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Hit Head And Now A Small Nosebleed

My 16 month old boy fell and hit his forehead yesterday and today he got a nosebleed, should I be worried? He is also getting over the flu!

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Nosebleed After Fall In Children

Since it was almost 24 hours between your baby’s fall and the nosebleed, it is very possible that the two are not related. A flu often comes with a runny nose, so maybe the flu rather than the fall is the reason.

Nevertheless here are some guidelines and information on when to worry and not when a young child has a nosebleed after a fall:

If a small nose bleed is the only thing happening after a fall when hitting the forehead, then most likely, there is nothing to worry about. The minute a baby stands up and starts walking around, he or she will fall a lot and most of the time nothing bad will happen at all. The fall is usually from a low height. If your baby falls from something higher than the length of his or her body, it can be more serious.

When a baby has a nosebleed after a fall, it can sometimes be a reason for concern. Here are a few reasons for concern:

  • Is there any chance that your baby’s nose is broken? (This should mean pain, and possibly crocked nose in addition to bleeding.)
  • If the bleeding won’t stop. within 20 minutes.
  • If you baby has trouble breathing
  • If your baby is bleeding elsewhere too, for example from their ears or gums.
  • If your baby is showing signs of concussion.

In these cases the nosebleed, when occuring after a fall, can be a sign of concussion or internal bleeding and should definitely be checked by a doctor.

But again, a small nosebleed that stops quickly and occurs as long as 24 hours after a fall is not likely to be anything to worry about unless the baby is showing other signs of concussion or internal bleeding.<

Continue watching your child for a few days for more symptoms, such as being unusually sleepy, reduced balance, vomiting or being a lot more fussy than usual. Any of these can be a sign of injury and a doctor should be consulted.

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