That’s something I used to do with my newborn babies at around 5 am for many nights – they always seemed to build up gas at night and then couldn’t sleep comfortably in the early morning hours.

What not to do is to start experimenting with laxatives, suppositories, q-tips, or juices.

You breastfed baby does not need any of this, since she is not constipated. Her digestive system needs to mature, and it is hard work for a young lady.

You can also take a look at which foods that you eat that may cause gas in your daughter here.

I hope this helps,

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Comments for “5 Weeks Baby – No Poop In 4 Days”

Sep 11, 2011 Chamomile Tea
by: Christine
When my child was that age, he had the same problem. My mother suggested giving him chamomile tea with a little bit of corn syrup in it. I gave him the tea at about the same temperature as a bottle, and he liked it. It cleared up his problem in a few hours.

Sep 12, 2011 its okby: sabrina

I also have a baby and she’s only 2 months old. When she gets this problem i take her feeding bottle and fill it with warm wate,a little bit more warm than her feeding milk and rub the bottle downwards on her abdomen a couple of times.
Then let her drink the water make sure its still warm,while she’s drinking the water she will automatically poop.

Jan 09, 2012 baby not poopingby: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my baby not pooping for several days.

I asked the midwife and she told me it is quite normal for a breastfed baby to not poop up to ten days!

Apr 23, 2012 :)by: Anonymous

The midwife told me the same thing bout the ten days! My baby is on day 5 and even after hearing that I am still a bit worried! Never thought that I would be so keen to see a poopy nappy!

Apr 25, 2012 I know EXACTLY how you feel!by: Julia

My baby is 3 1/2 months old and he is exclusively breastfed. He will go up to 9 days without pooping. His pediatrician referred us to a specialist just to rule out anything serious. The GI specialist said he has a tight sphincter muscle which he will grow out of. Because breastmilk poop is so thin, it takes a lot for it to build up in his system to create enough pressure to expel it. I was told that as long as he is not in pain, gaining weight, urinating regularly and there is no blood in his bowl movements there is no reason to worry.

Your little one may have the same problem. Just know you aren’t alone!

May 13, 2012 6 week old hasn’t pooped in a weekby: mamatucker

My baby is 6 weeks old and hasn’t pooped in a week, but my doctor said not to worry anywhere between 3 x per day and 1 x every 10 days is normal……We should all be happy not to be changing 3 pooey nappies every day!

May 23, 2012 3 week old no poohby: Rania

My baby hasn’t done any pooh for the last 10 days. She didn’t do any pooh for 12 days and the Doctor prescribed a suppository of glycerine. She does pass urine normally and is active, Have tried stomach massage and drinking prune juice myself.

Pls. suggest

May 27, 2012 Bottle fedby: Anonymous

What about bottle fed babies? My 7 week old hasn’t pooped for 2 days and I find it odd – though he isn’t uncomfortable or straining. Would the 10 day timescale be the same for bottle fed babies.

Jun 10, 2012 Ouchby: Anonymous

My baby is nearly 4 months old and since she was 4wks old shes had difficulty pooing. my baby without fail every 5 days will poo. at first it was so uncomfy for her she would scream her head off, be straining and just in loads of pain but now it comes alot easier without any moan from her i just walk past and smell that shes done one. Although last week it went on for 7days and bless her she just wasn’t well at all she was in a lot of pain and discomfort for not going toilet. Shed scream in her sleep scream when awake which isn’t like her. I gave her aniseed tea and she went. Aniseed is fantastic! I also give her chamomile tea once a day.

Jul 17, 2012 pooh when breastfed
by: Anonymous
my baby is 2 months old, i was exclusively breastfeeding him but had to add a bottle of formula per day as he just wasn’t getting enough from my breasts, now he is going 2,3,4,and 5 days ata time with out poohing, i am going to doctors to ask them as I’m a bit worried

Jul 17, 2012 5 week old No Pooh for 2 daysby: first time mom

Omg, I went to panic mode..because my baby girl hasn’t pooh for 2 days. I called her doctor yesterday and she told me not to worry because its normal, since I’m breast feeding. However, my mother in-law told me to give her warm water. I’m still waiting for her to pooh. Hopefully she’ll pooh today.

Aug 11, 2012 No Poop in 24hrsby: Lucy

My 8 wk old baby hasn’t pooped in 24hrs, she’s formula fed, she normally goes 2 times a day but hasn’t even had 1 in 24hrs, is this normal? should I be worried yet??

Oct 13, 2012 2 Month Old That Doesn’t Poopby: Amy

My daughter, exclusively breastfed, just made 2 months and she hasn’t been going on her own for about 6 weeks. My pediatrician told me to give her a suppository every three days if she doesn’t go on her own and is referring us to a GI specialist. She is gaining weight fine and urinating frequently. However, when we make her go the poop is very thick. Has anybody else had this problem? We’ve had 2 x-rays of her abdomen and they said she’s just not producing a lot of waste, but she is passing gas frequently. Just looking for a little help.

Jan 19, 2013 2month old breastfed daughter hasnt passed bowel movement n 5 daysby: katie

I was concerned she only poos like once every 5 days urinates fine and she’s been gassy…my dr. Suggested putting 1/2 tsp. Of brown sugar in the bottle with breast milk or formula and that will help loosen up there stool and break it down..hope it helps .it did for my daughter

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